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A/N: So here are the written pieces I did for Fakiru week this year. Actually made it through the whole week and didn't give up! To all my Mou Ichido fans who are eagerly anticipating an update; I apologise, that will only be up in two weeks once I've gotten over the hurdle of most of my exams. The only reason these shorts are going up is that they are already written and quite honestly forgot to cross post them here. Hope everyone enjoys never the less.

On with the shorts!

Day 1- Red

Good God it was everywhere!

What had happened; had someone broken in?

Fakir looked around the disaster area that was their kitchen in shock. 'If that's what I think it is then I need to find Ahiru, now.'

"Ahiru!" the green-haired man called out "Ahriu!"

Getting no reply, Fakir wandered deeper into their shared apartment, growing more worried at the continued silence. 'Don't panic fakir, it's not blood; it's not blood. No one has that much blood in their body'

The bathroom yielded nothing but a pile of clothing covered in more of the red substance.

It was in the bedroom that the writer found the object of his increasingly frantic search.

The curtains were drawn closed and the petite girl was lying curled up in the middle of the double bed. Her eyes were closed tight against the pain and small hands were massaging her abdomen.

"Ahiru," Fakir called softly so not to startle her. With her in this state it might just be the last thing he did.

Pained blue eyes opened and his girlfriend gave him a tired smile "Okaeri Fakir,"

Fakir sat on the edge of the bed and gave her a kiss in greeting "Is it bad?" he asked concerned

Ahiru nodded before giving a small groan at another spasm.

"I'll get the hot water bottle" he said as he stood, still keeping calm. Nothing would come from his normal abrasive nature except a screaming match, lots of tears and being banished to the couch. Just like last month.

Making his way back to the kitchen, he was once again confronted with the horror movie scene. Now that he wasn't as shocked, he noticed that the splatters were a bit too bright a red to be blood and that the kitchen smelt oddly sweet. Stepping closer, he ran a finger through the mess before sniffing.

Suppressing a smile, he put the kettle to boil before fishing the hot water bottle from underneath the sink.

A quick peak into the fridge confirmed his suspicions.

Ahiru had made Red Velvet.