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"Stop pacing," Bella announced as she slowly dressed. She'd taken a shower and insisted on shaving her damn legs. When it got patchy, she demanded I come into the shower and help her. I'd never shaved anything but my face, but I helped her as best I could. After we finished, I quickly dressed and went to start the car because it was cold. It had been idling in the driveway for fifteen minutes.

"Where's your suitcase?" I asked gruffly. I thought we should have gone to the hospital the second the contractions started, but my stubborn wife insisted on taking a shower, drying her hair, and pulling together the clothes she'd wear home from the hospital plus two outfits for Sweet Pea…one blue and one pink.

It was all laid out on the bed, and I was antsy as hell. It was Easter night, and Friday and Saturday, we'd gone at each other like crazy. When her contractions started about five o'clock Sunday evening, I sent a text to my parents not to get on the plane on Monday morning as they'd planned. I told them I'd keep them posted. I also called her parents in Forks because it would take hours for them to get to Seattle, and I knew they'd want to be there when the baby came.

The contractions were seven minutes apart and her water hadn't broken yet, but I didn't want any complications. The sooner she was at the hospital, the better, in my opinion. "Have you seen my…oh, there they are," she announced as she walked over to the chair in our room and pulled her slippers from under it.

I was beside myself. "Bella, sugar, we need to get on the road," I insisted. The hospital was twenty minutes away, and anything could happen in twenty minutes. I didn't want to deliver my child at the side of the road, so I needed her to quit dawdling.

"I'm not having a C-section, and this will probably take hours. You need to calm down," she stated as she began shoving everything into a small suitcase. She suddenly had a look on her face that scared the living shit out of me.

"What's wrong?" I asked as I threw the rest of it inside along with a pair of sweats, socks, boxers, and a t-shirt for me.

"Shit, my water just broke. I need to change and then we'll go," she announced as she pulled fresh clothes from her drawers and quickly changed.

Within five minutes, I was speeding to Harborview. By the time I pulled up at the emergency entrance, she was doing her Lamaze breathing we'd practiced after that awful class we'd taken. I helped her out and led her inside to the desk.

"My wife's in labor. She's pre-registered. Isabella Cullen. Her contractions are four minutes apart, and her water broke. Get someone now!" I demanded. The nursing staff scurried, and Bella was placed in a wheelchair.

"We're going to five. Move your car and come up, Daddy," a nurse called. I looked at her closely and recognized Carmen, Bella's nurse when she'd had the twins.

I nodded and ran outside, moving the car, grabbing Bella's suitcase, and hurrying up the stairs to five. Carmen was at the nurse's station waiting for me with a smile. "Welcome back, Edward. Let's get you in scrubs because this little one is ready to go," she ordered as she led me to a locker room and handed me clothes. I changed quickly and found Bella's room.

She was breathing quickly when I walked in. "What's going on? When can she get her epidural?" I asked. We'd taken the class, after all.

"Too late. Dr. Gage is on the way, and Bella's just going to have to breathe through her contractions. The doctor's in the parking lot, so we just need a few minutes. She's just crowning, but we need her not to push yet," Carmen ordered. I saw the look on my wife's face, and I knew she was about ready to rip into someone. Unfortunately, it was going to be me.

I took her hand and smiled at her, moving her hair back. I saw a hair band on her wrist like she always wore, so I pulled it off and pulled her hair back, securing it out of the way. A nurse was inserting an IV "as a precaution," and Bella was like a wild animal.

"Edward, you've got to make them give me something. I can't do this…God," she gasped as another contraction hit. We breathed together, and I was lightheaded, but I held on even when I thought she broke my hand.

One hour later, after a lot of screaming…some from Bella because they couldn't give her anything, and a lot from me as she damn near ripped my nuts from my body the one time I got too close…we had a baby.

"It's a..." Dr. Gage began.

I looked down as they placed the baby on Bella's stomach and I smiled. "Oh, it's a Cullen," I announced, pointing to my son's rather large male parts. Bella laughed as she counted eyes, ears, toes and fingers. He had a bright red crop of hair, or it could have just been the disgusting goo on him, but I didn't care. He was my son, and I was the proud daddy.

"Hey, we did good," I whispered to my wife before I kissed her sweet lips. We were both crying, but I didn't care. We had a son. He was healthy. I was a happy som-bitch.

Edward and Isabella Cullen are proud to announce the birth of

Edward Anthony Cullen, Jr.
February 28, 2011
9:45 PM
7 lbs., 4 oz.
21 in. long
Edward, Bella, and EJ are all healthy and happy.


Then, two years later…

Edward and Isabella Cullen are proud to announce the birth of

Madison Rose Cullen
April 1, 2013
8:57 AM
8 lbs., 2 oz.
19 in. long
Edward, Bella, EJ and Maddy are all healthy and happy.


One year later…

Felix and Tanya Rhodes are proud to announce the birth of

Leslie Marie Rhodes
May 4, 2014
6 lbs., 10 oz.
20 in. long


Later that year…

Jasper and Alice Whitlock are proud to announce the birth of

Allison Brandy Whitlock
November 11, 2014
8 lbs., 6 oz.
17 in. long


December 2014

"EJ, stand still," I demanded as I tried to button his shirt. He was three, and he was hell on wheels, just like his old man. We were in Atlanta for Christmas, and I was dressing EJ for dinner while Bella was wrestling Maddy.

We'd gone to dinner in Port Angeles the weekend before with Em, Rose, their four kids, Alice, Jasper, their two kids, and our brood. I was grateful we were in a private room because the eight kids were crazy, but we'd had fun.

I was like a kid again since we'd had our two. Tanya and Felix had eloped to Vegas to get married not long after EJ was born, and when Tanya announced she was pregnant, the family was elated.

It had been busy for all of us, but I suppose that was what life was supposed to be. We tried to get together when we could, but with our two, we had our hands full.

Just then, Maddy came toddling in and latched onto my leg. I picked her up and kissed her. "How's my Sweet Pea?" I asked as I kissed her on her cheek. She had my wild hair and Bella's eyes while EJ had Bella's hair and hazel eyes. They were both incredible, and I was, once again, happy as a pig in shit.

"Hungwy," Maddy announced. I laughed as my gorgeous wife walked into the room.

"I wondered where you went," she teased as she tickled Maddy in my arms. EJ, not to be ignored, pulled on Bella's dress.

She bent over to pick him up, and I stopped her. "He weighs nearly as much as you, and this one," I commented as I put my hand on her small bump, "deserves a fightin' chance. Let's go eat, y'all. Your little brother or sister is hungry," I announced to my children.

Number three was on the way. We didn't know if it would be a he or she but come June, we'd have our third. We were happy about it, even though it was an unplanned surprise. The Newest Pea was the product of a sinus infection, antibiotics, and a condom that didn't exactly do its job. We weren't really unhappy about the news because, as I'd come to learn over the years, you never know the way life's gonna come at you.

I never expected to fall in love with a pregnant woman, and I never expected I'd have three little ones of my own. It was all a blessing I'd cherish every day. What started as a rescue mission ended up being a life I'd never anticipated. How lucky was I?


Edward and Isabella Cullen are proud to announce the birth of

Charles Jasper Cullen
June 19, 2015
11:48 PM
5 lbs., 4 oz.
18 in. long
Carlisle Emmett Cullen
June 20, 2015
12:05 AM
5 lbs., 10 oz.
19 in. long

The entire Cullen Family is happy and healthy…and finished!

Well, Momma got her grandbabies…


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