Alex Mercer wasn't stupid.

Sure, he didn't get what was so important about the strange human food 'Fritos' or how it wasn't considered proper to kill the people you disagreed with. He still wasn't quite sure why people freaked out when he consumed his food, or used his Whipfist to stop a robber. But he was perspicacious. He had to be; with thousands of people's memories and experiences to sift through, he had yet to encounter any situation he didn't know how to deal with.

Yes, nothing at all.

But for all of his perspicacity, the virus couldn't understand why his sister had decided to start reading to him.

He watched her animatedly re-enact the story, curled up in a blanket with a mug of hot chocolate he'd tricked a squad of Blackwatch troopers into giving him. He studied the way her hands rose and fell with the plot, listened to her voice take on qualities similar to the character she was reading at the time.

"Why?" Dana turned to him and met his eyes. He wasn't sure why he asked the question, or if he really meant to. But he had, and he did want answers.

"Why what?" Dana teased him, cocking her head to the side like a confused kitten.

"I'm not Alex." Zeus said bluntly. "You seem to think I still am."

Dana looked down at her book, placed her bookmark on the page, and closed the novel. "I'm reading to you because that's what Alex and I did when we were little." She met his eyes again, this time burning with determination. "If I do this kind of thing more, I think you'll start to remember your old life." She got up and sat down heavily next to Zeus, leaning gently into his shoulder. "After all…like it or not, you are Alex. At least, you have his memories inside you somewhere." Zeus snorted, and she whipped around to glare at him.

"You know it's possible. You told me about what happened when you looked at your apartment." Zeus looked at her; the petite, snappy brunette taking on a monster for her brother's sake.

"Well, Dana…I guess it's worth a try." Zeus pasted on a smile, opening his arms to accept Dana into a hug.

After all, he was nothing if not perspicacious; if she needed hope, then he would provide her with it. She was what kept him sane, after all.

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