The next morning, Mac awoke, and peaked in on Veronica, only to find her bed, while looking like it had been slept in, empty. Mac was a little freaked out, but she thought she could be with Logan, she had a feeling before this trip it was just a matter of time before Logan and Veronica got back together. Mac made her way from her room, into the main area of the suite to find Logan sitting on the couch watching T.V. He looks at her as she lifts her eyebrow at him.

Logan: (grinning at Mac) I took the liberty of ordering breakfast from room service. When it arrives I will wake Veronica.

Mac: Ok, (curiously) and where exactly is Veronica asleep, because unless she is under the bed, she isn't in her room.

Logan: (laughing) She is in the master bedroom.

Mac: So...

Logan: (chuckling) ask the question Mac

Mac: Are you guys back together?

Logan: We have managed to work through some issues, and we imagine the rest will come and we will do it together

Mac: (smirking) Is that a yes.

Logan: (smirking back at her) Yes

Mac makes her way over to the couch and sits down next to Logan. She smiles at him.

Mac: So what did you order for breakfast.

Logan: (quirking up an eyebrow) No worries Mac, they do have vegetarian options

Mac: Oh.

Logan: I ordered a veggie omelette, and a fruit basket for you, and I got Veronica and I, biscuits and gravy, eggs, pancakes, sausage, bacon, and they are gonna send up an assortment of juices.

Mac: Wow, that is alot of food, but I am thinking that you might need to order a bit more for yourself you know how Veronica can eat.

Logan: (laughing) Yeah well I made sure to get double for our order.

At that moment Logan's phone rang. He looks at it, then up at Mac

Logan: Ah Shit

Mac: (concerned) Who is ti?

Logan: Mr. Mars

Mac looks at Logan with concern

Mac: (with a stern voice) Answer it, (with that Logan nods)

Logan: Hello Sheriff

Keith: (angrily) Logan, where is my daughter and why isn't she answering her phone

Logan: We had a late night last night, she is still asleep

Veronica: (from behind Logan) Not anymore, (looking confused) Is that my dad? (Logan nods) why is he calling you?

Logan: (smiling brightly at her) He has been trying to call you but you didn't answer

Veronica: (unamused she reaches out her hand for the phone) I will talk to him

Logan: (handing her the phone) Ok, better you than me

Veronica: (Veronica glares at Logan then answers the phone all cheery) Hey Daddy-O what's shaking (Logan and Mac stiffles a laugh)

Keith: (getting right to the point) Veronica, when do you plan on coming home?

Veronica: We were gonna take in some sights until it is time it to gom we kind of wanna get home when it is night time

Keith: You might wanna rethink that, and leave as soon as possible

Veronica: Why dad what is going on?

Keith: Piz made bail, and Gory is still missing, we are watching his dorm. He is a suspect in another attack, this one on campus

Veronica: (shocked) Oh my god, who did he attack?

Keith: Weevil

Veronica: What! (Her shriek gets concerned looks from Logan and Mac)

Keith: He was leaving campus after work, when he was attacked, beaten by three guys, mostly spoke russian, but said he recognized Gory, who was ordering the thugs to attack, Weevil told me that Gory said, tell that little bitch, and her boyfriend, that they messed with the wrong family.

Veronica: Oh my god, dad! Is he gonna be ok.

Keith: (sighing) Yes, but he is in rough shape now. I am not gonna be able to handle this alone Veronica, this is a dangerous family the Sorokin's. I made a call into the F.B.I. They are sending someone here from the Los Angeles office who has been working organized crime in the bureau for 25 years. I want you guys here when he arrives

Veronica: Of course dad. We will leave here immediately

Keith: Good, and Veronica, make sure you guys take all the precautions necessary to ensure you are safe.

Veronica: Of course we will dad, I love you.

Keith: Love you too Veronica

Veronica hung up the phone and stared at Logan and Mac who were on the couch. Her eyes were glossy, tears about ready to fall. Logan sees this and stands up from the couch and make his way over to her and engulfs her in a big hug

Logan: Veronica, what is it, what happened?

Veronica: (Hesitant at first), Well, Gory attacked Weevil, or should I say, he got some of his russian thugs to attack him, while he watched, and then made a comment to Weevil about telling (motioning to Logan), you and I, we messed with the wrong family.

Mac: (in shock) Oh my god, is Weevil ok.

Veronica: He will be, he is pretty bad though right now. We have to go home, Gory means business, we are all gonna have to watch over each other

Logan: (wondering) Should I call Dick, give him a heads up

Veronica: We have to be careful, so contacting him might not be wise, especially since he doesn't know we left right, (Logan nods his head) we will call my dad when we arrive at the airport to leave, tell him to make sure everyone is secured, (turning to Mac) including of course your family Q

Mac: (smiling and nodding) Ok well let's see what we can get packed while we wait for our breakfast and then head out after

Logan: Sounds good to me, I didn't bring much as I was sure we wouldn't be here long, I will call and make sure the plane is ready

Veronica: That is a good idea Logan. We need to be ready to go ASAP.

The three of them make their way to their rooms and pack. When breakfast arrives the three of them enjoy it, but are eager to finish up and get out of town and head back to Neptune. Once breakfast is over, they head out and Veronica as promised calls her dad to make sure he gets everyone, Wallace and Mac's family included, checked on. The flight home is a long one. Most of the time Mac and Veronica are pecking away at their laptops, but they also talk about plans and how to protect themselves once they get home. The two of them take a break to rest and get in a few hours of sleep. As they prepare to land at the private airport, Veronica's phone rings.

Veronica: It is my dad. (pausing, before answering) Hey dad, we are about to land at the private airport that Logan uses for the family plane, so we should be back in Neptune within 45 minutes.

Keith: Ok, good, and please come straight to the Sheriff's Department please.

Veronica: Everything ok dad?

Keith: Yes I just want you guys to come straight here, I have asked Dick, Wallace and Parker to come down they all need to know everything.

Veronica: Ok dad, we will be there as soon as we can, see you then (with that Veronica hangs up her phone).

Logan: (concerned) Is everything ok.

Veronica: He wants us to go straight to the Sheriff's Department.

Logan: Did he say why?

Veronica: No, but he says he asked Dick, Wallace and Parker to come down so they can be filled in, I would think if it was an emergency he would have said so, I am sure he is just being cautious.

At that moment, the pilot comes on to let them know they are ready to land, so the three of them put on their seatbelts and get ready for the landing. Once the plan has landed, the three of them load into Logan's Xterra which is brought out from a private hangar, kept out of sight from anyone looking around the airport. The three of them load their things in the truck, and check it just in case for any devices to monitor them, they head out 30 minutes from Neptune, and whatever hell they are about to find themselves in.

At the Sheriff's Department, Dick, Wallace, and Parker are waiting in Sheriff Mars office

for Logan, Veronica, and Mac to arrive. The three of them had been waiting for what seemed like forever, all very uncomfortable being around each other without their friends being there.

Dick: Uhh Sheriff, how long til the three of them get here, it seems like we been waiting forever.

Keith: (sighing) Soon, I spoke to Veronica they said about 45 minutes

Wallace: Where are they coming from to be that far from town

Keith: (lying), I am not sure

Wallace: Do they know about what happened to Weevil.

Keith: Yes, they know

Dick: (sighing) Why him? He is friend with Ronnie yes, but Weevil and Logan aren't close and I would venture to say they hate each other

Parker: (confused) Why do they hate each other?

Wallace: It is a long confusing story I think is best left untold. I get a headache just thinking about it.

Dick: (Irritated his question was ignored) Back to the original question, why Weevil. You would think if they wanted to get to Veronica they would know Wallace is her best friend, and try to go after him, if they wanted to get to Logan why not me, I am his best friend.

Keith: I am not sure, maybe they seen Weevil with Veronica, or both Veronica and Logan.

Dick: (thinking) Possible I guess. This sucks. Some psycho russian nut bag is on the loose and looking for revenge, and it is ruining what should be a celebration for the start of summer.

Parker: So who exactly is this lunatic after? Is he after Logan or is he after Veronica?

Wallace: Maybe he is after them both since they both managed to piss Gory off.

Dick: (agreeing with Wallace with a head nod) That could be true, never thought about it, just assumed since Gory and Piz took out Logan's car it would be him. However maybe it was a diversion, a way to get them both around each other, to get to them both, and then connect them to their friends and family so they can target them.

Keith: It is possible, I wouldn't put anything past someone with mob ties

Parker: (trying to get things straight she interjects) So, they already attacked one person connected to both Veronica and Logan, are we like targets for this lunatic because of our association with Veronica and Logan as well

Keith: Unfortunately, I am afraid so.

At that moment Logan, Veronica and Mac walked into the Sheriff's department, and into Keith's office. Everyone including Keith noticed Logan and Veronica holding hands, and gave them enquiring looks, to which they both just shrugged, laughed, then kissed, making them all cringe a little. Logan and Veronica laughed at everyone's discomfort. Keith immediately gave them an update on Weevil then filled the group in on their trip to Austria to meet Gory and Piz's aunt Katherine.

Parker: (shocked) Wait! Did you just say Gory and Piz are cousins.

Veronica: Yes. Not biologically. Piz's aunt Katherine married Gory's uncle Ivan when they were very young. It appears they didn't know of each other until they were teenagers though.

Parker: (stunned and not sure what to say) Wow, who would have thought to look so deep and connect them that way

Logan: Well we can thank Mac for that, she looked into everything in trying to connect them looking past the family names to make the connection

Mac: It took some digging connecting the two of them, but in the end we got what we needed. I am still surprised, (looking at Veronica) you didn't find this yourself when you investigated the, (pausing) video, maybe we would have known earlier the connections and been able to get this before it got out of hand.

Logan: Who would of thought to look at the two of them?

Wallace: Well after you beat up Piz, Veronica asked him if he had anything to do with it, (looking at Veronica) maybe you shouldn't of took his word and once you found out who was repsonsible for the (pausing) video, check for connections between the two of them

Veronica: I never thought Piz, of all people the I am a lover not a fighter would be connected to a russian mob family, but you know, the connections don't stop with just Piz and Gory, we found other connections to right here in Neptune.

Wallace: (curiously) Oh really?

Veronica filled the group in on Piz and Gory's connections to Jake and how they became acquainted. Keith was shocked.

Keith: So Jake was their mentor?

Veronica: Yes, (correcting herself) well he was Gorya's mentor anyways, we aren't sure and neither is Katherine if he ever came in contact with Piz since the first meeting but Gory for sure, (pausing) and get this, as it turns out, Ivan, Gorya's uncle and Katherine's late husband was a member of the Castle.

Wallace: (shocked) What, you have got to be kidding me.

Logan: Yep. Ivan was Jake's mentor, and Jake gave him a whole lot of shares of Kane Software when he started the business, and then Ivan gave Piz, Gorya, and Katherine each one third of his Kane stock in an inheritance when he died

Dick: (who had been quiet taking everything in finally speaks up) So, what, Jake decides when he realizes he has a connection to Veronica and those closest to her he needs to get revenge, for what? (turning to Veronica) What is it he thinks you have done that warrants this?

Veronica: (sighing) Well, I am not sure. Unless he blames me for Duncan leaving, but Duncan didn't leave because of me, he left because Meg's family was psycho, and he wanted them nowhere near his daughter, can't blame him for that, (turning to Dick) they locked their youngest daughter in a secret room in a closet, telling her she was a sinner.

Dick: (shocked) really? Wow!

Parker: (confused) Who is Duncan, and who the hell locks their kid in a closet?

Veronica: Duncan used to be Logan's best friend, and my boyfriend.

Parker: (confused) Ok, and what does he have to do with all this

Parker had no idea anything about their past and who Duncan is, or of Duncan's involvement.

Logan: Yeah well it is a long and complicated situation that...(with that Keith cut him off)

Keith: That we really don't need to talk about now, do we

Veronica; No dad, (turning to Parker) I will fill you in on everything later, hope you have no plans though, (chuckling) it might take a while, (with that Parker nods) Now back to reality, we need to figure this all out, we all need to stay safe, it won't be easy, so how do we do it.

Logan: Well I know one thing, I am moving out of the Grande.

Keith: Good idea, (thinking) maybe you can find a place of your own, or you and Dick could go in on a place together, and hire your own security. If you need someone I got some trustworthy people you can call.

Logan: Well it will have to be big enough for all of us, (turning to Keith) we can't just get a place for ourselves, it wouldn't be right, if we get a place, we all stay there until this is over

Wallace: Seriously, all of us (Wallace pointing around the room) living together

Veronica: I think we can manage, and if it keeps us safe I am all for it, I don't want any of you all to get hurt

Dick: Even me?

Veronica: (chuckling) Yes Dick, even you (Dick smiles as everyone else laughs).

Mac: This is all fine and good for us all to be safe, but what about our families. My parents and my brother Ryan need to be safe too.

Wallace: Yeah what about my mom and Darryl?

Keith: If you all get a place together, and agree to hiring security then we can use our resources in the department to watch out for your guys families.

Logan: If everyone agrees, I say let's do it, and do it today.

Everyone agreed and Logan made arrangements to see a real estate agent Dick recommended in the morning as well as a security firm Keith says is the best in the business, to set things up. In the meantime, Parker and Mac were gonna stay at Veronica's house, while Logan, and Dick were gonna stay at Wallace's. This would make ensuring everyone's safety easier for the night. Logan didn't like being away from Veronica knowing she was in danger but knowing Keith was there made him feel better. Dick drove Mac and Parker to campus in his truck to get the things they would need for the night, then headed to the Grande where Wallace, Veronica and Logan were waiting for them to load up what Dick and Logan needed.

Wallace: So I see you two are back together

Logan: (smirking) Was there ever any doubt

Wallace: (smirking) yeah, (with that Logan and Veronica frown, and Wallace laughs) for like 5 seconds. (Logan and Veronica smile at each other and Wallace rolls his eyes) So, if you all are gonna crash at my place I am hoping your gaming systems are coming with, I could use a little video game relaxation

Logan: I think we can arrange that, in fact I am sure Dick wouldn't go if the game systems didn't

Wallace: Is that so, (smirking) maybe we should leave them here then. (With that Logan and Veronica turned to Wallace and frowned) relax guys, (chuckling) I am kidding.

Veronica glared at Wallace, who shrugged. The three of them began packing up the things they thought they needed. About a half hour later Dick, Mac and Parker arrived and began helping pack things up. Within an hour everything the boys would need was ready to be loaded into Logan's Xterra. After loading up, everyone drove back to the Mars residence to help the girls unload their things out of Dick's truck. Dick agreed to leave his truck here so the boys could all drive together to Wallace's. Dick and Wallace got into the Xterra, and waited for Logan to say goodnight to Veronica.

Logan: (pulling Veronica into him, he looks down at her) I am gonna miss you.

Veronica: (smiling) I am gonna miss you too

Logan: You sure you don't want us to stay until your dad gets here.

Veronica: No, Sachs is parked over their in an unmarked car watching the apartment, we will be fine, you all need to go and get settled. We will be fine, dad already called and said he is on his way.

Logan: Ok, (pausing) so you wanna come and help house hunt tomorrow. I am thinking you should have a say

Veronica: (smiling) I would like to come with you and look, maybe we should all go. After all we are all going to be staying there.

Logan: Well you talk it over with the girls, and I will talk it over with the guys see if it is possible. We still have finals starting Monday to worry about, I know we all have to have some time to study.

Veronica: Well if we can find a place and we can be in by the weekend, we can have time to study for finals

Logan: Sounds good. (Logan reaches down and kisses Veronica on the lips softly, then the forehead) Maybe we can have some time for other things too, (he kisses her again on the lips)

Veronica: (grinning) maybe, if you are good

Logan: (chuckling) Is that a requirement?

Veronica: It is, (reaching up on her tiptoes she kisses him gently)

Dick: You guys done yet, we ain't got all night

Veronica: (angrily) Shut up Dick, (Dick shrugs, and then sticks out his tongue) very mature Dick, Very mature, (Dick, and Logan both laugh)

Logan: I will be right there guys, (he reached down and pulls Veronica up to him and plants a huge kiss on her) I got to go, I will call you when we get to Wallace's

Veronica: Ok, (she kisses him) you better. (With that Logan gives her a salute and head off, when Veronica remembers something) Wait!

Logan: (confused) What is it?

Veronica: We didn't check the trucks after we left the Grande, we should before you guys head out.

Logan: (concerned) yes we should

Veronica runs up to the apartment and grabs the machine that checks for bugs, cameras, trackers, anything that could have a person, hearing them, seeing them or even monitoring them. She checks Dick's truck first and it is clean, then she checks Logan's and it is clean as well.

Veronica: Ok all clear.

Logan gets into the truck and rolls down his window, veronica decides they need to be safe rather than being sorry, and hands Logan her machine.

Logan: what is this for?

Veronica: You need to check your car when you leave Wallace's tomorrow

Logan: (confused) don't you need it

Veronica: (smiling) no dad has one I can use

Logan: Of course the Mars family is always resourceful, ok, so I will call you when we get to Wallace's (he reaches through the window and plants a kiss on Veronica's mouth, to which both Dick and Wallace roll their eyes)

Veronica: Ok, (to wallace and Dick) see you guys later and behave yourself

Dick: I am always on my best behavior

Wallace: I think that is what worries her, (they all chuckle) but worry not Vee, if they get out of line you know moms, she will whack them upside their heads. (Dick looks concerned as Logan and Veronica laugh at Dick's obvious discomfort)

Logan rolls up the car window, and waits to pull out until Veronica is in the apartment before they head out to Wallace's. Their arrival at Wallace's is greeted with excitement from Darryl, and the four boys quickly bond over video games before Dick and Logan retire to the apartment next door. Meanwhile, Keith has arrived home, and informed the girls that now that he is home Sachs is headed over to keep an eye on Wallace's place and that Leo is already stationed at Mac's house. Veronica, Parker and Mac quickly get ready for bed and call it a night as all three are exhausted. Keith, has ordered several officers to drive by the apartment through the night just to be safe, and despite the fact that he has all his bases covered, he can't help but shake the unsettling feeling in the pit of his stomach, that something just migh happen in the night when they sleep.