Chapter 1. Ice goddess

Once upon a time, in a far away land where only Gods could enter, the Goddess of Water fell in love with the God of Wind. Despite their love, nobody acknowledged their relationship. They ran away together and from their love, two girls were born; the two goddess of ice. But only one could be the true goddess of ice, their mother decided one of them as being the true goddess of ice and the other one, the one who'll make her shine.


Japan, Tokyo. May Oswald and her daughter Tsubasa were clinching their fists.

Ok, that spin was perfect. May thought as she watched the ice skater from the rink from the lobby.

Come on onee-chan, you can do it! Tsubasa encouraged mentally. Her bright, blue eyes never let out of sight the silhouette whom was spinning on the rink.

"This is the last-minute from Mirai Oswald's long program, she has big chances to get the second place right behind Hikari Akaru. If only she could make some- W-Wait ! She's preparing for a new spin?! If she'll manage a lutz, she has all the chances to get the first place!" All the spectators jumped from their seats and started encouraging Mirai.

"WHAT?! A lutz?! This isn't even in her program and the last time she tried one she almost broke a leg! I'm gonna-"

Tsubasa catched her mother's hand and stopped her. May turned her head and looked at her other daughter.

"Mirai will do it mom, trust her!" she smiled making May to have the same confidence as her. After all, nothing can stop Mirai now.

"The audience is getting excited and it looks like Mirai is gonna do her jump soon, everyone's wondering if she's really gonna do a lutz. Her speed is increasing and.. she jumped!" There was a moment of silence. The audience was speechless as well as May and Tsubasa. As Mirai stopped in a beautiful and graceful position, the audience started clapping loud and throwing roses on the ice. "Incredible ladies and gentlemens, Mirai Oswald just performed an incredible double lutz! The jury is impressed but still, they have to chose the winner."

Mirai picked a bouquet of roses from the ice and headed with it to the lobby where her mother and sister were waiting. She stepped out of the ice and ran to her sister's arms.

"Onee-chan, you were great! Not great, the best! You'll surely win!" Tsubasa said with a large smile on her face.

Tsubasa's bright,blue eyes looked in Mirai's grey ones. Their eyes were the only difference between them in their appearance. The two of them had the same black, straight, long hair. The current difference between was that Mirai's hair was tied in a bun while Tsubasa's was tied in a high pony-tail. That's how Tsubasa was always wearing her while Mirai was let it free.

Behind the twins, May sighed crossing her arms in front of her chest. "You know how luckily you were just now, don't you?"

Mirai giggled, releasing from her sister's embrace. "I'm sorry for worrying you mom but there was no other way, if I didn't made that lutz I couldn't have any chance."

"Fine but-"

"Please attention ladies and gentlemens, the jury made their decision." Tsubasa gave her sister a thumb up right before she left to the rink.

All the girls who competed until now made a line and the three persons from the jury stepped in a parallel line in front of them. A tall man had a microphone in one hand. "My name is Takumi Hisashi and I'm the president of the jury for the contest "Princess of Ice". Along with my partners, we decided three of twenty girls who had a remarkable performance. Three of you will have a place in the famous contest "All-Japan". Whoever wins at "All-Japan" will go to the Olympics next year. Without any other interruptions, the 3th place is occupied by Hana Takurumi." The audience applauded as a blonde girl stepped in front smiling. "The second place is occupied by Hikari Akaru." a beautiful red-head stepped next to Hana with a unsatisfaited look on her face. "And the first place is occupied by.."

Tsubasa put her hands in a prayer position and closed her eyes. Go onee-chan!

".. Mirai Oswald!" the audience jumped from their seats again, Mirai stepped next to the other girls with the brightest smile. Her legs were trembling.

"She did it!" Tsubasa threw her fist in the air.

After another round of applause, Mirai headed right to her sister. "I knew you're gonna do it, I told you you're the best!" Tsubasa hugged her sister even tighter.

Mirai was breathing hard, her heart was beating fast. "I-I can't believe I actually did it!"she turned to her mother and hugged her. "I did it mom, I'm going to All-Japan!"

May hugged back her daughter. "Congrats Mirai, you deserve it."

"You were so beautiful out there onee-chan! Your spins were perfect and your speed was so good !" Tsubasa continued complimenting her sister whom was now blushing.

"You're exaggerating onee but still, thank you."

Tsubasa grinned. "Let's go home and celebrate with papa!"

Her mother and sister nodded.


"Gampai!" the four members of the family made a toast for Mirai's win. They were having dinner.

"I'm proud of you Mirai." Leon said to her daughter smiling.

"Thank you papa." she smiled and took a drink from her orange juice.

"You should've see her papa! She was so great, she was just like a ballerina!" Tsubasa continued praising her sister excited.

Leon smiled as May giggled. "Luckily that everything was recorded by your mother." the silver-haired man continued. "Though, I'm sorry I couldn't make it Mirai. The plane was late."

"It's ok papa." the grey-eyed twin answered kindly, she understood her father.

"Papa, papa! When are you gonna take us to Kaleido Stage again?" Tsubasa asked excited knowing that her father just came back from Kaleido Stage.

"Probably in the holidays." Leon answered short.

Tsubasa puffed her cheeks. "But that's what you always say! I haven't been there since I was 9 and after all, I was only once!"

"I go there to work Tsubasa. I always train hard to make a good show and I don't have the time to look after you. Your mother is also busy training Mirai.."

"Fine,fine I understand!" she said as she took the last bite from her food.

"Onee I finished, do you want to come to my room?" Mirai asked.

Tsubasa nodded and climbed off her seat, she grabbed her sister's wrist and ran upstairs to her room. As soon as they arrived in Mirai's room, Tsubasa fell on her bed. Mirai didn't say anything but Tsubasa saw the worried expression on her face which was very strange.

"Is there something you want to talk about onee-chan?" she asked looking with her blue eyes at her sister which sat on the bed next to her.

Mirai smiled, she already stopped being surprised whenever her sister saw right through her. "I.. I'm wondering if I can make it Tsubasa.."

Tsubasa blinked a few times, she was confused. "Do what?"

"All-Japan. I've always dreamed of going there and now.. I'm insecure." she whispered.

Tsubasa hit her sister's back. "Come on onee-chan, you know you can do it! You worked so much and I, mom and dad are always gonna support you." again, she showed her trademark smile. Instead of smiling, her sister started crying silently. That's when Tsubasa realized. "This is not the true reason you wanted me to come here right?"

Mirai nodded as she cried. "I.. I don't deserve a-any of this onee. You love to ice skate t-too.. but you couldn't improve because of m-me. I was t-the one who convinced mom to train me a-and only me." she buried her face in her hands.

Tsubasa never thought about this until now, she never thought Mirai felt this way.

The two of them started skating at 5 years. They were both talented and loved the ice but in different ways. They were going with May every day from winter to the frozen lake to skate.

May married Leon and gave up Kaleido Stage but she thought it will be only for 2-3 years, she never thought that her daughters may have the same love as her. So, she had to gave up Kaleido Stage forever. Though, she didn't let Leon gave up too. He was Sora's partner and couldn't accept him giving up. But May wasn't sad, she was very happy that her daughters loved the same thing as her; the ice. She wanted to train both of them and make them go to international contest, but their moves, their strong points and their weaknesses were too different. She couldn't make it, so Tsubasa gave up. She decided she'll skate only for her and support her sister with all her heart.

"It's ok onee-chan." Tsubasa hugged her sister. "I was the one to decided this." Mirai looked at her with teary eyes, Tsubasa wiped away a tear and smiled. "I'm happy watching you skate and I still skate, I never gave up on skating and I never will!" Mirai looked at her sister smiling, she wasn't surprised at all by her answer. She knew that her sister would always give her everything. Tsubasa handed Mirai her pinky finger and smiled. "Let's make a promise."

Mirai looked at her sister a bit confused. "A promise?"

Tsubasa nodded. "You promise to go to the Olympics and I promise to buy you that pair of skates."

"No way, you mean the ones I've always wanted?! Wait.. Olympics?!" Mirai jumped from the bed as Tsubasa nodded happily. "I can't do it, I'm only 14! There are hardly accepted 18 years old girls.. I don't have chances."

"Why not? You're already preparing for All-Japan, the next step is the Olympics!"

Mirai smiled again at her sister, she knew it was useless to argue with her. And to be honest, Tsubasa made her be more confident. Mirai held Tsubasa's pinky with hers. "Pinky promise."


"You jumped too slow!" May yelled at her daughter.

Tsubasa was looking worried at her sister's practice from the bench. It's been already three weeks since Mirai started learning how to do axels but still, she couldn't manage to do a double axel. Mirai was exhausted, she's been practicing since morning and it was 8 p.m. now.

"I'll try again!" Mirai yelled as she got up from the ice, she could barely breath.

May sighed. "No, it's enough for today. Go change, I'll wait for you two at home." she turned around and left.

Tsubasa was surprised, she didn't know her mother coud act like this with her sister. She was somewhat upset. She turned her head to the rink where her sister fell on the ice again.

"Onee-chan!" she ran towards her side. "Let's go, mother said it's ok."

Mirai shook her head. "Y-You can go onee, I'll stay a little longer to practice."

"But you're exhausted. If you want, we'll come early in the morning but you have to sleep now."

"Tsubasa, you understand right?" Mirai smiled at her sister. "I have to do at least one double axel tonight or else, I won't be able to face mom."

"I-I understand.. I really, really understand onee-chan, but if you're gonna continue, you may hurt yourself." Tsubasa protested but Mirai only smiled, grateful for her sister's care.

The grey-eyed twin went to a bench to take a small break, she needed to talk with her sister. Tsubasa followed her and also sat down. Mirai looked at the sunset and smiled, she could see her breathes on the cold,winter air. "I.. Even now, I'm still surprised that I managed to get on All-Japan. You know, not even mom thought I could make it, so she didn't train me hard enough to have any chances, until I spoke with her. I agreed to never complain about how the training, no matter how hard it was." Mirai was smiling and Tsubasa continued listening to her. "If I can make a double axel now, I may even get to the Olympics Tsubasa, can you even imagine? It'd be like a dream come true. Japan, mom, dad and first of all, you, all of you will be proud of me."

Tsubasa understood a little better her sister now, though she knew from the beginning Mirai won't give up so easily. "You've always been like this onee-chan." Tsubasa continued.

"What do you mean?" Mirai asked blinking a few times.

"You always put others in front of you."

Again, Mirai's lips curved into a smile. "You're like this too onee."

The one confused this time was Tsubasa. "I.."

"Trust me onee-chan, after all, I know you best!"

Tsubasa nodded and jumped from the bench. "Ok, enough break! Go and try again onee-chan, I'll be right here cheering for you."

Mirai's heart was even lighter now, she always felt a bit happier when she spoke with her sister.

The next three jumps were also fails but the fourth one was perfect; a perfect double axel.

"You did it!" Tsubasa jumped on the ice and hugged her sister.

"I did it onee!"


"Welcome to the famous contest from Japan, All-Japan! The first three girls who are gonna impress the jury with their elegance, moves and spins will won the chance to join on the international Olympics next year. There are 21 girls. 3 girls from each town where the preliminaries had place. All of them will do a short program of one minute and a long program of 3 minutes. Do your best ladies!"

"Mirai, I just talked with the organizer and you're number 10, right after Hikari Akaru." May announced her daughter.

Hearing this, Mirai started getting really nervous. "I'll go get you a bottle of water onee-chan!" Tsubasa said and immediately left.

As she headed towards the hallway, the first girl started skating. She finally found the locker and entered, there were still some of Mirai's rivals there changing.

"Hey, I heard this girl is May Oswald's daughter." one of the girls whispered, thought it was obvious she didn't make an effort to make it a whisper. Tsubasa heard her clearly and she figured out they thought she was Mirai.

She turned around prepared to explain the confusing. "Oh no, I'm not-"

"Tch, of course she'll win. May Oswald never trained anybody and not I understand why, she wanted her daughter to get to the Olympics." another girl said louder.

Tsubasa was surprised by how mean the girls could be, that's why she chosed to follow other path of the ice. She was rarely getting angry, but when it came to her sister, she couldn't control herself. "You don't know anything! My sister will win this contest because she's talented and worked very hard. I don't know how good you are at skating, but I know for sure onee-chan has something you'll never had!" she exited the room and closed the door behind her.

Tsubasa was angry but she remembered to hurry to her sister and support her. Mirai's short program is gonna start soon. When she finally managed to arrive at the lobby, she heard the audience applauding and saw her sister standing on the ice.

"Kind of late." Tsubasa saw her mother smiling satisfied, she knew this was a good thing and this ment that Mirai did well.

"I can't believe I lost her short program!"

"Onee!" Mirai came in the lobby."Something happened? It took you long enough and you look-"

"I'm fine onee-chan, I'm really sorry I wasn't here to see you." Tsubasa interrupted her, the last thing she wanted was to tell her about those girls.

"No problem, I think I did well." Mirai looked at her mother waiting for a confirmation. When May nodded, she smiled brightly.

"You have to rest now, your long program is gonna start in about 40 minutes." May completed. "You did well."

Mirai was very happy to hear those words, as happy as when she told her mother she managed a double axel.

Tsubasa saw the emotions took all of her sister's energy, also, she was too nervous last night to sleep so she grabbed her wrist and sat on a bench. She put her sister's head on her lap. "You can sleep for a few minutes onee-chan, I'll wake you up 15 minutes before your program."


"No but, you're exhausted!" Tsubasa was really serious when it came to her sister, there was one time when she fainted from exhaustion. Mirai smiled and in the next second, she was already asleep.

She really wanted her sister to have a good rest, but more, she didn't want her to meet with those girls. She knew Mirai was stronger than her and she would never let something like this bring her down, but she didn't want to risk.

The time passed fast and there were only five minutes left until Mirai's long program.

"Onee-chan!" Tsubasa yelled for the fifth time, this time louder.

"Yes!" Mirai jumped. "Onee, when is my turn?!"

"Five minutes."

"WHAT?! Why didn't you wake me up earlier?" Mirai started making some exercices.

"I tried!" she snuck out her tongue but then smiled. "Do you best onee-chan."

"Next, Mirai Oswald. Please step on the rink."

Mirai looked one last time at her sister before stepping on the ice. As soon as the music started, her whole program passed by very fast. Tsubasa was already familiar with her moves and spins, but still, she looked graceful as a swan. She couldn't help but compare herself with her sister; it was like the comparation between a duck and a swan.

The last thirty seconds from her program came and she still didn't do the double axel, though her program was perfect until now, she doesn't have any chance without the axel.

Mirai spinned 2 and half times, her double axel was perfect and the audience's applause was loud.

"Go onee-chan!" Tsubasa yelled.

"Oh no!" Tsubasa heard her mother and she turned her head towards her. May's expression was worried, more like shocked.

"What is mama?"

"She's crazy, that girl really wants to cause me a heart attack." she said angrier than even. "She wants to do a triple axel!" May said as she watched Mirai's every move.

Tsubasa already knew Mirai was gonna do something big and surpring. After all, that was the magic thing about Mirai's performances.

"These are the last 10 seconds from Mirai Oswald's long program, she has time for only one more jump. It looks like she'll successfully occupy one of the tirth places. W-Wait! It looks like-"

Tsubasa put her hands in front of her chest in X, she jumped and spinned 3 and half times. A triple axe, she perfectly completed a triple axel. As Mirai finished her long program, she stopped in a graceful position waiting for the audience's reaction. In the next second, everyone jumped from their seats and clapped as loud as possible. Tsubasa was speachless.

"W-When did she.. learn such a jump?" May could barely say, she was just too surprised.

Mirai headed towards the lobby with a big smile upon her face.


"Ladies and gentlemans, the three winners are already decided. The tirth place is occupied by Yukari Himitsu." A blonde girl stepped on the ice smiling, Tsubasa remembered her performance and she was happy this girl won, she truly deserved it. "The second place is occupied by Hikaru Akaru." Tsubasa's well known rival also stepped next to the other girl. "And the first place is occupied by.." A man from the jury took a microphone and spoke instead of the man speaking on the speakers. "Japan's new genius, Mirai Oswald."

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