Finn and FQ went on a morning jog. When they got back FQ was feeling sick. "Finn take me to the doctor" she said.

They went to the Fire kingdom hospital. "The doctor checked her and they found out that she was going to have a baby that day, but she would have to spend the night there.

Finn went home and told Jake. "You had a baby, well that's cool" He said.

That night Finn checked on her. He stayed the night at the hospital too.

That morning FQ had the baby. "It's a boy!" The doctor said. "We shall call him Billy the second after you're hero" FQ said. They went home and played with him. He cried a lot too.

Domino, Sizzle, and Rocky were still looking for Candy king. They started to follow him when they saw him. He went in a underground doorway. "You are not allowed in here" a guard said. They tried to go in anyway. A guard stabbed Domino killed him. "Domino!" Sizzle said. Rocky went crazy and killed the two guards. They went in and started to listen to his meeting. "We will kill Finn's baby so he will be easier to kill later" a man said. "Yes we will kill him tomorrow" Candy king said."No you don't!" Rocky said. "Kill him!" a man said. "Candy king and the man started to run away and two guards blocked Rocky and Sizzle's path. Rocky kicked one guard in the gut and punched him in the face. The guard stabbed Rocky with a sword. Sizzle threw fire balls at one of the guards and he died. Rocky wasn't hurt and he took the guard's sword and stabbed him back. Rocky and Sizzle started chasing the man and Candy king. Rocky was running on all fours and caught the man. "What is your name and where is candy king?" He said. "Candy king is on a helicopter now and my name is Fergusis." The man said. "What are you planning to do?" Rocky said. "We were going to kill Billy the second" He said. Rocky stabbed Fergusis and he died.

At the Fire kingdom Finn was playing with Billy. "Awww" FQ said. Candy king busted down the door. "What the?" Finn said. "Your kid will die!" He said. He took Billy and went on his helicopter. "Where to?" The driver said. "Anywhere!" Candy king told. "No!" The driver yelled. The driver got up showing his real identity. It was Rocky. Rocky punched him and he fell. Sizzle dove and caught Billy. They were amazed that he didn't burn. Finn ran up and stabbed Candy king and killed him. Just then Billy conjured fire. "Cool!" Finn and FQ said.