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The timing of this story takes place before Simon meets Marceline, during that time, and their time together.

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I can't stand it anymore. The voices, they're always with me. I tell them, I scream at them to be silent, to leave me alone. Haven't they caused me enough pain? But they don't listen. They tell me they know how to save me, if I give into them. They can give me ultimate power if only I would accept the crown.

I've seen its power for myself. Millions of people, dying in front of my own eyes, and yet I am left standing, untouched by the waves of destruction that pass through the air.

But I know the crown is lying to me. I can tell. For now, I leave it attached on a rope to my belt loop. My mind feels clearer when the crown isn't on my head, but I must keep it on my person. I refuse to die. Not now. Not after all I've been through.

My surroundings are unfamiliar, the broken street signs lining the roads mention places I have never heard of in my life. I must have passed into another city. I am currently searching for food and water, for my rations are running low. Unfortunately, the buildings that I can recognize as groceries are unsafe to enter.

For moments at a time I forget what I am doing. It takes a minute or so to bring myself up to speed. Is this more of the crown's doing? Am I losing my mind?

Simon Petrikov. My name is Simon Petrikov. I have lost everything and everyone that is dear to me, the world has ended, but I am still alive.

I constantly need to remind myself who I am. I cannot forget everything that has happened to me.

I MUST remember.