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Summary: This is entirely movieverse. I've never played the games and don't know anything about the plots. After the end of the movie, Nika is living happily at the vineyard and 47 visits every now and then. Everything is going fine until she gets a phone call from an old friend of 47's.

Rating/Warnings: T for language and probably some violence in later chapters.

Chapter 1: The Phone Call

Nika sighed. It had been nearly a month since 47's last visit, and she missed him. She hoped that it wouldn't be too long before he came by, but she didn't have much hope. He had said last time that it might be a while because he had a lot of assignments that he had to complete. Nika knew that he would come soon, though, so she wasn't overly concerned.

Nika was sitting in front of the house admiring the rows of vined that stretched out into the distance when her cell phone rang. This wouldn't be a cause for concern in most people, but the phone had been given to her by 47 and was only intended for him to use to reach her in case of emergency. She could also call him on a special emergency number that was programmed into the phone, but 47 had made it clear that if she used the number for anything less than an army of assassins banging on her door he would be very, probably homicidally unhappy with her. So when it rang, and the number displayed wasn't his, she nearly had a heart attack. No one else had that number. No one.

Nika knew that she had no choice but to answer it, sh she hesitantly brought the phone to her ear. "Hello?" she said warily.

"Hi! You must be Nika!" an overly exuberant female voice exlaimed from the other end. "It's so great to finally get to talk to you!"

"Um, no offense," Nika responded uncertainly, "But who the hell are you?"

"Oh!" The woman on the other end laughed. "Sorry, completely forgot to introduce myself. I'm Agent 49."

"What?!" shrieked Nika. "You're who?!"

"I'm 49," the woman repeated patiently. "Is 47 there? I'd really like to talk to him. And I promise, I'm not trying to kill either of you." She laughed, "You couldn't pay me enough for that job. So is he there?"

"No," Nika managed. "He isn't here. I could tell him you called when he gets here if you want. But, um, I don't know when that would be."

"Oh." The woman didn't sound happy. "I need to speak with him a bit more urgently than that, actually. Don't you have a number you can call him on?"

"Well..." Nika trailed off.

"Yes?" 49 prompted eagerly.

"There's one number," Nika said hesitantly, "But it's for emergencies only and I don't know if he would think that this qualifies as a good enough reasin to call it."

"Hmm," 49 considered this dilema for a moment. "Here's a thought," she said happily. "If this isn't already an emergency, I'll make it an emergency. How's that?"

Nika had a moment of sheer panic to consider the implications of that offer before she responded frantically "No, no! Don't do...whatever you're thinking of doing! I'll call 47."

"Great!" 49 told her cheerfully. "Hope to hear from him soon!" She hung up.

Nika stared at the phone in silent disbelief for a long moment. She didn't know what to do. 49 had said that she didn't plan to kill either one of them, but she wasn't necessarily telling the truth, and even if she was, who knew what she was planning or why she wanted to talk to 47. On the other, hand, who knew what she would do if she couldn't talk to him. "i'll make it an emergency." That sounded bad. Very, very, bad. Nika looked at the phone in her hand. "Dammit," she muttered. She made the call.