Harry Potter and the Thirdspace Artefact

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Chapter 5: Revolt

Bill Morishi, one of the IPX lead scientists and partner of Dr. Trent, was having breakfast in a café of Red Sector. The balding Asian man was eating peacefully, taking a small break to look over some papers on the artefact. The man casually look at the right and saw a group of inter-racial people staring at him at some distance. A bald Brakiri, three Drazi, a Religious Caste Minbari, a female Hyach and three Humans. The Humans were an adult man, a blond woman and a carrot-top teenager soon to reach adulthood.

Morishi dismissed them and continued on his small amount of paperwork and took a sip of his water. The scientist felt the bystanders approaching, now surrounding his line of sight. One of them, the young man, stepped forward as their spokesperson. Now Morishi could take a close look at him. The boy's face was freckled, blue-eyed and stood tall.

"I'm sorry, is there anything I could do for you?" – Morishi asked politely, focusing his gaze on the young boy. Neither he nor his 'associates' spoke. Morishi dismissed that as a silly prank and returned to his meal, commenting. – "Why don't you take a picture? It'll last longer."

Now the young red-haired man spoke with a British accent. His voice was neutral, but sounded like he was scolding the xeno-archaeologist.

"You're not moving fast enough."

Morishi looked at him with a blank stare. The boy didn't give any further explanation.

"You have to go faster, you have to make it work." – he added and the small crowd slowly parted ways, leaving a confuse and somewhat worried Morishi.

The boy who spoke to the xeno-archaeologist, Ronald Weasley walked away, heading to Blue Sector. He had tried to talk with that Deaf One, but it hadn't worked, like the wizard expected. But there was someone else among the Deaf Ones he could convert into their Cult.

"The two female Deaf Ones are looking for you. I have blocked their tracking abilities. They shall not bother us." – Kosh, the Vorlon in Ron's mind spoke in a neutral tone. He, like his host, could hear the call. At first he tried to fight it. But in the end he fell to hypnotic calling of the Ancient Hunger, like he had done so 2 million years ago.

How foolish the Vorlon had been to fight such seductive call! They were the masters! They would come soon or later to offer the wonders of the Promised City to their fateful Cult. The Deaf Ones, those who did not hear the call, would perish in the process.

As a Vorlon, he despised those who put order and discipline below their own desires. The question 'What do you want?' was an insult and a crime among his people. None of that matters, now. Because Kosh wanted the city and he also wanted who was awaiting him there.

In the transport tube to Blue Sector…

Elizabeth Trent, the Field Co-ordinator scientist and leader of the dubbed 'AIP', Artefact Investigation Project, would be steaming through her hears if she was a pressure cooker. She had just been giving an ultimatum by Sheridan. If Trent didn't give him any reports on their findings of the artefact in forty-eight hours, the good captain would cancel the deal and banish IPX from the sector. He even hinted that the artefact would be destroyed in the process.

It had been five days since IPX appeared and took over the investigation. Although the corporation kept their end of the bargain in bringing the much needed food and supplies to the station in exchange for their allowance in studying the artefact, Trent kept the results hidden from Sheridan.

And why shouldn't she? That thing was covered in Vorlon writing. She had a small theory on what the object was and if she was right, the next place in the history books would be hers!

Unfortunately that morning, Sheridan came to her in the Red Sector hallway and began nagging her about any data on the artefact she might have collected. Dr. Trent was used to deal with pesky people like that. Usually, they were 'common simpleton people' who knew nothing about xeno-archaeology.

"With all due respect, Captain, this is not your area of expertise." – she had told him. – "…I could study that thing for five years let alone five days and still not crack it. Science does not pay attention to a clock…"

But that didn't convince him. What shocked Trent was that Sheridan recognized the Vorlon markings she registered on her clipboard. Turns out the Captain was once married to a xeno-archaeologist and he picked up a few things. He knew a few things about surface scans, magnetic resonances and other analysis procedures IPX did in their digs. How would she have guessed a 'simple Earthforce Captain would know Vorlon'?

"I'm giving you another forty-eight hours. Then I want a report on your findings. If I don't like what I see, I am pulling the plug. Is that clear?" – Sheridan said sternly.

"Whatever, Captain Mussolini." – Trent retorted. Sheridan ignored that. Now the ambicious doctor was in the transport tube on her way to the secondary C'n'C that her crew was using as an operation command centre.

When the doors of the transport tube opened, she saw a young, freckled, carrot-top face waiting for her. Trent immediately noticed the Starfury pilot suit he was wearing.

"What are you doing here? This area is reserved to IPX personnel only." – she scolded the boy.

"You must move faster. You must open it." – the boy, Ronald Weasley said neutrally.

"Look, if this is one of the Captain's charades to get on my notes get lost." – she berrated and prepared told walk around him. Ron stopped her; he was going to let this Deaf One walk away when the promise of the Ancient Hunger was at stake. With the help of his Vorlon 'associate', Ron showed Elizabeth Trent the city with the intent to make her hear the call.

With our favourite Commander…

Susatchka Ivanova, aka Susan, had seen many crazy things in her Russian years, especially after she was assigned to Babylon 5. She just exited Zack's office from an interrogation on Desmond Modichenko, better known has Deuce, the criminal king of the underworld of B5. The man tried to open the airlocks which could have caused the station to explode by decompression from the inside out, killing himself and everyone else. Which made no sense; Deuce was famous for been a survivors. There's no way he would commit suicide.

Things got even stranger when he mentioned he wanted to go outside to see the artefact:

"It's calling me…It's calling all of us. They know who we are. They're in the city." – he had said with a dreaming gaze.

"What city?" – Ivanova asked him.

"You know. You've been there. You've seen it. I can tell just by looking at ya." – he had said those words while looking at her with the same distant, dreaming look. – "We belong to them y'know. And they're going to come for us, soon."

Zack grew impatient with Deuce and had him transferred to MedLab so see if the doctors could detect any sign of mental instability. Zack immediately dismissed that as a load of 'crazy-mumblings'.

As a Russian Jew, she was sceptical and always tried to find a reasonable explanation for every enigma she came across. Same happened when certain 4 teenagers claiming to possess supernatural abilities appeared out of nowhere in B5.

Thinking about those four people reminded her that one of them, Ginny, had been in her dream. During the so called dream, the girl appeared to be the only one that maintained her mind 'unhypnotized'.

Maybe it was her latent telepathic heritage or maybe she was just going paranoid like Garibaldi; But that had definitely something to do with the artefact and she bet one year of pay that it would make her have to work unpaid, unslept extra hours.

She walked to the transport tube to oversee the activities in C'n'C.

Meanwhile with Hermione…

Hermione Granger was frustrated and worried. She had sought out everywhere for Ron. I her search the witch winded up in the transport tube (why don't they just call it elevator?) with Vir Cotto.

Casting a momentary glance at the Centauri, she noted that he seemed much jollier than the time she spotted him exiting Sheridan's office the other day. The same jolly attitude Ambassador Mollari had greeted her that time she and Ron came bargaining for some plants they required for a potion to help Garibaldi.

Soon she learnt that Londo Mollari wasn't known for his merry personality. More like for his liking of younger females and expensive liquors. Mollari reminded Hermione of Professor Slughorn. Both were old men that past their prime and enjoyed their comfort of luxury but Mollari seemed to be more of a warrior. G'Kar had told her that, despite him not liking to admit it, Mollari was a patriotic who would fight to his last breath for his people. Though Hermione didn't see her potion's Master as a coward, she knew him well enough to admit he wouldn't stand up in the face of danger as quickly as Mollari would.

Then Commander Ivanova came into the tube with a depressed look. She complimented Hermione with a simple bow of head.

"Good afternoon, Commander!" – Vir greeted.

"Hello Vir." – Ivanova gave him a quick smile just to be polite. The Russian Earthforce appeared to be having a hard day. Ivanova was definitely the 'McGonagall' of the command staff. Hard, severe, a pretty tough costumer. However, the Commander's seriousness didn't appear to come from years of experience but rather from painful memories. As if she prevented herself from feeling too much joy because she knows it's somehow doomed to end.

"I should tell you two that" – Vir turned to both females, not losing his merry smile. – ", only because it's a sign of good luck among my people that…I saw you Commander in a dream, last night. And your friend, Miss Weasley, too."

"Did you?" – Ivanova replied, paying him little heed. Hermione was even more uninterested. She was far more preoccupied with her boyfriend's whereabouts. She was now going to check on Blue Sector. The doors of the tube opened to a hallway and both women left.

"There was this city. This gorgeous place. Believe it or not, Mr. Weasley and Ambassador Kosh were there, too." – this last statement made Hermione stop on her exit of the tube. Ivanova copied her and both were now looking at the Centauri.

"A big black city?" – Ivanova asked.

"With a big black tower in the middle like a dead tree with no branches?" – Hermione said. This earned her a surprised glare from Ivanova.

"Yes! Yes, that's amazing!" – Vir's happy face turned into one of surprise.

"Vir do you remember what happened to me?" – Ivanova inquired.

"And to Ginny?"

"Yes, yes! As a matter of fact I do! I…" – Vir's surprise turned into hesitation. – "I wasn't going to mention that part."

"What happened?"

"You were killed. Eaten actually by something. And next Miss Weasley was eaten, too. I really didn't got a good look at creature." – the Centauri said in his trademark nervous, uncomfortable tone.

"Vir, did it look like…like a…" – Ivanova stammered, not remembering fully what her predator looked like.

"A giant blue tick?" – Hermione suggested. Ivanova gave the witch a stunned look.

"I don't know what a thick is." – Vir said. – "I'm sorry but I have to go. Good day!"

The doors closed and the girls stood on that level. The Commander turned to the girl. Both were thinking the same thing. No words were necessary. Hermione took off searching for Ron (again). Ivanova went for her Link.

"Ivanova to Sheridan!"

"Sheridan, go!" – the captain's voice sounded through the device.

"I think we have a problem with the artefact."

With Harry…

Harry Potter was flying in his Starfury with the rest of the squadron. He had been missing Quidditch for a long time, but flying in space was a good consolation. The sky was full of stars, each start reminded him a Snitch that was still to be caught.

However, Harry couldn't appreciate that today, knowing that Ron had his 'problem'. Some other teenager wizard wouldn't be too worried about it, but as Ron usually stated, the mad things always happened to them.

"Zeta Squadron, this is Sheridan. Do you receive?" – the captain's voice sounded in the cabin from his ship, waking Harry from his thoughts.

"This is Zeta Squadron Leader." – Warren Keffer said.

"Return to base, now! And make sure you have weapons running hot!" – Harry had a feeling the 'mad thing' had just happened.

Back in B5…

In one of the Observation Domes, an inter-racial group of spectators was watching as four maintenance workers moved an energy cell that Dr. Trent had her people modify to power up the gate for the master to crossover.

Ronald Weasley (and Kosh through him) observed the event along with their brothers and sisters of the Cult, silent. Just watching. None of them smiling, nor crying out in victory. When he met Trent he had brought her into their Cult. And now thanks to her, the doorway was ready to be cleared for the Ancient Hunger. By now, the Deaf Ones already knew but it made little difference. The door was opening.

Then the masters, the Ancient Hunger, spoke to them again. A new task was put before them. Ron left the done, accompanied by his Cultist brothers and sisters. Hell was breaking loose in the station and was about to be broken even more in Cobra Bay 2.