Carrie and Cassandra open the door and they see their mother standing over a large kettle in the fireplace and she's stirring and she smiles when she sees her daughters and she says. "You girls need to take your coats off and let's get busy". The girls look at each other than Cassandra asks. "What are you doing maw?" Caroline just smiles and asks. "What do you smell?" Cassandra and Carrie sniff the air then they both say at the same time. "Molasses !" Caroline nods her head then points to the baking sheets on the table and says.

"Girls, if you would butter those two baking sheets and spread out the corn that is in the pots and I'll keep stirring this, it should be ready in a few minutes". Carrie and Cassandra pour out the popcorn and Cassandra asks. "Maw, are we making what I think we are?" Caroline smiles and she tests to see if the molasses is ready by dropping a spot in cold water and when she sees that it is, she nods her head in satisfaction and she gets a heavy rag and takes the boiling molasses over to the popcorn and she pours it over the popcorn and she says. "Girls, get the spoon and toss it over the popcorn than butter your hands and let's start shaping them into balls" Cassandra tells her mother. "Oh, thank you maw!" She gives her mother a quick hug and Caroline says. "Well, I just thought that it seems appropriate and that it would be a good snack for tonight". Excited, Cassandra says. "Oh yes!" The girls help stir the popcorn with the molasses quickly then do what their mother tells them and she says. "Let's place the balls on this empty baking sheet until it cools then we'll put them in this tin to take them to the party"

The girls shake their heads and do a few balls than Cassandra asks. "But what will we do for drinks to give to them?" Caroline tells her. "That's another surprise I have for you. Your father is making apple cider for you to take" Cassandra's face lights up as does Carrie and they continue making the rest of the balls than when they finish, they all go over to the water pump and wash their hands off then Caroline tells them. "You girls need to get ready for the party now". The girls look at each other than they ask. "Get ready? How? We don't have any costumes". Caroline just smiles innocently and she goes into her room then comes up with two dresses, one white and the other blue and she says. "You do now". They run over and get the dresses and Carrie asks. "How maw?" Caroline laughs and tells them. "Mrs. Peabody? Well, a few weeks ago she was wanting to get rid of some of her petticoats and I didn't need them but I went to her a few days ago and got them . I thought they would be perfect for what you girls need. I just did some snipping and cutting and sewing and here they are"

The girls say together. "Thank you maw!" Caroline hands Cassandra the white one and Carrie the blue one then says. "I figured you could be a blue fairy Cassandra". Carrie looks up at her in sweet surprise and Caroline says. "Yes, just like your drawings! Now, I want you girls to go out to the barn and there's two tubs that should be full of hot water your father put in and I want you to scrub yourselves clean" Cassandra asks her. "Why maw?" Caroline laughs and says. "Don't ask questions! Just go do it". They smile and say. "Yes ma'am!" They then turn and run out of the house .

Over at the Olson household, Nancy sits in her chair reading when she hears Willie say. "Well, I'm going to go get ready for the party". His father looks at him and asks him. "Are you tired from this morning?" Willie smiles a little then says. "A little but I had promised Albert I would help so I'm glad I did". Nels smiles at his son and tells him. "Why don't you use the buggy tonight so you won't have to walk" . Willie smiles and says. "Thanks paw!" Willie starts to go up to his room when Nancy gets up and walks over to the doorway where Willie is and he asks her.

"Where are you going?" "To my room, do you mind? Or am I not allowed to go there either?!

Willie looks at his father than sighs and steps back and Nancy storms up to her room and Nels says to Willie. "Let me see your outfit when you are ready". He smiles then says. "Yes paw"

Up in her room, Nancy locks the door then goes to her bed and looks under then gets out the dress box, opens it and she slowly starts to get out the outfit then she starts to undress herself with her plans in mind.

Later, Willie comes down and he jumps in front of his father and says. "Give me your money!" Nels looks up and sees his only son dressed as none other than the famous Robin Hood ! Nels laughs and says. "That's a good outfit son!" Willie points to the hat on his head and says. "And this time, maw's hat won't get destroyed!" They both laugh and Nels says. "I went and got the horse and buggy ready while you were getting dressed. Have a good time son". Willie smiles and says. "Thanks paw...see you later". He puts on a heavy cloak over the outfit and goes on out to his ride and he doesn't see Nancy following him in the shadows in her outfit.

Later, Willie drives up to Mister Thomas's barn, he gets out and ties the horses up. He sees some of the children and teenagers. One girl is dressed in a Biblical outfit, he sees a clown, a witch and different fun outfits and he goes in the barn and he hears someone say. "Arrrgh! Give me all ye gold or pay the price!" Willie turns around and he sees Albert in a Pirate's outfit and he says. "That looks great Albert!..." He goes up to it and looks closely at it and says. "Is that real?" Albert nods his head then says. "Yes, it's Mister Thomas's. He let me borrow it for the night...he got it off the island of New Providence from a real pirate!" Willie looks up at him and says. "I heard of that place! Where Calico Jack was, and you know this outfit might have been his!" Albert asks. "Wow, you think?" Willie shrugs his shoulders and says. "I don't know but we can imagine". The boys laugh then they hear Mister Thomas ask.

"Albert! Can you come help me?" Albert looks back at him and he says. "Coming Mister Thomas!" He turns and leaves and up on the far hill, they don't see Nancy just now starting to cross over the ridge. She stops by a tree, trying to catch her breath and she looks down at the barn and she says to herself. "I was hoping it would be some dinky little barn but it's huge! Look at those wings!" She looks at it for a few minutes longer then she goes on down and she hides behind wagons and hay bales going to the barn and when she sees the most everybody's back is turned, she jumps in and says. "Here I am!"

Willie turns around, sees his sister and he makes a face than says. "I should have known you wouldn't keep a deal" She just ignores him and takes off her cloak then Willie asks. "What is that?" She proudly says. "My pirate's costume". His eyes look up and down and he makes a snorting sound then he says. " That's a pirate costume?" She looks at her outfit and says. "Yes, I got it from the best costume shop, cost almost $ 7.00 !" Willie then tells her. "It looks a little dull after seeing Albert's". She looks at him and her eyes go wide and she asks, rather loudly. "Albert?" He smiles and he sees Albert coming with Mister Thomas carrying a rather large tub then he says. "Albert, would you come here?" Albert and Mister Thomas put down the tub and Albert goes over and Willie asks. "Can you take off your cloak and show Nancy your outfit?" He takes it off and Nancy sees the outfit Albert has on. A bright red jacket, short pants, the little decorations that make it a special pirate's outfit, even down to the shoes. And he carries a authentic pirate's sword. Nancy's heart sinks and Willie says. "Besides who wants to see a woman wearing pants?"

She looks around and she asks. "Where's Cassandra?" Albert points his finger straight then says. "Right there". She turns around and there stands Cassandra in a pretty white dress and in ghost make up that has a glitter to it and a hallowed out look under her little blue eyes. Carrie is beside her looking as equally as beautiful as a blue fairy in her blue dress and she is wearing little fairy wings, everybody but Nancy gasps and runs over and tells her. "Cassandra! You're so beautiful! You're a beautiful ghost!" Another teenage girl says. "She's really too beautiful to be scared of!" Cassandra smiles with pride and the girl in the Biblical outfit says to Carrie. "You are just as beautiful Carrie. You two are so amazing! How did you get this look?" Cassandra proudly tells them. "Our mom, she worked all day. We made popcorn balls..." She hands the tin full of them to Willie. "Paw made apple cider". Carrie hands the cider to Albert and then Cassandra tells them.

"Maw made the special make up for Carrie and myself, it's made of glycerin,flour, corn starch. She mixed them up and put some food coloring in for Carrie's" Everybody looks over the make up then someone asks. "How did you get the glitter in it?" Cassandra shakes her shoulders and says. "I don't know, maw said she didn't, it's just something that showed up"

Albert dumps in the apples in the tub and says. "Let's start the apple dunking! " Everybody runs over and Nancy jumps up and down and says. "What about me?!" Willie looks at her then asks. "What about you?" Nancy looks at everybody and says. "Well, I-I...oh! You all hate me!" She turns and runs out the barn and just as she does, mister Thomas lights up the bonfire and the fire whooshed to the sky in front of her, giving her a scare. She runs all the way back to Walnut Grove in the dark leaving laughing kids and a fire flickering up to the dark sky.

A/N-I made Willie" Robin Hood" because he was one in an episode on Little House when the children put on a play for their parents in the few years of the show so I bought it full circle.

I tried my best on researching popcorn balls and how to make clown make up for the story to be realistic.

I hope you all enjoyed my Halloween treat for LHOP fans! CoCo Rocks, YOU rock! Thanks for reading and reviewing each one!

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