Veronica exits the polling location set up for the special election for Balboa County Sheriff. She did her civic duty, made her choice, and hoped the people of Balboa County would do the same on this day to elect her father the new sheriff. The rain fell down hard as Veronica made her way to her car to head home. Veronica pulls into the apartment complex and parks and heads up to the apartment. Veronica enters the apartment

Veronica: (faux excitement) Hey dad I am home.

As she enters the apartment she sees her dad is sitting on the couch with Logan next to him playing with the ends of the sleeves of his shirt with his fingers. Veronica wonders what this is all about as she scans the scene. This can't be good she thinks to herself, this so can't be good.

Veronica: (suspiciously) Logan, what are you doing here

Keith: (speaking up first before Logan gets the chance) Veronica, there was an incident at the Neptune Grand this morning, it seems someone destroyed Logan's car

Veronica: (questioning) what do you mean when you say destroyed

Logan rolls his eyes at her question before standing up and making his way over to her.

Logan: (with a little too much sarcasm) destroyed as in all my tires were slashed, windows smashed, the inside totaled, and under the hood looks like a war zone.

Veronica is in shock, she has no idea what to say. There are a lot of people she thinks that could do this, but only one stands out in her mind, Gorya Sorokin.

Veronica: (with a little sadness and a little anger in voice knowing who may have done this to Logan's car) Wow, Logan I am so sorry. I can't believe someone would do this, it is a little...(pausing to find the right word)

Logan: (angrily) Crazy

Veronica: (smiling sadly) yeah, a little crazy.

Logan: The security at the Grande is not exactly lax, but they don't have a guard to patrol all the time in the parking garage, but they do have security cameras. The gave the Sheriff's deputies the footage they had of the day, and they want me to go look them over later, which I will do, but...(thinking of how to explain the next part knowing she will get angry).

Veronica: (looking at him suspiciously) but what Logan.

Logan: (taking a deep breath before continuing) I was able to get a copy of the security footage from the management at the Grande. I told them it was for insurance purposes so they were happy to oblige, and when I got the footage I went back to my suite and watched it on my computer and I don't think you are gonna like who is responsible, in fact I know you aren't gonna like who is responsible.

Veronica: (looking at him suspiciously) who was it Logan, who did it?

Logan: (closing his eyes for a moment, knowing what is about to happen) It was your boyfriend Piz, and Gory Sorokin.

Veronica: WHAT (she screams loudly) no way, no how would he do this, let alone do this with...(pausing not knowing how much she needs to reveal before telling her father everything) Gory, not after what he did.

Logan: Veronica....(he pauses not sure if he should continue) I couldn't believe it myself. I had to watch it 5 times before it finally sunk in, (reaching into his pocket for the security disk) but it is him and I brought the footage, (handing it to her slowly) so you can see for yourself.

Veronica takes the disk from Logan and sighs. She quickly walks over to the couch and pulls her laptop out of her bag and puts it on the coffee table in front of her. She boots up her computer and when it is ready she inserts the disk in the disk drive. She motions for Logan to sit down next to her then looks at her father.

Keith: (confused) Veronica. Why did your boyfriend and a russian mob prince destroy Logan's car?

Veronica: (looking a little shocked that her dad knew who Gory was looks at Logan who nods before she begins) Dad, I promise to explain everything but I need to see the tape, I need to see what Logan saw, to see if it is true, so please can you just...(pausing not knowing if she should invite him to watch) sit down and watch the footage with us., then I promise I will tell you everything.

Keith nods and joins Veronica and Logan on the couch. Veronica starts up the security footage and the three of the watch as Piz and Gory wielding baseball bats destroy Logan's car. Veronica is in shock. She can't believe what she is seeing. Her boyfriend, and the guy who videotaped them together making out working together for what she assumes is getting revenge on Logan for beating them up. Tears begin to well up in her eyes as she watches someone else she trusted once again betraying her.

Veronica: (quietly) why? why would he do this?

Keith: (in a stern voice) Veronica, I think you need to fill me in on what I am missing here, and right now.

Veronica nods and over the next hour she fills her dad, and Logan who was not aware of everything that had been going on either in on all the details. Keith is shocked, and can't comprehend all of this, while Logan is now white as a ghost. Veronica feels a sense of relief when she is done and waits for the reactions from her father and Logan.

Logan: (hesitantly) Veronica...(Veronica turns her attention to Logan) I think there is more to all this than we are seeing. (Veronica and Keith both raise an eyebrow at Logan as he continues) I don't think it is a coincidence that The Castle, a secret society on campus headed by Jake Kane was recruiting Wallace, your best friend, to join them. They had to know of your connection to him, and to his mom who used to date you Mr. Mars, and if I am not mistaken is a Kane Software employee. (Both Veronica and Keith nod at Logan's assumption). After hearing everything you had to say about what happened, and bearing witness to the attack on my car I think Piz has been involved from the beginning. Obviously the Castle has access to some very high tech equipment. What if this was all about destroying you Veronica and your dad, and everyone close to you. You said there are some powerful people in the Castle, they could make it happen right? The Castle had to get the camera in there somehow to keep tabs on Wallace, so either Piz let Gory in to plant the camera or he gave Gory a key. Although, (thinking carefully before saying it), the Castle could have access to every dorm and every building on campus, (the thought makes Logan and Veronica shudder) which could mean Piz wasn't involved in the beginning that he just teamed up with Gory to get back at me for beat them up and humiliated them.

Veronica: (hesitantly) Well, from what I found out I don't think the Castle has anything to do with the video of me, I think that was all Gory, but there could very well be something more going on with the Castle.

Keith: Veronica, you think that Jake is using the Castle to destroy us don't you?

Veronica: It is possible. and I certainly wouldn't put it past him. I agree with Logan, that I also don't think it is a coincidence Wallace was being recruited, and I think our connections to Wallace and his family, gave them a way to get to us without anyone being the wiser, but then, (hesitantly) then Gory had to go and use the video footage from Wallace's room, and make a sex tape and release it, which led to my investigation, and to the Castle and to Jake, which I don't think Gory was counting on. I don't think he thought I would do anything, and what he did would not get exposed.

Logan: (to Veronica) So do you think the Castle will still come after you and your dad

Veronica: I don't know. I got copies of all the Castle members and their dirty deeds I can use against them if they try anything, but I don't know if Gory knows this, and might not stop Gory, he could be a separate problem.

Keith: Veronica, I think you and Logan need to go to the Sheriff's department. The two of you should drive together and you need to tell Leo, and Sachs everything...and (with that Veronica cut Keith off).

Veronica: Dad I know, and we will, but we need to make a few stops first. We need to go and tell Wallace about Piz, and then we need to go and see Mac.

Keith: (sternly) Listen Veronica. You shouldn't wait to go to the Sheriff's department, you should go there first.

Veronica: Dad, we need to let Wallace know what Piz did, so he isn't blindsided when the sheriff deputies come to go threw his room, and I guess we can wait to go see Mac, not really up for seeing Parker

Logan: (Logan scoffs) That makes two of us

With that, Logan and Veronica head out to Hearst to talk to Wallace and give him a heads up on what is about to happen. The ride between Logan and Veronica is a quiet one. Neither of them wanting to break the silence and speak first. However as the arrived at Hearst Logan decided to finally speak up.

Logan: You think you can handle things on your own with Wallace. I can't promise if Piz is there I can control my fists, (chuckling), although I wouldn't mind seeing you taser him

Veronica: (looking at Logan with a evil smile plastered on her face) Piz should be if his schedule holds true at the radio station, so I don't think you have to worry, but I would prefer you come up just in case so I can give you a good show

Logan: (faux excitement, and with a wiggle to his eyebrows) save the show for later sugarpuss, when we have some privacy. (Veronica rolls her eyes) Unless you are now an exibitionist and have no issue going at it in front of Wallace

Veronica: (shuddering) OH HELL NO! He would kill us.

Logan laughs as he puts his Xterra in park and the two of them exit the vehicle and head off to see Wallace.