Tapping his fingers against the kitchen table, Yuki was worried. Haru hadn't come down and it was unusual to see the bubbly fish human alien up in the morning, he was always in the living room before Kieto and the redhead woke up.

'Maybe he's just really tired...' Yuki thought and looked at the clock, it was now 3 in the afternoon. 'But he went to sleep early.'

But as he was going to stand up and check on the blonde boy, he heard his voice.

"Yuuukiiiii, I feel terrible."

The red head heard Haru's footsteps come closer. Yuki gave a sigh of relief knowing now Haru woke up but then frowned. 'Terrible?'

"Why do you feel like that?" Yuki asked and heard Haru groan. He looked up and saw the blonde boy leaning against the kitchen wall. His face was flushed, his cheeks were red and his eyes were watery.

Yuki stood up quickly and placed a hand on Haru's forehead, not surprised when he found out that his forehead was really warm. "You have a fever."

Haru tilted his head, "Fever?" He whispered out lazily. Yuki nodded, "It's best to go and rest. I'll find some medicine and I'll go to your room right now."

Haru smiled exhausted, "Whatever Yuki says." He walked out of the kitchen but then he felt really weak, he only made it to the living room where he let himself fall on the couch. He curled up in a ball and closed his eyes, the blonde's head really hurt.

It didn't take long for Yuki to find the medicine, though it was pills. "Haru, do you take pills?"

"P...ills?" Haru asked weakly from across the room.

'Figures, he doesn't know what they are. They might be disgusting for him and scary though. Better try to find liquid medicine just to be safe.'

"Nevermind." Yuki answered and rummaged through the cabinets. He finally found the liquid medicine and took off its plastic cap to fill it with the medicine. He filled it halfway and walked to the living room.

He saw Haru curled up in a fetal position, eyes shut tight and panting. His chest fell up and down. Yuki sat down next to Haru, the boy was so small... and fragile. Like a flower.

"Haru, open your mouth." Yuki instructed. Haru obeyed, too weak to refuse or say anything. Yuki smiled a little, at least the boy was obeying...

He tipped the cap filled with the medicine into Haru's parted lips. He saw Haru swallow it and Yuki placed the small cup on the table besides them.

Haru opened his eyes,"What was that..? It felt watery and... it had no taste", but then he closed his violet eyes again from tiredness and felt the medicine working already.

"Fever medicine." Yuki replied and soon, Haru fell asleep. Yuki stood up and went to the kitchen to go get an icepack he kept in the fridge before going back to the living room. He placed the icepack on the smaller boy's warm forehead, 'That should help his fever go down.'

Yuki sat on the floor and leaned his head against the arm of the couch. He felt his own eyes closing, he was tired now even if he didn't do much. He let himself relax and fell asleep to Haru's soft breathing.

A/N: This is also based off the tumblr blog "ImagineyourOTP", it gives me a lot of story ideas! C: Also, I'm sorry I don't have any talent in writing, haha .u.'