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James, Cassandra and all the children of Walnut grove were all playing in a field of yellow wildflowers and a slight feel of chill was in the air, in a few weeks there would be snow on the ground and that means just as much fun as today holds but they were enjoying. Their cheeks were rosy red from playing. They were playing tag and Cassandra Wilder was in the middle of a large group of children and it was easy to the causal observer that she was the most popular of them all and that was making Nancy Olson green with envy.

She was standing over by the old oak tree trying her best to think of a way to embarrass Cassandra in front of the kids. She looked at the pond nearby and they couldn't swim, it was too cold...she was about to give up when she turned and looked at the old gnarled tree and she smiled then she got an idea then shouted. " Come over here everybody! I got an idea!"

All the kids groan but they reluctantly go over mostly out of curiosity. She smiles like a mean cat then when they all gather around, she tells everybody. "I got an idea". One of the children asks.

"For a new game?" Nancy looks at the girl then says. "No...it's Halloween in a few days and I think we need to get in the mood". All of the kids look at each other and say. "Yeah!" Nancy is pleased with herself because she thinks her idea will work out then she says. "I think we should have a contest, a story telling contest and whoever tells the best scary story will be the winner"

James, Cassandra's brother says. "A ghost story! neat! But what will the winner get? Or the loser?" Still thinking that she has come up with the best idea, Nancy smirks then says. "The winner has to host the Halloween party, you know have it someplace...entertain us and all of that!"

The kids shake their heads than James asks. "Well, what about the loser?" Nancy says. "The loser has to stay home...all alone while we have the party". The kids look at each other than Albert speaks up and asks. "Well, who's going to do the story telling?" James speaks up than says. "I say it should be Cassandra, she tells the best stories better than any book". Carrie then speaks up and says. "Yes, we don't even get out the story books at night! Cassandra comes up with the best!"

Nancy smiles then says. "Okay, Cassandra". Willie asks Nancy. "Well, who's going to tell the other story?" Nancy nods her head and says proudly. "I will, everybody knows that I give Mrs. Wilder excellent stories". Willie rolls his eyes and looks at Albert, his best friend and says. "Sure". Nancy looks at the crowd then says. "Everybody sit down". All the children find large rocks, tree stumps to sit down on rather than the cold ground and a few even climb a nearby tree to sit up in. Willie and Albert just stand up then Willie asks. "Who goes first?"

Nancy says with a line of venom in her voice. "I think Cassandra should go first". James leans over and whispers to his sister. "She's just trying to make you nervous, don't let her" . Cassandra looks at James and she slowly nods her head than walks to where everybody can hear her and she takes a deep breath then says. "Well, my story is called 'Popcorn balls'. It happened a long, long time ago, before any of us were even born but it did happen on Halloween..it was just like today; the day was cloudy and cold, it was said it was even more cold than now but anyway, this little girl about my age went to her mother and asked if she could make some candy for herself and some of her friends. Her mother said that they could and she said they would make some popcorn balls. They had everything to make the balls, 6 quarts of corn, molasses and the butter and they had a pan, the baking sheets and a kettle and they were happily making them and time was flying by when suddenly the little girl looked at her mother and said, 'Oh maw, I forgot to go milk the cow'. The mother turns to her little girl and she smiles at her with so much kindness and love and she says, 'Well, you better go. We are going to need that milk for in the morning'. The girl hops down out of her chair and she says. 'Yes ma'am'. So she gets down and goes to the barn, the dark, musty barn and she hears the moo of the cow and the chickens making a fuss but she reaches for the matches and she lights the old oil lantern.

So she takes the lantern and puts it where she always does, on top of a bucket near the cow and she goes to milking . Nobody knows how it happened but somehow, the wind knocked the lantern over, the girl screamed and with the winds of that October day, the fire grew large and wide. The house was a good bit away but the mother heard her little girl scream and she dropped everything and she went running but by the time she got to the barn, it was too late but she still did everything she could to get to her daughter. Her apron caught on fire and half her body was burned before she rolled in the dirt getting it out. She died a few days later in the doctor's office and they said she died saying, 'My baby' over and over again.

Cassandra looks around at her friends, including Nancy and she sees that they are all watching her carefully with bated breath then Cassandra finishes her story.

"About 20 years later, it was Halloween again and a man and little boy lived in the house that once belonged to the mother and daughter. He was a mean man. He drank a lot and he was very bad to the boy. One night the boy was in the kitchen and he was making popcorn balls...the dad came in and he hit the boy across the room and he yelled, 'What are you doing boy?' The boy sniffled and he said, 'I'm making popcorn balls, you said I could'. The father puffs up and he yells. 'Well, I'm saying you can't now! Get up boy!' The mean father begins to take off his belt and the boy asks. 'Why?' Ignoring the boy's tears, the father says. 'Because I want to!' But before the strap can even hit the boy one time, popcorn balls begins to hit the father. He looks around in wonder, one hits him after the other and he yells out a question,

'Where did you leave them boy?!' The boy looks and he shrugs his shoulders then says. 'I made little ones and I left them on the table' The ball keeps hitting the father and he keeps trying to fight back but then he sees something that he never thought he would see in a lifetime. He saw the ghost of the mother of that little girl! Over half her body was burned! Blood was coming down from one eye socket ! Her hair was tangled up like a rat's nest! And her skin, what there was bone white and she just kept throwing popcorn balls at him. I know you are thinking they weren't real but they were!

The man got up and he tried to run away but the mother ghost grabbed the mean man and she picked him up like a rag doll and she screamed in his face then she just threw him into the fireplace. The boy watched his father burn up like a piece of meat with no emotion what so ever. The little girl appeared next to him but he only smiled at her, he took her hand and then they went into the woods."

Back around Cassandra, the kids look at each other and one of the young boys ask. "W-what happened then?" Cassandra shrugs her shoulders then says. "Nobody knows, but it's said that same boy who is now a man, roams the woods with the mother and little girl punishing anybody who is mean to children". The kids look around then one boy speaks up and says.

"Aw, you made that up". Cassandra shrugs her shoulders then says. " It may be, it may be real". One of the teenage girls says. "Whatever it is, I like it. That's a good ghost story if I ever heard one". All of the kids then say. "Yeah!"

Cassandra smiles and Willie turns to his young, mean and rude sister and says, "Well, let's hear your story now"

Nancy, now worried, looks around at all the faces and thinks.

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