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Sometimes you have to pick and choose your battlegrounds... even if it means making an embarrassing retreat.

A basement is no such place. "Titans, head for the exit!" Robin ordered. "But... but Raven!" Beast Boy yelped. "No questions, birdie's right, she'll bring the ceiling down on us!" See-More yelped, running for the stairs. Cyborg had to grab Beast Boy to get him moving.

They had almost reached the door when it slammed shut with black and red energy. Greed walked through it. "And I have to ask- where do you think YOU are going?" "The hell out of here!" Mammoth attempted to swing at Greed but the half demon smoothly dodged and, suddenly growing thick claws, raked them across his chest. "Ah!" Mammoth backed up, gripping the wound.

Gizmo growled. "Move it, four eyes!" His rocket shooter activated and several small rockets pummeled the area around Greed. "That was supposed to do what now?" Cyborg remarked. Not a scratch was on Greed, he had put up a shield. "Just part of the fireworks." Gizmo grinned. A rocket had slipped past and blown open the door.

Greed lowered his arms. "You forget, I still am in the way- ooph!" Kyd Wykkyd had dashed forward impossibly fast, kicked Greed in the chest, and slashed his face with the edge of his cape, only reason he missed his eyes was because Greed had closed them. Then he did something that surprised everyone- he spoke. "Come on!" Kyd shouted. Grabbing Gizmo and looping his arm in Angel's, he led the retreat.

When they exited the asylum into the cool air, the Sins hot on their tail, Angel managed to yelp, "Elliot, what... how are you TALKING?!" Kyd breathed out. "I... don't know... I suppose when the Sins turned Raven evil, it temporarily boosted my powers as well..." He explained, obviously startled.

Robin turned towards Angel. "Kyd said you might be able to do something, a prayer, maybe?" Angel snorted. "If I did do that, I'd be risking not only Kyd's, but your Raven's safety. It would remove all demonic influences, I can't control that." "Here they come!" Cyborg yelled. Beast Boy's ears tilted down. "Raven... what can we do?" He asked, turning towards Robin.

For once, the Boy Wonder didn't have a clue.

Cyborg turned to the door of the asylum and fired just above the door, causing rubble to fall and block the demon's exit.

"What are you doing?" Beast Boy yelled, glaring at his friend. "You can't just trap Raven in with those guys!"

"Sorry BB." Cyborg said with a low voice. "But we have to keep them contained until we come up with a plan." He turned away from the changeling. "And I hate to say this, but she's one of them now. Until we can figure out a way to change her back, she's an enemy."

Beast Boy's face dropped. He turned to Robin. "Robin, we can't just-" He stopped as he saw the boy wonder's face.

"He's right Beast Boy." The leader said sadly.

Beast Boy shook his head in denial. "Star!" He said, turning to the alien. But she turned away from him with tears in her eyes. The changeling turned around in a circle, trying to find someone who'd help him. But not even Gizmo was willing to meet his eyes. Jericho tried to reach out to him, but Cyborg put his arm in front of him and shook his head.

Surprisingly, it was Billy who stepped forward. "Hey little fella." The human copy machine said, putting a hand on his shoulder. "Don't you go losing all hope now. If those dirty snakes have a way to change her like that, there has to be a way to change her back. Ain't I right fellas?" He said turning to his teammates.

See-More rubbed his neck awkwardly. "Uh, sure. But how are we going to do that?" He turned to Kyd. "Any ideas?" Kyd thought about it. "I'm not as versed in magic as Raven is." He admitted. "But if their spell let out her demon side, maybe we can change her back by appealing to her human side."

Angel perked up at that line of reasoning. "That might work." She said. "But we'll need to find something that she'll be able to recognize. Something her human half can reach out to." Cyborg's eye brightened and he, Jericho, Robin, and Starfire all turned to Beast Boy. "I think we have something like that." The cybernetic teen said with a grin.

Robin straightened up with a look of confidence. "Then I think we have a plan." He turned to the HIVE. "This could endanger all of us, but we can't do it alone. We need your help." "Are you kidding?" Mammoth grunted. "We're already in this. We aren't just going to leave now." "Yeah." See-More said with a smirk. "Besides, I've got a score to settle with them."

Gizmo crossed his arms. "I've got nothing to do anyway. But I'm not doing it for you snot picking nimrods!" Angel and Kyd looked at each other and nodded. "We're in."

Robin smirked. "Then here's the plan. We still need a couple extra hands though."

Breaking through the rubble took a matter of minutes with all of the Sins working at it. Finally when the last of the rocks were out of the way, the half-demons stormed out... to see absolutely nothing. "What the- did they actually retreat?" Envy scratched his head. "Hmm, guess they really don't have backbones." Lust snickered. "No." Raven, now Pride, said, shaking her head.

The brothers looked at her. "These are the champions of their people, who even defeated our father. Perhaps the HIVE may retreat as cowards, but the Titans will fight until their last breaths escape their lungs." She explained. Greed nodded. "Our sister has a point... Wrath, Gluttony, start searching the grounds." "Aw, but why?" Gluttony whined. "Don't asked questions, move." Wrath growled, eyes searching for the green changeling- if his sister didn't protest, he take his life himself.

What they didn't expect was, "HIVE, attack pattern Beta!" and for the HIVE members to literally drop from the sky on the two separated from the group. Gluttony was now facing off Kyd Wykkyd and Angel, while Wrath was toe to toe with Mammoth and Billy. "Well I suppose even cowards grow backbones at times. Crush them!" Pride ordered. "With pleasure." Lust giggled, cracking his knuckles.


As the demons divided, the Titans (And See-More, and Gizmo) exploded out from several hiding spots. Sloth found himself trapped in an eye bubble impossibly fast.

One pair of the extra hands, Kid Flash, lifted up his hand. "High five, one eye!" He said. "This won't hold me forever!" Sloth bellowed. See-More smirked and returned the high five. "The only reason I am appreciating your help, Kid Quick, is because that idiot is driving me crazy." He said. "Sure that's the reason." Kid Flash said, speeding off to help out the other groups. The shield failed and See-More, plus Gizmo, went back to fighting Sloth.

Wrath didn't understand it! This girl couldn't weigh over one hundred pounds, and yet, he couldn't land a hit on her. "What's the matter, having trouble with bad luck?" She teased. "You stupid bitch, I'm gonna tear you apart!" Wrath roared, taking another swing. Still missed. And this time, a pink hex hit him in the gut. "You can't beat someone when lady luck isn't on your side, no matter how much power you've got." Jinx teased. Wrath got back up.

Gluttony was attempting to get a grip on Angel to absorb her muscle/fat. But that girl was quick I tell you! She would dive down, kick him wherever, and then fly back up out of reach... Gluttony couldn't fly, even with a power boost- too heavy. Then someone with cold claws touched his temples and gave him a good solid zap of dark energy. Yelping, he jumped away. "Hmm... interesting new power." Kyd noted. "I don't care if you're half-demon or not, you're so dead! Ooph!" Another kick, this time to the jaw. "Don't threaten my boyfriend, it pisses me off." Angel said.

Billy and Mammoth had switched half-demons after Jinx had taken over, now they were fighting Envy. The youngest half-demon had a new trick- he would turn into the person they most 'envied'... this included copying their powers. For Billy, it was the fictional 'Stone', Cyborg's alter ego. For Mammoth, it was a red haired girl that kept turning things into other materials. There was a rather simple fix for that- whenever Envy switched, say, from the girl to Stone, Mammoth would start laying on the hurt, and when he switched to the girl, Billy would attack. The system worked out quite well.

Lust attempted to sneak up on Starfire. "Now, my little pet... care to be mine again?" He purred. What he didn't expect was a sonic boom, compliment of Robin and Cyborg. "Ugh... hey!" Lust got up, his shirt now rags. "What was that!?" He snapped. "We call it the sonic boom." Robin said, with a grin. "We like using it on baddies, like you." Cyborg grinned. Lust howled and came at them, extending claws... this time, he turned his back on Starfire. Trust me, a star bolt also is not a nice thing to be hit with.

Greed hissed at Jericho. "Are you aware of the repercussions of possessing me?" He said, pacing back and forth in front of the blonde. Jericho nodded. 'Very aware... but I'm not going to waste time with that.' Jericho put up his fists. "I'm not going to fight a little pansy like you- uh!" Greed learned the hard way that Jericho was very skilled in hand to hand.

While all this went on, no one noticed that Beast Boy was making his way towards Pride, very clear on his mission.

Beast Boy quietly snuck towards Pride, making sure to stay out of anyone's direct line of sight. He crouched behind a bush and peered at the battle.

Everyone was still fighting, except for Pride, who was watching the battle intently. He checked to make sure he wasn't being watched one more time and then ran at Pride in a full dash.

But before he could get anywhere near her, his arms and chest were enveloped in black and red energy. Beast Boy let out a high pitched scream. He stared kicking as he was levitated into the air and flew over to float in front of Pride.

"Raven, let me go!" The changeling said.

"You insolent fool. I'm not your Raven."Pride hissed, her voice almost a hiss. "I am Pride. The original sin."

"All right Pride," Beast Boy said back, "let Raven go!"

"Are really the stupid? I AM Raven. I am the true Raven!" Pride hissed with a laugh.

Beast Boy struggled against the magic binding him. "You're not Raven! Raven wouldn't ever do anything like this!" He yelled looking back at the battle. "She's too kind to ever want this." He whispered.

Pride looked at the battle with a malicious grin. "Believe me, I DO want this. This is what I've always wanted." She gestured towards the battle. "Robin and Starfire. They are always rubbing their relationship into everyone's faces. It makes me sick! Cyborg with of his yelling and trying to get over the fact that he's only half human. He should just get over it and leave everyone else in peace! And Jericho. He has all those daddy issues and he acts all cheery about it. Makes me want to gouge his eyes out!"

Beast Boy's faced paled with each description. "No. Raven doesn't think these things. We're her friends!"

But Pride just kept going. "The HIVE are just sniveling idiots that have no idea what they're doing. Without their whore Jinx, they can't even rob a candy store! And Angel, the demon wannabe's personal slut. She's so screwed up in the head not even the nuns wanted her!"

Then Pride scowled and looked at Beast Boy. She made him come closer until their faces were nearly touching. "Then there's you. You are the worst of them all. I'll enjoy your death the most. You grin and joke, trying to make me smile. You never seem to get the point that I want to be left alone!" She yelled.

Beast Boy's ears drooped as he looked at her. He looked on the verge of giving up hope, but then he noticed something she said. "You know," he started, "I've always wanted to make you laugh. To try to get you to have a little fun. And it's actually worked a few times."

"That was Raven, not me." Pride hissed.

Beast Boy glared at her. "I'm not talking to you, I'm talking to Raven!"

"Raven is gone!" The half demon shouted. It was so loud that the battle around them came to a stop as they all watched to look at Pride and Beast Boy.

"No she isn't!" Beast Boy shouted back. "Earlier you said that I kept trying to make you smile. Well you aren't Raven. But I know she's still in there, fighting you." He struggled against his bonds again. "Raven wouldn't ever say those horrible things. She cares about her friends. And even though we always fight with them, she wouldn't want villains like the HIVE Five to die."

The HIVE Five gathered around together with Angel helping a wounded Kyd Wykkyd.

"And even though she never laughs at my jokes, she always been nice to me." Beast Boy went on. Pride stared at him, her eyes wide as she felt Beast Boy's emotions grow stronger and stronger with each word.

"It's because of all these things…" Beast Boy said, his voice dropped to a near whisper. "They're why I love you, Raven."

Pride fell back like she had been punched. Beast Boy fell to the ground as he was freed from the magic. "What?" Then her eyes began to glow white. "No! You can't love her. I cannot be loved. I will lead the sins. I am in control!"Pride yelled.

The chalkra on her forehead began to glow with black energy. "You…do not…control me!" Raven yelled. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!"

The resulting blast knocked everyone off their feet, but it had a worse effect on all the half-demons, including Kyd Wykkyd. They were knocked completely unconscious. Slowly, Robin got on his feet, slightly wobbling. "Is... everyone all right?" He shouted hoarsely.

Billy got up first, only one of him out, head mask completely torn off. "Uh... think I am. I can't duplicate though, musta overloaded myself." "Actually... Billy, I think our powers are gone." See-More yanked off his helmet and his curls tumbled out. "I need a haircut. Turned off this damn thing too." He grumbled. Kid Flash looked around. "Why am I moving so slow?" He grumbled. Jinx tapped the ground with her foot. "Clever. Raven shut off all our powers, in the process knocking out the half-demons." "Yeah, that's great. I can't get up!" Mammoth yelled, irritated.

Cyborg, thankfully his body was still online, got up slowly. "Quiet, if you're loud you could wake up the Sins." He hissed. "Don't think they'll be for a while... now I'm glad I brought this." Jinx had a new accessory, a belt with a pouch. She unhooked the pouch and ordered, "Get them all as close together as possible, now. I don't think I have the right words to pull off a banishment spell but I can damn well try." "I know them."

Slowly, Raven got up, her cloak back to dark blue. Pulling her cloak closer to herself, she said, "I'm going to need help pulling it off though." Beast Boy quickly helped balance her, she was weak. "Are you okay, Rae?" He asked. Raven smiled. "Thanks to you." "That's great, now can somebody help me?" See-More was attempting to pull along Greed but not succeeding.

Everyone went into motion. Mammoth still was powerless, and with his heavy body he couldn't move an inch, add in the fact everyone was pretty wiped out, it wasn't easy going. Finally all six of them were lined up next to each other. For some odd reason, a sharpie mustache had been doodled on Sloth's face. "See-More!" Robin scolded. "He pissed me off." The now helmet-less See-More said. "Because you're in the closet?" Jinx teased.

See-More gaped at Jinx. "Damn you all, I am straight!" He yelled. "Guys, be quiet." Angel said, grabbed the sack and quickly started making a circle of white powder around them. "I'd suggest not being in the circle when I finish it, unless you want to be locked in whatever hell-like dimension they end up in." She warned.

At that point Kid Flash quickly hopped out. When the circle completed, it glowed for a couple seconds. "What is that?" Robin asked. "It's a variety of things that will take too long to explain. Raven, tell Jinx and I the spell." Angel said.

Raven nodded and said, "Beast Boy, you can let go now." "Oh, okay." After Beast Boy very gingerly let go of Raven, she limped over to the two and whispered in their ears. "Got it." Jinx said. "Clear as crystal. Everyone step back, just in case." Angel warned.

Kyd slowly began waking up. "Snot, if Kyd's awake..." Gizmo trailed off. "Hurry!" Raven ordered. All three girls took a place around the circle and said the spell:

"Sins most evil that plague this place, begone from here to the reaches of space. Tread not the earth upon which you stand, this spell we cast with our very hand. Banished you are from this place, we cast you out until all is waste!"

It was like a beam of white light surrounded the circle. The sins were slightly stirring, and Lust actually opened his eyes. "What... no!" He screamed, attempting to get up but fading in the process. Each sin faded, and when the light was gone, so were the sins.

Everyone seemed to sag at that point. Raven lost the feeling in her legs and toppled over, but Beast Boy caught her. "It's okay... we won." He said. "Hey, lookie. The sun." Billy pointed towards the east. Sure enough, pink streaks of a starting sunrise peered over the horizon. "Hallelujah..." See-More muttered, grabbing his helmet and putting it back on.

For several minutes, all of the titans either sat or stood, watching the sun come they all watched the sun rise, Cyborg cast a glance in Beast Boy and Raven's direction. The two of them were cuddled up together. He wasn't sure if Raven even noticed the fact that her head was resting on the changeling's shoulder.

Looking to his left, he saw Billy grinning at the new couple. They made eye contact and the two seem to come to an understanding. They marched up to the two and cleared their throats.

"Ahem." Billy started. "Now what in tarnation are we seeing here Cy my buddy?" "I don't know Billy." Cyborg answered. "But it makes a certain song come to mind." The two looked at each other before they started singing, "Raven and Beast Boy sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-"

They didn't get to finish as black energy enveloped the two, and through them across the yard. Raven didn't even turn around to acknowledge them.

Mammoth shuddered. "Man, I can't believe that fatso was going to eat me." Gizmo snorted. "I don't see why you're scared. Who knows what kind of crud is in your system. That cludgemonkey would have barfed you back out."

"Thanks for that mental image." Angel groaned. Kyd, who was using her as a crutch, just smirked and chuckled silently. Robin was holding Starfire again, still shaken up from what Lust had done to her. "I am glad that this is all over." Starfire said. Robin gently squeezed her. "I'm glad too Star. I never want to see you like that again." "And I do not wish to be made to hurt you again." Starfire said. They sat in a comfortable silence. Then Starfire said, "Please Robin, what are we going to do with the others that Lust…well…"

Robin looked back at the building. "We're going to help them, Star. We'll take them somewhere safe until we know for sure that Lust doesn't have any more influence over them." Starfire nodded. "I wish to help them. I know what they have gone through." Robin's eyes softened as he looked at his girlfriend. "We will Star. I'll make sure of it." The two leaned forward for a kiss when someone cleared their throat behind them. They turned to find See-More standing awkwardly behind them.

"I know that I'm cutting into your moment and all, but what are we going to do now?" The half blind teen asked. "What do you mean?" Robin asked, trying not to sound annoyed. "Well this is usually the part where you guys arrest us for trespassing on government property or something." See-More explained.

Robin raised an eyebrow. "You're right. But seeing as how you just helped us banish a group of half demons, I think we can let this one slide." See-More's jaw dropped. "Sweet!" He ran off to join the rest of the villains. "Hear that guys?"

Jericho shook his head in amusement as he watched him go. Then he walked up to Robin and signed, 'Are you sure? You've never let them go like this before.' Robin looked at Starfire, who was smiling at him as they interlocked their fingers together. "I'm sure. Any objections?"

Jericho smiled and shook his head.

Robin and Starfire walked over to the now celebrating villains. "But don't get used to it. This is a one-time thing." See-More stopped cheering and grinned at Robin. "Same to you. We're villains. Don't think we're going to help you guys again."

Robin rolled his eyes and extended his free hand, which See-More shook. "Now get out of here before I change my mind and send you to jail." The villains, including Billy who was rubbing a sore head, gathered behind See-More. "HIVE Five, let's get out of here."

Robin faced his team. "Teen Titans... let's go home." That was possibly the best thing they had ever heard.


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