Chapter 1 The New Girl On Campus

Eighteen-year-old Annabelle Tillman stood outside the building that she was to call home for the next two semesters and sighed. She tossed her brown highlighted hair back over her shoulders as she adjusted the straps on her backpack and grabbed the handle of her suitcase to drag along on the wheels behind her. She had three more suitcases and a trunk to carry up to her room on the fifth floor of Carnegie Hall the freshman dorm at Lawrence College in Lawrence, California. Being the only daughter of a California State Senator had its advantages, even if her mother did have to make all kinds of contributions just so she could attend. Her past had caught up to her and colleges all over the United States had not wanted a rebellious trouble maker in their midst. Annabelle sighed as she trudged up the steps to enter the dorm and was glad to see there was at least an elevator there for her to use. She approached the elevator to push the button to call it down to the first floor, but before she could get there someone crashed into her causing her to lose her balance and fall on the floor.

"Watch where you're going!" a voice demanded glaring over at Annabelle as she got up off the floor

"You crashed into me!" Annabelle retorted turning to face the person who had just yelled at her.

The face belonged to a beautiful blonde haired and blue eyed woman that Annabelle was immediately attracted to. Despite her anger she couldn't help staring at the other woman and wondering who she was. Annabelle started to collect her things as some other students came over to where the commotion had just occurred.

"Chill out Simone. It's just another stupid freshman!" said one of the new comers completely ignoring the fact that Annabelle was there and could hear them talking about her.

"Stupid freshman?! Excuse me?!" Annabelle shouted angrily turning to face the person who had just insulted her.

"You heard me! Run along worm! We have better things to do than deal with people like you!" the new comer scoffed waving her hands to shoo Annabelle away.

"Did you forget your stupid stamp this morning or something, Teri?! Don't you know who she is you moron?!" another voice said coming up and standing behind Annabelle.

"Do I look like I care?!" Teri scoffed again starting to move away from them.

"Allow me to introduce her then. Annabelle Tillman meet Teri Douglas." the new person said and watched as Teri's face turned a strange shade of pale.

"I'm sorry, Miss Tillman. Please forgive me." Teri muttered as she hurried away from them.

"That was priceless!" the new person laughed as she watched the other girl hurry off and the girl that had crashed into Annabelle look just as terrified even though she was much older than her.

"Who the hell are you?!" Annabelle demanded not appreciating being the butt of everyone's joke.

"Oh! I'm Jillian Abbot and I'm your roommate." the other girl grinned offering to help Annabelle with her suitcase.

"What was that all about?! Why did they freak out when they heard my name?!" Annabelle demanded as they waited for the elevator to arrive.

"Well a rumor was spread around campus that the daughter of our esteemed California State Senator was arriving on campus, and that she had donated a lot of money to the school so her daughter could go to school here and that she was to be treated with the utmost kindness and respect. So anyone who's mean or rude to you, just tell them who you are and poof instant loyal subject!" Jillian laughed as the elevator arrived and they got in.

"Actually my mother had to donate a lot of money for me to come to school here because no other school in the lower 48 states would take me. They apparently frown on trouble making as an excuse for blowing off steam." Annabelle shrugged and pressed the button for the fifth floor.

Jillian laughed and led the way down the hall to their room. Annabelle looked inside when the door was opened and realized it wasn't so bad. She had her own side of the room to do whatever she wanted with, a twin bed to sleep on, a dresser and wardrobe for her clothes, and a desk in the corner. She set her backpack down on the bed and rolled her suitcase over next to the chest of drawers and turned to look at her roommate.

"1 down, 3 more and a trunk to go!" Annabelle sarcastically cheered and headed for the door again.

"I'll help ya. Us freshmen have to stick together to battle the likes of Teri Douglas and Simone Bradley." Jillian offered falling into step with Annabelle as she went to retrieve the rest of her stuff.

"That's who the other girl was?" Annabelle asked as they reached the elevator.

"Yeah they are grad students and members of Gamma Sigma Sigma a sorority here on campus. It's a very prestigious sorority, but the members are kinda snobbish assholes as you saw." Jillian explained as they waited for the elevator to arrive. "Everyone wants in it, but they haven't had a successful pledge rush in a long time. They always manage to get in trouble for some kind of hazing infraction, but none of the pledges willingly confess to what was done to them. They just drop out of the pledge race and choose not to finish school here." Jillian added as the elevator arrived and they got in.

"Wow! Sounds kinda extreme if you ask me." Annabelle whistled as the elevator descended down to the first floor.

"Yeah well you just wait. You will see." Jillian said as they got out of the elevator to collect the rest of Annabelle's things.

Once her things were stowed away upstairs, Jillian showed Annabelle around campus. They met a bunch of other freshmen that did a double take when they found out who Annabelle was. Annabelle tried to hide her chagrin and embarrassment over the way they stared, but it was hard to ignore it. Jillian thought it was the funniest thing in the world and enjoyed every minute of it. As the afternoon slowly turned into night, Annabelle went to the cafeteria with Jillian and was introduced to a new system of college dining. Annabelle saw it was like eating at the food court in a mall where there was a ton of food to choose from. She decided on getting some pizza for her first day on campus and got in line with Jillian to get a slice of pepperoni pizza. She groaned when she saw who was ahead of her in line and turned to look at Jillian in dismay. It was Simone Bradley who looked just as hot in a non-crash involved environment as she did in a crash oriented one. Simone heard the groan and turned to see who had made it. Luckily for her, Annabelle had ducked out of the line before Simone turned around and never knew who made the noise. Annabelle decided to get something else to eat instead and avoided the side of the cafeteria where Simone was for the rest of the night. Jillian found this funny as well and teased Annabelle relentlessly about it. After dinner, they returned to the dorm room so Annabelle could unpack her things and get ready for NSO class the next day.

"There's a party over in Warren Hall. You wanna go?" Jillian asked looking over at Annabelle as she put her things away.

"I think I will pass for tonight. I've had enough excitement for one day!" Annabelle declined continuing to put her stuff away.

"Ok. I guess I will see you in the morning then!" Jillian grinned and headed out for the night.