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Robin was out on patrol like he normally was. It was dark out, but he still sped down the streets of Jump City looking for trouble. Suddenly, there was a thunderous noise. He pulled the R-Cycle to a screeching halt. In front of him was a large crater with smoke billowing out of the middle. "Titans, we've got a problem." Robin said, pulling out his communicator.

"What is it?" Cyborg asked with a yawn.

"What could be going on at midnight?" Beast Boy asked groggily, wiping the sleep from his eyes.

"I'm not sure." Robin said seriously. Looking up, he stared at the crater. As he watched, the smoke started shifting until it suddenly burst towards him. With a yell of surprise, he covered his eyes with his arm. He couldn't see much because of the smoke, but he was able to make out a group of people jump out of the middle of the crater and flee into the city.

"Rob, you alright?" Cyborg yelled from the communicator.

"I'm fine." Robin answered after the smoke cleared. "But wake up Starfire and Raven. I think someone just came to visit Jump City."

Then he saw two figures duck into an alleyway. Positive this was some of the people who emerged from the crater, he ran after them.

Oddly enough, when he got to the alley, it was empty. Robin glanced around slowly, making sure he didn't miss a thing.

Problem was, he didn't look up.

Someone crashed into his shoulders and Robin hit the ground. The person kept him pinned. "Hey, Sloth, check it out, it's one of Pride's teammates!" The attacker, now clearly a teenage boy, crowed. Using his upper body, Robin pushed up and shoved the attacker away... and his hair stood on end when he realized who he was fighting.

He was fifteen years old, wearing a black sleeveless shirt and matching pants. But his skin was pale, a light grayish color almost, and four red eyes stared from his face. "Well, for being a human, you have nerve. I like that in a victim." The boy purred, the two eyes on the right winking. "Lust, just break his neck and come on!" Someone yelled from the mouth of the alley.

Lust sighed. "Damn, and I wanted to play. Well, too bad for that. Prepare to see whatever afterlife you believe in, human!"

Lust lunged, but Robin saw it coming. He quickly ducked to the side and kicked Lust's legs out from under him. Lust hissed as he caught himself and jumped back. "You're going to regret that. Azarath, Scath, Lust!"

Several trash cans were surrounded by familiar dark energy. "Whoa!" Robin jumped over several of them but one crashed into his back. Robin was being held to the ground by the can/dark energy. The pressure increased...

Only to have Sloth yell, "Lust, let's beat it, the team is here and we are not at full power yet!"

Lust glared behind him and then turned to glare at Robin. "You lucked out this time, pretty boy. But next time, you're mine." Without making a sound, Lust jumped away from Robin and disappeared down the alley.

"Robin? Robin?" A familiar voice sounded through the alley. A green glow lit the place as Starfire flew by. "Robin!" She gasped as she saw the grounded leader. Robin groaned as she landed next to him. "Hey Star." Starfire crouched and asked, "Please, what happened?" Robin again groaned before sitting up and rubbing his head. "I don't want to admit it, but I think I just got beat."


"You got bruised up, but not too badly. Lucky they decided to stop before the damage got worse." Raven said after examining his sides. "Dude, they had powers like Raven's?" Beast Boy asked. Robin nodded. "They used a different mantra though, don't think I remember it though... I know they said Azarath, that's about it."

Raven seemed strongly unnerved by that. "Four red eyes... definitely half demon then." She muttered. "Got any siblings to tell us about?" Cyborg mentioned, half joking. "Cyborg, if you really were thinking before you said that, you would realize how... foolish it was. I am the only child of Trigon. Implying anything else would be- Leave me alone, I need to create a spell to track those two... are you sure they called each other Lust and Sloth?" Raven said. Robin nodded. "Alright."

The dark titan vanished. "Friend Raven is correct. More children of Trigon would endanger this entire dimension once again." Starfire said, playing with her hands nervously. "Let's just hope that I'm wrong then... I'll apologize to her when she's out of her room Rob." Cyborg said.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos..." Raven had set up the spell to track the half demons, making sure that it wouldn't pick up a familiar one who couldn't spell and was currently residing with the HIVE Five.

The several small blue shells she had put in front of her began shaking. Six of them floated up. "No! There was only two of them!" Raven said, shaking her head. But the six glowed red and flew onto the map she had set up, pinning themselves in the shape of a very familiar 'S'.

Pulling each one out, she traced her finger around the area. "Ramsey Mental Facility... long abandoned, perfect place for demons to hide out. And tomorrow being Halloween..." A knock on the door interrupted her out loud thinking.

Putting her hood on, she answered the door.

"Hi Rae."

Raven rolled her eyes. "Beast Boy. What is it?" The green changeling grinned. "Robin wants to know if you found the demons-" "There is six of them, not two. They are currently at Ramsey Mental Facility, we'll go there tomorrow night. Have Robin get an extra titan here."

Without another word, she shut the door. "Great..." Beast Boy walked half way down the hall to be greeted by Cyborg. "So, did she say yes?" He asked with a smirk. "I didn't even get to ask..." Beast Boy stared at the two tickets for the Halloween Carnival tomorrow night. "I need to report to Robin."

Throwing the two tickets in the trash, he made his way to Robin's room.

But on Halloween night...

The HIVE were sitting in their base, trying to relieve themselves of boredom…well, mostly. Kyd Wykkyd and Angel were snuggling up to each other on the couch and Mammoth, See-More, and Gizmo were doing their best to ignore them.

"I can't take much more of this." Mammoth grumbled. His eye twitched as Angel giggled while her boyfriend tickled her sides. See-More's jaw hung open as he watched the two.

"This is possibly….the cheesiest thing I've ever seen."

Gizmo snorted and continued working on a gadget he was tinkering with. "This is why I'm never going to like girls." Kyd looked away from Angel to glare at his teammates. 'A little privacy, please?'He signed. "Hey man," See-More said back, "If you want to be alone, then take it to your room. None of us want to see this anyway."

Kyd was about to sign something back when the door was burst open as Billy Numerous ran into the room. "Hey fellas! Guess what I just heard?" "What?" Mammoth asked. He listen to anything if it meant he wouldn't be so bored anymore.

"Well you know that old mental hospital on the other side of town?" Billy said excitedly.



"How could you miss that dump?"

"Well they say that it's haunted. According to what I heard, if you go there on Halloween, the ghosts there will come out and…" Billy seemed to enjoy watching everyone's interested faces. "And what?" See-More asked.

"They say that the ghosts'll come and…" He paused dramatically. Then a clone popped up behind the couch and screamed, "Eat everyone in the hospital alive!"

Angel screamed and Kyd practically jumped into the air. See-More and Mammoth burst out laughing, but Gizmo jumped a little bit in surprise. "Not funny Billy!" Angel said angrily. "Are you kiddin'? Billy said with a grin. He gave his clone a high five and said, "That was priceless."

See-More stopped laughing and grinned at Billy. "Is that thing about the hospital true?" He asked. Billy shrugged. "I don't know. It's just a rumor I heard going around town." Mammoth and See-More looked at each other before grinning. "You thinking what I'm thinking?" Mammoth asked.

See-More nodded and he stood up.

"HIVE Five, we're going out."

oh dear, whatever shall happen now?

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