Jack wanted her so badly he ached, but he kept this to himself. He felt quiet and excited more than he ever had in his life. Not so much from being subdued by what was happening tonight with Arcee but by how intense he felt. He realized he felt what some one would feel on the verge of getting laid. And looking over at Arcee, virtually purring with delight, he felt butterflies tingle all through him.

They both had backed off slightly, Jack even doing up his pants. It had been some unspoken agreement that they pause for a moment and gather their wits. This heightened the sexual tension between them immensely and they both were riding the high.

Arcee tidied up around her by replacing the Halloween decorations back up in the rafters and Jack had already put the smashed garbage can out back, slipping his shirt on before carrying it out to the tool shed.

Outside, he spent a moment listening to the neighborhood grow quiet under the deepening evening and with Arcees dampening field no one was ever the wiser to what was going on behind the garage wall.

I'm going to have sex with Arcee. We're going to have sex. She wants to. He ran his hands back through his hair, staring up at the stars. He repeated many more versions of this to himself as he turned back to the house. It was making his hands shake with excitement as he walked back up the garage and shut the door.

Arcee looked over at him with what could only be Autobot bedroom eyes, her arms set on her bent knees and her face cupped in one hand.

"Hey Tiger." She winked and Jack grinned back at her, infatuated with her over-powering sexuality. Who ever imagined such a thing was possible? And he loved how quickly Arcee could put him at ease with his own inherent shyness with just a wink. A moment ago he wouldn't even go outside without his t-shirt.

"Is June going to be mad about that garbage can?" Arcee asked him, her eyes glowing as she did a little stretch.

"Not a big deal." He answered, locking the back door and clicking off the yard light. She smoothed down the rubber pads she had balled up in her fists when she orgasmed as Jack clicked off more lights. Arcees blue glow was dominating their lighting now and that's exactly what he wanted. She looked amazing where she sat and he felt himself stir anew.

"Umm...babe I could use a towel." Arcee said, holding out both hands as if powerless.

"Oh! Sorry!" Jack gulped. He knew in a second what she meant and he snapped out of his revelry to dig through some shelves on the back wall. It was rare Arcee showed anything other than her tough warrior mode to anyone and he felt closer to her than he ever had before at this glimpse of her own shyness...and how she was needing him.

Quickly he located a fresh stack of towels that he kept on hand for all the times he rubbed Arcee down or cleaned her chassis.

"Oh hey, yeah!" he exclaimed, straightening back up and turning to show Arcee his uncovered find. He had forgotten some time ago he had stashed various supplies for Arcee here at home and he found six long tubes of an Energon drink that the Autobots were fond of.

Even Transformers enjoyed a change of pace and Bulkhead mixed these up special to be savored and enjoyed, even though they could be used as an emergency supply in a pinch.

"Ahh-ha!" Arcee smiled, her eyes glowing brighter. Jack took a step towards her as she reached out and handed her one.

"Just what the doctored ordered, honey." She sighed, activating the slim tube that served for a straw and taking a long sip as Jack gathered up his towels and paused to grab his own soda from the garage refrigerator.

He watched as the glow from her body and armored joints pulsed a brighter blue for a moment as he came up to her. He loved that effect when she drank Energon. And as she held the straw delicately in her fingers, continuing to sip, she watched him circle around her boot and stand between her knees again. The towels he had in hand had a whole new purpose now and Jack's eyes were gleaming.

Arcee's smiled down at him, the straw still gripped in her lips as she parted her legs slightly for him without a word.

"Wasn't that long ago you were treating me like that straw." Jack dared to wink at her and Arcee spluttered a little and swallowed before she laughed along with him.

"You're a little devil." she laughed.

A sparkling puddle of clear lubricant had pooled slightly beneath her gleaming pussy and tiny little trails of light winked across the soft folds of her labia. He could smell her, the sweet perfume that reminded him of cotton candy. It was enchanting to see such an intimate view of her living metal body and it was alluring to him as if she was naked. Jack swallowed hard.

"Rub me down, baby." She cooed, giving him a little nudge with her armored knee.

Jack's eyes never left her pussy as he knelt down and begin to towel her off. He teased her by dabbing at her lips gently, making her jump and giggle. Then he moved onto her legs after soaking up the soft warm puddle of her lubricant.

Arcee let him tend to her body, her eyes dreamy and far away as she sipped her drink, but really feeling Jacks hands all across her as he toweled down her pussy, thighs and stomach.

"For some time it's been giving me chills when you would touch me like this, Jack. I never said anything though."

Jack straightened up. With relish he slowly and deliberately licked his finger clean of some her lubricant. Arcee 's eyes were shining as she watched him.

"I don't know when I began to feel I couldn't wait to touch you, Cee. When we would ride I..." Jack answered. But then he blushed a little.

"That sounded stupid." he said.

Arcee set her bottle down.

"Not at all...do you want to ride me now?" she reached out and took his towel, setting it aside and reaching down to deftly undo Jack's pants with her long powerful fingers. He pulled off his shirt without being asked, marveling in how agile she was. His cock easily met her half way and she sighed with pleasure once he was exposed, trailing her fingers across his rising erection again to stimulate him to his full strength.

Her body stirred at the sight and trails of blue light washed over her breasts, centering on her 'nipples'.

"Mmmm." She moaned and licked her lips.

She looked up at him and leaned in closer and they kissed once more but Jack pulled away, almost embarrassed.

"What's the matter babe?" she asked.

"Arcee, I don't know how to say this."

She waited, fondling him, her powerful fingers holding his cock and looking at him with that direct way she had.

"My cock isn't exactly the same as my fist." Arcee looked down at him, appraising his penis where it jutted out strongly at her.

It took her a moment but she understood and Arcee titled her head back a little and let her musical laughter trickle out.

"Oh Jack you really should know better." she lowered her face and gently nudged her forehead against his own. Perplexed, Jack watched as she put one finger to his lips and lounged back a little.

"Watch." she said.

Warm light glowed from between Arcee's legs, from her pussy and across her labia in soft trails of glowing energy. Again Jack experienced something that no other human being had ever seen as Arcee easily adjusted her structure for her little human lover.

Her pussy reformed so smoothly Jack wasn't sure he had even seen it happen. But to his amazement, Arcee's lips and clit reshaped and iris-ed down to a very close approximation of a human sized pussy. The scent of her was rich in the air as if doing this intimate act of transformation right in front of Jack somehow excited her. Indeed her eyes were shining and she was caressing her breast, even lifting one armored boot behind Jack and slowly pulling him towards her.

"Oh, fuck me." Jack sighed.

"No Jack...fuck me." she replied.

So the greatest moment of Jack's life arrived that night as he place his hands on Arcees thighs as if he stood at a podium. She was breathing as fast as he was in anticipation for in every sense of the word she was a virgin and soon he would change that. It was a climatic moment that was eclipsing their earlier oral sex and they didn't spoil it with words. Arcee prepared herself by reaching up and holding on to one of the roof braces of the garage, setting her feet and leaning back a little.

Jack did nothing more than step forward and press the tip of his cock into her lips, nudging her clit.

A whole new burst of stimulus lanced into Arcees pleasure center. She gasped, astonished that this could be so fundamentally different than Jacks lips and fingers.

"Fuck." She sighed and neither of them could decide if that word was whispered in ecstasy, desire, demand or surprise. It didn't matter when Jack took a deep breath...and thrust himself in.

Later they would have to explain something to Jack's mom why one of the braces in the garage was broken. Arcee's eyes slammed shut yet again...and she screamed. A rising cry of pleasure that burst out of her.

Her head was thrown back and she thrust her breasts out, the pine stud of the ceiling gripped in her fist snapping like a toothpick.

She nearly had no way to process the flood of stimulus that lanced into her senses. The pleasure application she had downloaded that allowed her to have sex with Jack was nearly over-powered by it. Nothing had prepared her for this as her pussy, and her body, spasmed from the intrusion of Jack's hard cock.

Somehow, unbeknownst to them both, the transformation reduction of her pussy to accommodate Jack's human sized penis had narrowed and intensified her own sensory input.

It felt better than she could ever have imagined. An intrusion in her body that felt like nothing she had ever experienced before. She suddenly wanted it there and what it was doing to the pressure radiating out from the walls of her pussy.

What Jack felt was the walls of Arcees pussy grip his cock with the strength of his own fist and the effect seemed to be washing through Arcee in uncontrolled waves as she struggled to accept him.

He grinned, unafraid, trying to focus on thrusting into her and not the glowing tingling wet warmth enfolding his cock. He thrust again, a little harder.

Like that baby? he thought to himself.

It was hard. Jack himself didn't have a ton of experience and he had been aching for this for some time. But he wanted to last. He wanted to fuck Arcee long enough so she could truly absorb this new sensation. So he bit his lip and slowly started a steady rhythm as he studied her face. At war with his own body but determined to try, not daring or allowing himself to feel he was actually fucking his lovely Arcee, but to focus on giving her what she wanted.

Arcee's slapped both her hands down flat with a cry, her head falling forwards on her chest but then Jack would thrust again and she had to throw her head back, shouting in pleasure-shock. She felt him pull back and a new sensation burned into her. She literally sobbed a little as her pussy was allowed to relax but then Jack thrust in once more and she cried out all over again as he flexed her insides, making her body ripple with lust.

"Yes! Yes!" she screamed as her little Jack fucked her. She fell back on her hands as Jack thrust in time and time again, each new intrusion burning her up. This went on for some minutes. Arcee's fingers tingled. Her nipples glowed almost white and her face was flushed with energon excitement as she road the storm of pleasure, trying to regain her composure and fighting the part of her that didn't want to.

She loved being fucked. She knew that now.

She opened her eyes, tortured, seeing Jack between her legs, knowing she had finally taken the ultimate step with her little human lover.

And to think, all this time she never knew it could be like this.

Arcee was changed forever in that moment as permanent desire for Jack burned into her core. Even as they had sex, she was thinking of the next time and the next after that. All the coming pleasures and all with her Jack.

Finally taking this step tonight and admitting to her feelings had freed her somehow. She was going to fuck Jack silly as much as possible with these new, never-felt-before emotions and the sweet thought that she wanted to, from now on, only with him delighted, frightened and heightened her.

For the second time in her new life, Arcee felt the building sensation of a coming orgasm. She recognized it now and so could cultivate it. Focus it. And savor it. It wasn't easy. She had to focus.

Arcee dropped her hips fully open and sat up, leaning on one hand and reaching around Jack to pull him right up against her with the other. She squeezed his ass.

Jack felt her reign in her body and take over but he was having a hard time paying attention. Arcees body and the feed back stimulus washing up and down his cock and balls was pleasure-torture and his own focus was slipping.

Arcee rotated her body for maximum penetration and Jacks lap was pressed up under her pelvis, his cock full engorged inside her. He was sweating as he fucked her hard now, unable to resist how her lips suckled at the base of his cock or how she gripped him back, her lubricant running down his balls to the floor. He was panting and gasping, trying to look at her but lost in her body, his hips slamming strongly against her automatically.

She grinned wickedly and having the measure of her own pleasure now, she wanted more. When she focused this like this, it drove her lust to new heights. And even though she wanted to let go and howl to the heavens that she was getting fucked and how terrific it felt, she had something special held back for her Jack.

Her pussy nurtured Jacks cock softly, applying pressure in all the right areas to stimulate him more than any human pussy ever would. What was more, she knew exactly how to modulate the tones of her own body to restrain Jacks orgasm until she was sure it would be at it's maximum effect for him. She was coaxing along her little fucker and she loved it.

Jack whimpered, thrusting strong as ever and Arcee smiled again savagely.

She engaged her final protocol, gleeful that she had held back this last little surprise.

"Come on, fuck me you little shit! Fuck that pussy! Fuck me hard! Take that cunt!" She snarled, squeezing Jacks ass again the way she knew he liked it.

Jack groaned, deep in his pleasure and the resulting rise in strength of his thrusting made Arcees control slip a little.

"Fuck me! Fuck that pussy, Jack! Fuck me like a slut!" She snarled again, ripping at him with what she knew to be 'dirty talk'.

How she wanted to fling her legs open so he could ram her hard. She wanted to lay back and lift her legs high and actually lift Jack up off the floor with her body. Anything to make him push in deeper and harder. But not here. It would have to wait. But ohhh how she felt the overwhelming urge to be used hard and nasty and it was burning her up. Any second now she felt they both would loose it.

But then Jack surprised her, as all humans could, by stopping his thrusts and instead rolling his cock around inside her pussy in a manner she didn't expect.

Each pass of his cock swirling inside her made her vision blur.

"Oh that's nice, yes! Right there just like that! Oh fuck!" She cried, half turning and slapping her hand on the floor over and over as she bit her lip.

Arcee never knew then how she instinctively ended up on one side, leaning on one elbow and laying on one hip as she lifted a leg high up over Jacks head, her armored boot touching the rafters above. All she knew was that she shifted around in this manner to get Jack behind her. She needed him behind her. She needed to be taken.

Jack didn't miss a beat and wrapped his arms around her thigh, switching back to his firm thrusts that made her pussy spasm with new delights of stimulus.

Arcee was grunting with each thrust of his cock as she gripped her own breasts. Gasping, she looked back at him just in time to see Jack raise a hand and bring it down hard on her ass.

"Like that baby?" He hissed back at her, the sweat running down his chest and dripping on her.

Arcee lost it.

Jack felt it happen. Her pussy locked around his cock like it had his fist and her body quivered all over as she squeezed her eyes shut tight. She glowed so brightly and her pussy radiated such warmth he had no way to put it into words as she orgasmed on his cock.

Lubricant from deep inside her pussy sprayed out from around the sides of his cock all over his lap and her clit was glowing with a warm light as she clawed at the rubber mats she lay on, biting her own knuckle.

Each little thrust he gave her then made her grunt deeply and whimper.

And seeing that, Jack could no longer hold back either.

Looking down at her gleaming sexually aroused beautiful form, her gorgeous face suffering in pleasure, her orgasm, Jack let himself go, amazed he had lasted this long.

He gripped Arcees waist, pushed into her for all he was worth, feeling her quivering pussy give way to him.

And this his cum was spurting deep inside her. Her fingers actually tore the rubber mat she had gripped in her fist and she looked back at him, eyes narrowed into glowing beams.

"Cum inside me, baby! Give it to me Jack!" She cried.

He did.

Oh, did he ever.

And it was beyond amazing.