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Warnings fro Chapter 4: Some mild language.

Chapter 4: The Story

Agent 47 swore under his breath. He couldn't believe how quickly his orderly life had gone to hell. If Agent 49 was willing to track him down, he knew that the day was bound to end in tragedy. And the worst part was that he was walking right into where she wanted him to be. It could be a trap. It was probably a trap. But Nika was in danger, so what else could he do?

He had commandeered a private plane for the trip, a decision which was probably unwise, since he had killed nine people to get it, but he couldn't fly commercial. It would take hours longer, and besides, he knew that he needed to bring weapons. Walking into a meeting with 49 unarmed would be tantamount to shooting himself in the head, so he killed the owner of the plane and his entire security squad and flew to the vineyard.

He stared up the long path to the door and took a deep breath. "Last chance to walk away," he thought ruefully, and without another moment's delay headed towards the house.

When 47 reached the door he knew immediately that something was wrong. Normally that door was bolted with the pick-proof locks that he had obtained. They were the best on the market, and he'd had to kill a man to get them. Nobody should be able to get into Nika's house.

And yet. The door was open. From within the house he heard what sounded like a delighted shriek, and then Agent 49 was running into the doorway. She grinned at him. "Long time no see, Sev," she said with a smile, leaning casually against the doorframe.

47 was in no mood for idle chatter, and he still couldn't see Nika. "Where the hell is Nika?" he demanded harshly.

"Woah, I can see you're in a mood," 49 laughed. "Your sweetheart's right inside." She stepped easily out of the doorway, allowing 47 to see past her, where Nika was sitting at the kitchen table, cuffed to a chair and looking furious.

49 strode toward the door, and stopped. There was no way he was putting 49 at his back. Not yet, and definitely not with Nika helpless three feet away. 49 saw his hesitation and rolled her eyes. She backed farther into the room, allowing 47 to enter without turning his back.

He moved quickly to Nika's side, scanning her for injuries. She appeared unhurt, but he wasn't willing to take any chances, and the fact that she wasn't cursing a blue streak at him by now was a little alarming. "Are you alright?" he asked.

Nika glanced nervously at 49. "Oh, go ahead and talk," 49 told her with a sigh. "I wasn't really going to shoot you."

Nika shot her a glare and then turned her attention back to 47. "I'm fine," she assured him. "She," she glowered at 49, "came storming in here, through your pick-proof door, I might add-" It was his turn to receive the venomous glare- "and pulled a gun on me! She cuffed me to the chair and then she said that if I didn't shut up she'd put a bullet in my skull! And you said you'd be three hours, you bastard! It's been nearly four!"

"I'm sorry," 47 told her. "I had some trouble obtaining transport. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to steal a plane?"

"I don't care!" Nika yelled back. "You were supposed to be here, not just leave me alone with the crazy gun wielding assassin!"

"Settle down!" 49 yelled suddenly. Her gun was in her hand and she looked mad. "You're giving me a headache with your incessant screeching. Sev, don't you have any way of keeping her quiet?"

Nika cut in with a question, "Why do you keep calling him Sev?" she asked curiously.

49 blinked at her. "What? Oh it's a nickname. 47 takes forever to say." She laughed and grinned at Agent 47. "I doubt anyone's called him that in a while, though. Bringing back memories?" she asked him, smirking.

"Unpleasant ones." He responded tersely. "Why are you here, 49? Are you just trying to stir up trouble or is there an actual reason that you wanted to speak to me?"

49 immediately dropped all joking from her manner. "Yes," she said quietly. There's a reason." She fell silent.

"What is the reason?" 47 inquired patiently.

"The Organization is trying to kill me," she said flatly.

"What?!" 47 yelped in shock. "Why the hell are they trying to kill you? And, more importantly, why is that a reason to track me down? You've got plenty of allies. Allies who actually like you, I might add."

"Not anymore, I don't!" 49 yelled. "They're dead. They're all dead. The Organization isn't just trying to kill me, they're killing all of us. All of their agents. All of the trainees. Everyone who works for them or ever did is dying. I came to you because you're the only person who managed to survive more than a week after they've wanted you dead."

47 stared at her, frozen in horror. "Why?" he croaked. "Why are they killing us? What happened?"

49 glared at the floor. "Evidently, someone, high in The Organization, turned traitor. Files were sent to Interpol, I don't know which ones, but they were crucial. The Organization is going down, and they don't want any evidence to survive by the time the cops catch up to them."

She looked at 47 steadily. "I came to you because I need your help. They're coming for us, and if we don't work together we're both dead."