Harry Potter and the Thirdspace Artifact

Disclaimer: I only own the plot and nothing else. Inspired by 'Liselle129', author of 'Harry Potter and the Shadow War' and 'Harry Potter and the First Ones'. This fict will also be published soon in a Harry Potter fanfiction site.

This starts after 'Harry Potter and the First Ones'. Except that Harry and company decide to stay on B5 for a little longer instead of returning home. Hermione's journal entry is based on the intro of the movie Thirdspace. The POV of this story will mostly pass on the eyes of our four heroes, since they are more used to living in a space station, by now.

Chapter 1: Journal (Prologue)

Hermione Granger's Journal.

30th May 2261

It was the middle of the year 2261, the year between wars and the dawn of the Third Age of Mankind. The Second Shadow War was won but not all the darkness tormenting the Human race had been defeated. President Santiago had been assassinated in late 2258 and his successor President Clark was turning the Earth Alliance into imperialistic dictatorship.

Our group, Ron, Ginny, Harry and myself decided to stay in Babylon 5 before we returned home. We wanted to help win this war, as well as find evidences that the magic world still existed. But with Babylon 5 quarantined from the rest of the Human Empire, we still had a lot to do to get to Earth.

It's been over a month we four helped out Mr. Garibaldi (now Ginny calls him Michael) by taking out the neural block planted by the Psi Cop Alfred Bester. Now he has smuggled himself to Mars as an undercover agent to take care of a few things on behalf of Captain Sheridan.

In the meantime, we four decided to be helpful to keep the station running, since its need for food and resources was growing by the day, with Clark trying to strangle its supply lines. B5 no longer been tied to the rules of Earth, Captain Sheridan had some of his Starfury pilots – those 'small' ships shaped like an X – teaching volunteers that opted to help protect the station. Harry and Ron, the same mad duo for Quidditch, joined right away. I'm thinking of starting to work at a bar. Ginny is wondering of joining a squad too, though both boys protested. Needless to say Ginny silenced them both with a glare, but they continue going spare about it. Only now they did it more quietly.

Captain Sheridan and Commander Ivanova were out to save a ship of supplies from Raiders – or Space Pirates as Harry and I call them – and was I glad Ron and Harry weren't selected to go on that mission and were stuck with patrol duties? They were still newbies and I didn't want either of them dead.

Babylon 5 was starting to look like a home away from home. Sometimes I found myself imagining Hogwarts as a memory of a life-time ago…