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Chapter 2. A fallen angel

The time passed by so fast, it's been already so many months since All-Japan. Ever since then, Mirai became a star. She appeared in TV shows and everyone from Japan knows her, because she's the new ice-skating genius. It's incredible how a 14 years old girl can do a triple axel, she has a beautiful talent. Whenever she had free time, she trained and not even Mirai could believe she will go to the Olympics. This was her dream, her dream was about to come true.

"I'm off mom!" Tsubasa yelled as she ran downstairs.

"What about breakfast?" May also said from the kitchen.

"No time, I'm already late!" the black-haired girl finished tying her hair in her sign pony-tail and closed the door behind her.

Again, May sighed and wondered how could two twin girls be so different. Still, she loved them both.

Though she was late, Tsubasa still decided to go and wake up her best friend; she knew he was late too. Tsubasa took one small rock and threw it on a window.

"Daichi-kun, wake up!" she yelled with a smile upon her face.

The next moment, a lazy boy with bright-white, messy hair opened the window and yawned. "Tsu..basa?" he asked still trying to figure out whom was yelling his name with his eyes half-open.

"Oh Juliette." Tsubasa said amused sitting like Romeo.

"Tsubasa.. do you know what time is it?! How can you wake up a person at this hour?" he asked half-angry, half-amused.

"Well, my dear Juliette it's 8:45 and if we won't hurr-"

"8:45?! Oh wait, I'm going to jump right now! No, wait. I have to change. Wait there, I'll come right away." Daichi closed the window and three minutes later he was in front of Tsubasa. She was sure he heard him saying 'I'm not hungry mom!' right before closing the door behind him. "Let's go!" he catched her wrist and they both ran to school.

"Thanks, Tsubasa." Daichi said turning his head around and smiling.

"No problem!" she grinned in exchange.

Tsubasa always loved this kind of morning, though, her teachers not. The two of them didn't figure out the classes have already begun and they opened the door to their class, finding her teacher with a book on his hands looking at them and the rest of their classmates in the same position.

"Oswald-san, Takahashi-san, I'm glad you decided to join us today." he said smiling but a dark aura surrounded him.

Unfortunately, the two of them didn't understand his sarcasm. "Hello Nagami-sensei!" they said and hurried to their seats.

Before Tsubasa and Daichi could reach them, the teacher came beside them and they finally understood. "If you two are gonna be late at my class one more time, I'm gonna.." the black-haired man said with an even darker aura.

Tsubasa turned her head around scared. "Y-You're gonna..?"

He smiled. "You don't wanna know."

The two of them sat down, their seats were next to each other.

"He's creeper than usual." Tsubasa whispered.

Daichi nodded.


"M-Mother.. can I t-take a break..?" Mirai asked as she put her hands on her hips, she's been training for five hours now.

May though it was weird, Mirai never asked for a break until now. "Fine." she decided Mirai really needed a break. The Olympics are next week and she should already stop training and relax. "This will be the last time we train, it's 8 p.m. already. After all, we need to leave to New York tomorrow." she said smiling proud at her daughter.

"U-Uhm.. mom? Can I go to a friend's house before start packing?" Mirai asked insecure as she put on her shoes.

May raised an eyebrow. "Sure, just don't be late."

Mirai nodded and watched as her mom was leaving the rink. As soon as her disappeared, Mirai ran to the forest at the end of the town. It wasn't too far from the ice-rink but nobody ever goes there, especially at night. She had a smiled upon her face and when she stopped, her smile shined brighter.

"I-I'm sorry I'm late." she said between hard breaths.

A boy with blue eyes stepped in front of Mirai. "No problem." he smiled gently which made Mirai's heart skip a beat.

"Shall we start?" she asked seeing he already had his skates on.

He nodded. "I'll wait for you." he said seeing her skates in her hands.

Next to them was a frozen lake, this was their secret place. "Done." Mirai said coming to his side. He took her hand and they both stepped on the ice. The magic begun.

He raised Mirai's body up his head, she had a graceful position. They both than spin next to each other, it was incredible how they could move in the same time. It was just like Mirai was made for him. They finished their so-called program.

"How was it?" Mirai asked looking at the boy in front of her excited.

"Perfect." he put a hand on her head and patted it slowly. Mirai's cheeks turned a light red. "That's all for today." he said turning around.

"W-What?" Mirai was surprised by his words. "But-"

"Don't you remember? It's late and you'll have a long tomorrow. You have to rest." his smiled made her give up, she was really happy about his concern.

They sat on a rock together, the sky was full of stars. They started taking off their skates. "The sky is really nice tonight." Mirai spoke.

The boy turned his gaze towards the sky. "Mhm." he said while looking up.

"I'm afraid." Mirai said as she released her long hair from the bun she had until now, letting it fall over her shoulders. He didn't say anything and for a moment was silence.

"Believe in yourself, you're the best skater I have ever seen after all." he said slowly.

Mirai giggled. "Like I thought, it seems really weird to hear something like this from you."

"You know I have never been good at things like this."

Mirai got up from the rock and sat in front of him. "When I come back from New York, I have something I need to tell you." she said blushing unnoticeable.

He simply smiled and turned his head towards the sky again. "A shooting star." he said.

"Make a wish." Mirai said while closing her eyes.


"Ok, everything's ready?" May asked as she took one look at her daughters. Leon visited them a few times since All-Japan but now he's still at Kaleido Stage.

The girls nodded and they headed towards May's car. "New York, here we come!" Tsubasa said excited. Tsubasa talked most of time. May was very tired so she slept in the plane and Mirai was too excited. "I can't understand how mom can sleep in a place like this." the blue-eyed girl said. It was her first time with the plane and the seats were the same as hell for her. Well, actually, she didn't like small places in general.

Mirai giggled. "It's not that bad."

The hours passed very slow for Tsubasa, she thanked God when the plane finally arrived in New York. "I'm sleepy." she said yawning, she didn't get a single chance to sleep.

The three girls took a taxi and went straight to the hotel they are gonna spend their whole week until the Olympics. It was 2 pm now though when they left it was about the same time.

"Ok, let's go to sleep." May announced clapping her hands. When she saw her daughters already asleep on the bed, she smiled and went in the other room




"It's so biiig!" Tsubasa said opening large her arms.

A tiny man smiled gently at the girl's enthusiasm. "Ohohoho, I'm glad you like it. This is where the Olympics will have place tomorrow." May was also looking satisfied at the giant ice-rink. She was sure the audience will be over 1000. "I'm honored to meet you miss Wong. You two little sisters are very cute as well. You know, I was a big fan of your-"

"They're not my sisters, they're my daughters." May said giving a deadly glare to that man. "And my name is not Wong anymore," she raised her arm, showing the man the ring she was wearing. "I'm married."

The man froze. "O..Oh.. I had no idea.."

"Mom, we have to go. The taxi we called arrived." Mirai said smiling at her mother, Tsubasa was still on the ice trying not to fall because she was still in her shoes.

May nodded and looked towards Tsubasa. "Come on Tsubasa, we have to go!" she said loud.

After spending a few hours at a cafeteria in New York, the night came when the girls arrived at the hotel. Tsubasa went right in her and Mirai's room and fell asleept immediately. May stopped Mirai for a moment and the two of them went in May's room.

"Is there something wrong mom?" Mirai asked following her mom with her eyes as she sat on the bed.

May patted the bed inviting her daughter to sit next to her. Mirai did so. "Here." May said handing to Mirai a letter.

The girl took it and looked at the only name; Leon Oswald. "For me?" she asked. As soon as May nodded, Mirai opened the letter.

"Dear Mirai,

I'll start by saying that I'm sorry I can't be there for you in such an important moment of your life. I'd really love to see all your efforts being rewarded and also, I'd love to see the million of people from there yelling your name. Of course, I'll watch everything from TV.

I want to you to know that I'm very proud of you. Your dream was to win the Olympics, right? I'm sure you'll make your dream come true. You know I have never been good at doing this kind of things so, do your best. Also, Sora wishes you luck too.


Mirai smiled, her heart felt so warm and all her worries disappeared. "Thank you mom." she said hugging her mother tightly.

"You know I'm proud of you too, right?"

Mirai nodded and kissed her mother's cheek. "I know, good night."

The grey-eyed twin entered slowly in her room and found her sister sleeping exhausted in the bed. She opened a bag and took out a letter. She smiled and whispered to herself. "I will surely give it to him."


"Incredible, the genius of Japan, Mirai Oswald just jumped two meters above the ice! She flew and her gracefulness made her look like an angel, she has all the chances to win the Olumpics!"

Mirai ended her long program with a pirouette, her white, small dress twisted along with her every audience started yelling her name, her heart was beating incredible fast. The smile never left her face.

"Onee-chan, you did it again! How could have you possibly jump so high?!" Tsubasa said hugging her sister tightly as soon as she stepped on the lobby.

"I.. I have no idea.." she said breathing hard.

"We'll announce the winner of this year's Olympics in the next seconds, the skaters, please step on the ice."

Mirai hurried to the ice after her sister gave her a thumb up and her sign smile.

"The 3rd place is occupied by Lichter Anna!" A petite, shy girl stepped in front smiling proud. "The second place is occupied by Hannah Jackson!" Another girl stepped next to the other one receveing a silver medal.

"All or nothing." whispered Mirai to herself as her mother and sister were holding her hands.

"The first place is occupied by.." that moment, Mirai stopped breathing for a moment. ".. Mirai Oswald!"

Mirai couldn't believe, what she just heard couldn't be possibly true. She heard her mother congratulating her and felt her sister's warm arms around her neck but she couldn't move. Also, in the background, she heard the audience yelling out her name.




"And you had to see that spin, it was so incredible! My onee-chan is the best!" Tsubasa said tot the person she was talking to on the phone.

"I saw it Tsubasa, I watched the whole thing on TV." Daichi answered.

"But it was so much more incredible live!"

"I'll make sure to congratulate your sister when you're back. By the way, when will you be here?"

"Tomorrow around noon but I may be late, it seems like the weather is really bad." they talked a bit and Tsubasa hang up. "Mom, when will be arriving?" she asked the person behind her.

May had a worried face. "I don't know Tsubasa, but this storm looks really troublesome." she said looking out the window.

The girls were already in the plan for an hour now, Mirai put a hand on her twin's shoulder. "Don't worry onee, we'll be there by tomorrow at noon."

Tsubasa smiled and wanted to answer but a suddenly noise made her stop.

"Attention passagers, the plane's wing was hit by a lightning! PLEASE-" beep, beep.

"Onee-chan, mom!" Tsubasa yelled searching for her sister's hand.

"Onee!" Mirai also called out.

Everyone started yelling as the plane was falling, the light was turning on and off, and Tsubasa knew this is gonna be the end.