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Mara had always been stupid. Some of the things they did we annoying and Dupe often wished that he could stick some of their grand ideas where the sun don't shine. But for once it seemed that Mara and Leopards Den were actually getting along with each other.

The new owner of Mara, Elliot Kriel had so many big ideas. He was so full of enthusiasm that it seemed like he was almost about to burst. He reminded Dupe of Danny in a way.

But there was a bad feeling that Dupe had in the pit of his stomach concerning him. They had been getting on well for a while now but the feeling was still there, eating away at him. He was not often wrong about this sort of thing. Sure you were meant to 'not judge a book by its cover' but when it came to instinct it was hard to ignore when it had been right for so many times before.

But Danny still had a positive attitude about him, especially since they found that white lion. It seemed the white lion was a good sign in a wonderful, strong new friendship.

He knew he was right! That gut feeling he had had about Kriel. He had declawed that lion and intended to sell it off to make money. Suddenly, he did not remind him of Danny anymore, that slithering little man was evil and had a lot of nerve to do that, especially when Danny was around.

So once again Leopards Den and Mara were at war. Perhaps the friendship was just not meant to be, perhaps they would stay enemies forever.

But if they were friends then all the fun would be gone, with no rival they would not make any improvements and they would have no competition in their business. So it seemed that they needed to be at war with Mara in more ways than one.

But he could not help wondering why? They were a very close game reserve and wouldn't it do well to be friends with them? Perhaps they will just always be at war with that game reserve Mara.

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