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So.. this is my first attempt at badboy!Niff. I simply started writing and somehow I got.. well.. you'll see where that got me..

"You are staring again."

A blond head snapped to attention. "What? I'm not star-..ing.." Mid word, dragging the last syllable, something behind his best friend caught his eye again and the blond boy tilted his head to get a better look.

"Hey, hey, HEY!" Kurt snapped his fingers in front of the blond's face. "I get it, Jeffrey. He's handsome and all, but would you please listen to me?"

Jeff did not move, but merely glanced at his friend. "Don't call me that," he huffed.

"Oh, I knew it!" Kurt grinned, triumphantly clapping his hands together. "You like him, don't you?"


"Ha! You totally like that guy!" He grabbed Jeff's chin with one hand and tilted him upright to look at him. "At least he's not your teacher this time. I remember very distinctively your last crush was on a certain Mr.."

The blond's eyes went wide and he wrapped his fingers around his friend's wrist tightly. "Oh my God, Kurt!" he hissed, "Shut up!"

"Come on, Jeff, you gotta give me something here! I haven't had this much fun since.."

"What?" The blond snapped. "Since Blaine broke up with you?" He flinched as soon as the words left his lips, the hurt in Kurt's eyes making him curse himself internally. "Sorry," he said with a small voice. "Sorry, I didn't mean to.:"

Kurt repositioned himself and straightened up. "Yeah, well. Gotta get used to that feeling.." He brushed Jeff's hand aside and took out a tiny mirror to check his perfectly coiffed chestnut hair. "But you do like him?" He added with a raised eyebrow when Jeff's gaze flickered past Kurt's shoulder again.

The tall boy bit his lower lip guiltily before he decided to confirm. "Yes."

"And you are aware that he's bad news?"

Jeff touched his neck warily. "I am."

Three weeks earlier..

Jeff was sitting near the back of his Spanish class as usual, listening to most likely his favorite female teacher of all time, when a boy stepped through the door about half an hour late. He had dark hair and looked.. pissed? His eyes were dark as well.. as far as Jeff could tell anyway from his seat, since his glasses were lying abandoned on his desk. He quickly put them on.

"Attention clase!" Ms. Holliday chirped as she motioned the new boy to step closer. "I've been informed that we have a transfer on our hands now! Nick Duval, right?" She patted the dark teen on the arm, gripping slightly before she turned back to the other bored looking students, an impressed smile on her lips. "Boy, you're a handful, aren't you?"

Jeff buried his face in his hands. She did not just say that.. Poor Nick, Ms. Holliday could be a bit forward at times.. He peaked through his slender fingers only to see Nick raising an eyebrow at the teacher. Then, readjusting his leather jacket, he pushed her hand off himself and winked at her. "More like a mouthful," he said nonchalantly and made his way to the last row, taking a seat right behind the blond.

"Ha ha, very funny! I like you already," Ms. Holliday called after him and then pointed at someone in the front to repeat some conjunction or whatever.. Jeff didn't really care and he did not pay attention at all after this. It took him several minutes to close his mouth, still in shock by the brunet's bluntness, and another twenty to calm his nerves at the thought of Nick looking at the back of his head right now..

It wasn't until his next Spanish class that he set eyes on the mysterious brunet again. He had heard stuff about him shoving people around and apparently easily making friends with some Skanks, but that didn't bother Jeff.. He was not afraid of a lot of things.. Only his own emotions sometimes.

That changed on the fourth day, though.

He walked around the gym to get away from Kurt for a while. He loved his best friend, but sometimes.. Well, sometimes he needed some space and me-time. Without his glasses he probably wouldn't have seen him, but having them on Jeff was able to differentiate Nick from the dark wall behind him.

The brunet was propped against the gym in his leather jacket and an equally dark pair of jeans, cigarette in one hand and blowing smoke rings out of his mouth. He was staring into the sky as Jeff passed by slowly, less than 25 feet of ground between them. The blond had never been this close to Nick while they were both standing up and he noted that he had at least two or three inches on the brunet, making him smirk internally.

"You know that causes cancer, right?" he heard himself say before he could stop himself. Why did I stop? Stuupid.

Nick glanced over indifferently. "So?"

"And growth disturbances.."

Nick furrowed his brows at him almost in shock before his face scrunched up in annoyance. "Watch out, blondie, you don't want to make me angry," he snarled.

"Don't mind me, I would not dare bother you.. Only make you hot and bothered," the blond added with a smirk and strolled off, the adrenaline rushing through his body like crazy. He couldn't believe he had had the balls to say something like that! Oh my fucking God. I am so dead..

Which was kind of accurate.

He didn't take five steps before he was yanked back by his collar, causing him to yelp in surprise, and pressed into the gym wall, the brunet close to his body, glaring at him. "You think you're funny, blondie?" Nick's hands fisted into Jeff's plaid button down, harshly holding him in place. One hand moved over the blond's chest until Nick wrapped his fingers around Jeff's throat, glancing down to give him a full look over. His lips twisted into a dangerous looking smirk. "Not too bad," he chuckled darkly, roughly pressing his thumb under Jeff's Adam's apple.

The blond's eyes were wide in fear, his body tense but limp at the same time. "Let me go," he managed to hiss between clenched teeth as Nick pulled his button down up just a bit. Dark eyes roamed over his body before he looked straight into Jeff's eyes again, all playfulness gone.

"Don't mess with me, pretty boy. You will not talk to me or even talk back at me," he threatened, the grip around Jeff's neck tightening just a notch. "Or you will regret it!" He let go, only to let his hands stray and feel Jeff up through his tight jeans. "Not too bad at all..," he chuckled lowly and off he was.

The tall boy stood there stunned, supporting his weight against the brick wall. What the hell just happened? Is that guy bipolar or something? Slowly, he raised a hand and lightly touched his neck, wincing in pain when he did so. That'll bruise.. Somewhere in that masochistic twisted mind of his he found that oddly arousing. Shaking his head in disbelief, he pushed off the wall and went back into the direction where he'd come from. What is it with him?

To be continued.

Well, that happened... Is this considered badboy? I. have. no. clue.

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