Well here is my character: Arpheus! Hopefully she will make the cut ;). This a multi-chapter story. It's probably going to be three chapters, if everything goes as planned.


It was cold night in the penguin nation known as Emperor Land. It was a bit windy, but despite the weather the sky was as clear as the calm ocean. Mumble was heading back home, as he just spent the day swimming with his son Erik. Mumble was really proud of the penguin Erik turned out to be and he was thankful he had such a strong bond with his son. He really did have a wonderful family.


"I don't want her!"

Mumble was suddenly broken out of his thoughts. He immediately began to search for the source of this commotion; Mumble had a feeling this wasn't going to turn out well. He waddled through Emperor Land as fast as could, but he couldn't seem to locate, where the scream came from. Since he was close to the border of Emperor Land, he decided to search the perimeter. He started to hear mumbles and muffled screams, but he couldn't make out the words. Mumble was coming up to a small basin that was barely outside to Emperor Land. Mumble was walking along a huge wall of ice and the further he walked, the more he could hear. He finally reached the end of the ice wall and peeked around the corner. Mumble saw two adult penguins, one male and one female, and one chick. The chick had tears falling out of its eyes, while the two adult penguins seemed to be arguing. Mumble put his back against the wall and stopped peeking around the corner; He began to listen to the conversation.

"She has no talent! She refuses to sing or do anything!" The male penguin screamed.

"How can you say that?! She is your daughter!" The female penguin retorted.

"Don't ever say that! My daughter would have a beautiful voice and she definitely would not have those weird eyes!"

Mumble then heard water splash, followed by another. Mumble peeked around the corner again to see that the two adult penguins were not there anymore, he presumed they had gone out to swim, as they left their chick alone. The chick was backed up against the ice, crying and weeping. Mumble knew he had to get home soon, but he knew what it was like to feel unwanted; He felt a deep responsibility to help this chick. "Hello?" Mumble said as he came around the corner.

The chick immediately opened her eyes and saw Mumble standing there. Mumble had never seen a penguin with that color of eyes before, it was stunning. The chick had a mix of aurora like and blue and green in his/her eyes. Mumble saw that the chick was frozen in fear.

"You don't have to be afraid. I won't hurt you." Mumble said. He saw the chick visibly relax, but his/her eyes still held fear and sadness. This chick reminded Mumble of his own childhood. "You know you have pretty eyes." Mumble said in a sweet voice as he inched closer to the frightened chick.

"T-Thank y-you." The small chuck stuttered out.

"You don't have to be scared. I promise I won't hurt you." Mumble said in a soothing voice. This time, the chick let out a big breath of air out as he/she relaxed and settled down. Mumble noticed the chick was now breathing normally again, instead of breathing in quick repetitions.

"W-Who are y-you?" The small chick asked.

"My name is Mumble" Mumble said. He saw the little chick's eyes widen. "So what's your name?" Mumble asked.

"A-Arpheus" The chick said.

Mumble concluded that this chick was female due to her name, voice, and looks. He was slowly approaching Arpheus to make sure she doesn't run off. He didn't want to do anything too reckless to scare her.

"Wow, that's a really pretty name." Mumble said in a honest tone.

"*Sniffle* You really think so?" Arpheus asked.

"Of course I do." Mumble said. He was now close enough to Arpheus for him to carefully wipe the leftover tears, she had in her eyes. She was still shaking a bit, but for the most part she was calm.

Every Emperor penguin, regardless or age, had heard of Mumble and his accomplishments, Arpheus was no different in this regard. She had heard his name a few times and even some of the stories. Arpheus felt a lot safer now, so she completely relaxed; She wiped the rest of her tears and looked at Mumble.

"So are you the Mumble I've heard about, the one that dances and stuff right?" Arpheus asked.

Mumble smiled at the curiosity of the little chick. Instead of answering her with words, he decided to do something different. Mumble started tapping a beat and soon got into a rhythm. Soon enough, Mumble was tapping a song right in front of the chick.

Arpheus was awestruck by what she was witnessing. She had never seen a penguin dance like Mumble can. The rhythm was so infectious, that Arpheus couldn't help, but to stand up and move to it. As Mumble kept tapping, Arpheus wanted to do the same. She looked at her feet and started tapping a bit. Little by little, Arpheus got more and more comfortable. Arpheus was now trying to keep up with Mumble.

This put a smile on Mumble's beak. She was getting the hang of it pretty quickly, but it was her first time trying this. Mumble then finished the song and saw that Arpheus was still tapping. He silently watched her tap for a bit, until she took notice that he had stopped. Arpheus immediately stopped tapping.

"Sorry..." Arpheus said. She had gotten carried away by the happy feeling, dancing gave her.

"No don't be. You were amazing!" Mumble said.

"Really?" Arpheus asked with wide eyes.

"Yeah, you got the hang of it pretty quickly." Mumble replied.

New tears sprung out of her eyes, as she ran to Mumble and attached herself to his leg. No one has ever complimented her, except her mother. She was always in the back of the class and no one seemed to want to be friends with her. Arpheus, also, refused to perform or even practice in class due to her conservative nature. That's why she only went to a few classes, then stopped going. Arpheus felt very comfortable around Mumble, even though she has only been around him for a bit. Something about him, really made her feel right at home. "Thanks." Arpheus whispered.

Mumble was taken aback by the sudden action the young chick took, but he felt she needed someone to care for her. She really reminded him of how lonely he used to be as a chick. Her parents weren't back yet and he knew he couldn't leave her out here alone. Mumble caressed her fuzzy head with his flipper and looked down at the little chick. "Arpheus don't cry, it's okay." Mumble comforted. Arpheus sniffled and looked up at the Emperor penguin. Mumble lowered his head and nuzzled her head with his beak in an affectionate gesture and then wiped away her tears. It was of no use though, as new tears came out and now Arpheus had a smile on her beak. Mumble chuckled.

"What's so funny?" Arpheus asked in her naturally squeaky voice.

"Oh nothing you need to worry about." Mumble said. He turned as if he was going to leave.

"Wait! You're not leaving are you?" Arpheus desperately asked.

"No not right now, but I will have to in a little bit." Mumble said. He immediately saw Arpheus' eyes droop down in sadness. Mumble really didn't want to leave her here, but he couldn't take her from her parents could he? "But you can with me if you want." Mumble said. He decided to let her have the choice of whether to come with him or stay, since she obviously didn't have the loving family she deserved.

"You mean it?" Arpheus asked in an excited voice.

"Of course I do silly!" Mumble said in playful voice. Mumble heard the water splash again, so he turned around to see the two adult penguins spring out of the water. He knew something was about to happen, but, no matter what, Mumble knew he had to keep Arpheus safe. Arpheus' eyes widened in fear and she hugged Mumble's leg tighter.

"Arpheus what are you doing?" The male penguin said in a stern voice. "Get over here." He commanded.

"I'm sorry if she bothered you." The female penguin said with an apologetic tone.

Arpheus was frozen at the moment. She was hoping it wouldn't come down to some sort of confrontation.

"No its okay, she hasn't bothered me at all." Mumble said in an even toned voice.

"Arpheus stop this nonsense and get over here. We're leaving." The male penguin again commanded.

"Wait. Are you Mumble HappyFeet?" The female penguin said as she took a closer look at him.

"Yeah..." Mumble said.

"Oh where are my manners? I'm Alexandria, nice to meet you." Alexandria said in an excited tone.

"You too." Mumble said.

"Arpheus honey, can you let go of Mumble's leg?" Alexandria said in a sweet tone.

"N-No." Arpheus responded.

"No?! What do you mean no! We are leaving right now!" The male penguin screamed, earning a flinch from Arpheus.

"Don't you dare scream at her!" Alexandria immediately screamed back, when she saw how her daughter retracted in fear.

The male penguin stormed past them and was out of sight.

"Don't mind him, he's just frustrated." Alexandria said.

"H-he doesn't want me." Arpheus mumbled.

Alexandria stayed quiet at that statement; because she knew Arpheus was right. Alexandria wished she could give Arpheus the love that she deserved, but she knew she couldn't provide a good environment.

"He really doesn't see your daughter's talents. She's really good at dancing." Mumble explained. He really disliked Arpheus' father. Mumble knew what it was like to have a father disapprove of him, because of something that wasn't his fault.

"She danced?" Alexandria said. Mumble nodded. "Arpheus can you show mommy how to dance?" Alexandria said in a soft voice.

Arpheus let go of Mumble's leg and walked towards her mother. She closed her eyes and began finding the same rhythm she had before, then she started tapping to it. Arpheus suddenly heard some tapping next to her. At first she thought it was Mumble, but she was surprised to see it was her mother that was tapping with her. Arpheus giggled and danced; she was having a great time with her mother and Mumble. Arpheus was having so much fun; she lost focus and was starting to lose her balance. She felt herself completely lose balance and fall, but she didn't feel the cold hard ice. In fact, she felt warm and fluffy feathers. Arpheus turned her head and saw Mumble's blue eyes looking at her; she noticed her head was resting on Mumble's flipper and Mumble was on his belly. Arpheus giggled and stood up.

"Thanks Mr. Mumble." Aprheus said in a cute voice. She went up to Mumble's face and hugged him. She then got on his head and started giggling as she looked down at Mumble's eyes. "Hi!" Arpheus said, from the top of his head. She got s grumble as a response, which made her giggle that much more.

Alexandria was watching, in amazement, at how fast Arpheus' relationship with Mumble has progressed. Arpheus seemed to be very open and comfortable around Mumble, just like a family. "Arpheus that was great!" Alexandria said.

"You really think so?" Aprheus asked as she got off of Mumble.

"Yes definitely." Alexandria said.

Aprheus went up to her mother and hugged her leg. Alexandria was looking down at Arpheus with thoughtful eyes. Alexandria knew how to give Arpheus the proper care she deserved, but it wasn't going to be easy. She had noticed how well Arpheus seemed to get along with Mumble, so now she just had to ask Mumble a question.

Mumble got up from the ground and was now standing and watching Arpheus and her mother. He saw that Arpheus cared deeply for her mother, so he was starting to regret his offer.

"Hey ma?" Arpheus called.

"Yes Arpheus?" Alexandria answered.

"Mumble said I could go with him if I wanted to, can I? Just for a little while?" Arpheus asked.

Alexandria wasn't aware that Mumble had already offered her a place with him, but that makes her decision a bit easier. It was never easy for a mother to let go, especially so early.

Mumble, on the other hand, stiffened. He didn't want to cause a rift in the family and he was definitely not looking into stealing someone's chick. He just didn't know how Alexandria would take it.

"Well of course you can Arpheus, in fact how would you like to stay with Mumble for more than a little while?" Alexandria asked in a sweet voice.

Mumble was really surprised that Alexandria was actually encouraging Arpheus to go live with him, but under the obvious circumstances concerning the father figure it was understandable. He really admired Alexandria for this, it takes a true mother to give up her own daughter, so that she can have a successful life.

"Yeah that would be awesome." Arpheus was beaming with excitement and happiness.

"You can come by anytime you want Alexandria." Mumble said.

"Thank you Mumble, please take care of her." Alexandria said, as she approached him and embraced him. Tears were slowly flowing from her eyes.

"I will. I promise. Take care of yourself." Mumble said.

Arpheus was too young to fully comprehend what was going on, so she just had a big smile on her beak. She was excited to go with Mumble, the hero of Emperor Land. She had no idea how much this little incident would change her life.

"Now Arpheus, you behave well for Mumble okay honey?" Alexandria said.

"Okay mommy." Arpheus said.

"Just always remember one thing." Alexandria said.

"What's that?" Arpheus asked.

"I love you. Don't let anybody tell you different." Alexandria said as she caressed Arpheus' beak with her own.

"Okay I promise." Arpheus said.

Arpheus went over to Mumble and attached herself to his leg again. Mumble and Alexandria were chuckling at the scene.

"Can you carry me, please?" Arpheus said, as she gave Mumble the "puppy eyes".

Mumble couldn't resist those amazing eyes she had and he eventually gave in. "Okay, okay. We gotta get going though." Mumble said.

"Yay!" Arpheus celebrated her recent victory. "I'll see you later ma!" Arpheus said.

"Okay honey, see you later." Alexandria said.

Mumble was now waddling towards Emperor Land with Aprheus latched on to his leg. He wondered how Gloria would react to them having another chick. He looked down at Arpheus to see if she was okay and she was looking up at him with those beautiful aurora-like eyes. Her eyes were barely open though, she was slowly falling asleep. Mumble knew he would have to carry her with his flippers, so he stopped. "Here Arpheus." Mumble said as he extended his flipper to her.

Arpheus grumbled a bit and rubbed her eyes. She grabbed on to Mumble's flipper and immediately felt herself being pulled up. Before she knew it, Arpheus was almost at face level with Mumble. "Woah! Haha!" Arpheus giggled at this new experience; She's never been carried like this before. It didn't last long though as a yawn progressed into a deep sleep.

Mumble knew they were almost there, so he looked down to check on Arpheus again. To his surprise, the little bundle of energy in his flippers fell asleep. He couldn't understand why her father held such contempt for her. In Mumble's eyes she was really a one of a kind chick. Mumble saw that they had finally arrived home. Gloria was standing outside their cave.

"Mumble!" Gloria called as she went to give him a hug. "Where have you been?!" Gloria asked in a stern tone. She hadn't noticed that Mumble was carrying a chick in his flippers.

"Shhh. Gloria she's asleep." Mumble said.

"What do you-" Gloria stopped mid-sentence. She noticed Mumble's eyes were not looking at her, instead his eyes were directed at the chick, who was asleep in his flippers. Gloria couldn't take her eyes off the little chick, she was adorable. "Mumble...how?" Gloria asked in a hushed voice.

"Let's put her to sleep and I'll tell you." Mumble said. He leaned forward and caressed her neck with his. He then handed over the chick to her.

"She's gorgeous." Gloria said.

"Wait 'till you see her eyes." Mumble said.

"What's her name?" Gloria asked.

"Arpheus." Mumble answered.

"Arpheus..." Gloria said the name a couple times. It was a beautiful name for a chick and it perfectly fit the chick that was currently asleep in her flippers. Gloria was still wondering how this came to be, but she knew an explanation would come later.

Gloria and Mumble went in to their cave and put Arpheus to sleep. Mumble told Gloria how he ended up meeting Arpheus and then taking her. It was somewhat similar to how they ended up with Age, but at the same time very different. Tomorrow was going to be a very long day, so they turned in for the night.

Arpheus was deep asleep with a smile on her beak. She had so many questions that lacked answers and she just could not wait until tomorrow. She went on to dream about, a life filled with dancing and happiness.

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