Abc's of Caroline and Dupe…

They are such a hilarious couple… and I think all would agree me. So here are some short stories inspired by a letter. There will be from parts of the series and fictional as well both, so let's see how this goes.



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What an arrogant man he was. Why oh why oh why had Caroline just proposed to Anders Du Plessis. He was a drunk who could not get out of bed in the morning and who barely ever had a shower and who really needed to be introduced to a lot of things such as hygiene and manners. So why had she just proposed. She knew he would say yes but she was more shocked than he was.

It did not take her long to realise that the answer was starring her right in the face. He had run off with her heart. She had fallen for this arrogant man.

She was sitting on the porch of Leopards Den, thinking about this. Her daughter, Sarah was married to the best friend of her husband to be and he always spoke so highly of Anders. About what a kind and caring man he was despite his many many many flaws she thought.

She began to think about the way he treated her. He was pretty lousy when it came to manners but he always treated her with respect. He had respected her decision when she had declined his proposal and had not been awkward about it.

He made her feel good again. She had not felt the way he made her feel in a long time. It must be love she thought as she continued to day dream about Anders Du Plessis.

'Caroline.' Danny shook her by the shoulder. When she finally responded to his calls he sighed in relief and continued 'I have been trying to wake you for a few minutes now. Its lunch time come on.'

Lunch time she thought. It would be a time for he too see them man that she loved, as well as her daughter and grandchildren. She got up to walk around the corner to the table and her heart early dropped when she saw that he was not there. She had fallen hard. 'Where's Anders?' she questioned trying to cover up how upset she was.

'He is just fixing one of the fences.' Danny said. 'He should be here soon. Hopefully.' Dupe was really not one that he could always rely on, but he would always be there to rely on Danny thought. It was odd he knew and did not entirely make sense. Then again he was hard man to make sense of. But Danny was not as naive as people thought he was. He picked up on Caroline's Tone of voice. Dupe was his best friend, but there was no way Caroline could have fallen for that arrogant man.

Well there is A…

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