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A/N: Another that wasn't part of Fakiru week but accompanies one of my art pieces

Theirs is a quiet intimacy

Everybody expected their relationship to be full of fire and passion; she was vibrant, loud and energetic while he was taciturn, un-intruding and stern. Both commanded attention and left an impression. Their personalities were complete opposites, matter to anti-matter; one could only assume that the merging of the two would be like their arguments, a clashing, discorded symphony of feelings.

And yet, Autor thought as he lowered his camera, theirs was a quiet intimacy, natural and unassuming. She brought out the colour in Fakir's personality and writings with soft smiles and gentle touches while he calmed the storm of her endless energy and enthusiasm with strong and unyielding leads. Together, they complemented the best in the other and supported the worst. Uncertainty and strife truly has brought them to a point where being together is all that matters.

'After the chaos of returning Kinkan Town to its former glory,' the bespectacled teen thought as he left them under the shade of the large oak tree 'we could all use a bit of peace and quiet.'