"Sammy come on!" Marissa yelled knocking on the bathroom door.

"I can't open the door my nails aren't dry." I yelled back at her.

"You don't even know how to open a bottle of nail polish." I could hear the smirk in her voice. I chuckled and combed my hair one last time before opening the door. "No way!"

"What?" I asked looking behind me at the bathroom, had I left a mess or something?

"There is no way you are going to go dress like that, Holly come help me!" I looked down at what I was wearing. I had on one of my favorite local band's tshirt and some really cool bleached skinny jeans. Of course to top it all off, I had black converse with orange laces. Holly walked into the hallway and I instantly understood what was going on. She looked gorgeous; her make up was done so her eye stood out, her hair was placed in a playful bun with a couple curls framing her faces and she was wearing a cute summer dress with some killer heels.

"Sammy we going to a party not a concert in someone's garage."

"There is no way, I am dressing up-" I scrunched my nose "-like that. Sorry but I still want to be walking tomorrow."

"Brandon's going to be there." I felt my face start to turn red. No way was I going to swoon over Marissa's extremely good looking cousin.


"Casey is totally going to be there."

"Maybe we can do something with my hair?" I asked Holly.

So with my two very convincing friends, I had my hair done and also manage to get rid of "that so very tacky" tshirt. Instead I was now wearing something that looks like it could belong to Paris Hilton. But that is because I furiously refused to wear anything that barely covered my boobs. This was a pink crop shirt with a black bow on the top. It looked cute. On Marissa but I wasn't too sure how I felt but before I could spend quality time in front of the mirror Dot was here to pick us up.

"Now girls be careful and don't have too much fun." Marissa's mom called from the pouch as we drove off.

"Mom we are 16, don't worry!"

I should have know. Whenever someone carefree says Don't worry! run for the hills.

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