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Alizarin's One-Shot: The Ride to Big City

Blaze sat back in her seat, chewing the tip of a gloved finger. She couldn't recall the last time she had been on a real road-trip. Responsibilities in the Sol Zone weighed heavy on her usually, leaving her only free time to exhaustedly hang out with Silver and occasionally Marine. Her thoughts were jarred with the slamming of the driver's door as Sonic got in, turning the car on. He was followed shortly by everyone else as they climbed in the rows.

"Cream and Tails, you can sit here in the front row," Amy said, motioning towards the said seat. "It's closest to the front in case we need your mechanical skills, Tails." Tails nodded happily and helped Cream in, Cheese floated in after them. Rouge turned to Knuckles.

"Care to share a seat, cutie?" She winked flirtatiously. Knuckles blushed and started stuttering.

"What? Well…um…I'm not sure…Maybe…Whatever." He gave up trying to say anything coherent and allowed himself to be ushered into the van, Rouge climbing in after him with her laptop.

Silver floated in casually, sinking down into the seat beside Blaze. She gave him a withering look. He grinned sheepishly and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Hah…what is that look for?" Blaze crossed her arms and scoffed.

"You know perfectly well! Tossing me in here next to Shadow? Right after things got…weird…between us?" Silver turned away, placing a hand over his heart dramatically.

"I have no idea what you're speaking of!" He looked at her sidelong and smirked. Blaze rolled her eyes and stared out the window. Sonic turned around to look at everyone.

"Okay, you guys! It's been a while since I've made this trip in a car, so I have no idea how long it's gonna take! Just sit back and enjoy the ride!" He gave a thumbs-up with a large grin before setting the car in drive and pulling out to the road. Amy took out her hammer and gripped it nervously.

"Who came up with the idea of letting you drive, anyway?" Sonic glanced at her, confused.

"Whaddya mean, Ames? I'm a great driver!" Amy patted his head.

"Sonic, I love you, but there are some things you're not perfect at."

"You lie!"


"Now just focus on the road, okay?" Amy said sweetly, setting her hammer back into her lap. Sonic held his head with one hand and steered gingerly with the other.

"Yes, Ames."

"So…miss me trying to steal the Master Emerald?" Rouge leaned on her elbow in the direction of Knuckles, who leaned back with his arms crossed. He opened an eye and peered at her cautiously.

"Not…particularly." Rouge smiled at his bashfulness, half-lidded.

"Oh? I heard Angel Island gets awful chilly at night. Do you ever get lonely?" She fluttered her eyelashes. Knuckles inhaled sharply and looked at her, shocked.

"What's that supposed to mean? What are you hinting at?!" Rouge patted his head teasingly.

"Don't overwork your head, big boy. Just sit back and enjoy the nice boy's driving." Sonic glanced over his shoulder.

"I'm not a 'boy'!" Rouge scoffed at him.

"Is that so? When'd you get the sex change?" Sonic grimaced.

"That's not what I meant… I meant I'm too old to be considered a 'boy'… I'm a man in the Jewish community, you know." Rouge laughed loudly.

"Whatever you say, sweetheart."

Silver, who had been spacing out at the scenery that flashed by, jumped suddenly. He looked over at Blaze as she slumped over onto his shoulder, fast asleep. He smiled at her, laughing inwardly.

She always did fall asleep on long rides.

"Does anyone have to go to the bathroom?" Sonic called over his shoulder, glancing in the rearview mirror. A collective of hands flew up. "All righty then…. This road sign says there's a gas station up ahead. Amy followed his gaze to a rusted, faded signboard stuck firmly in a suspicious-looking mud pile. She sat back, eyes wide.

"Sonic, you can't be serious…" Sonic looked at her innocently.

"What do you mean?"

"That sign reeks of creepy rednecks… or something worse."

"Nah! It's just because it's a country sign. They don't get as much maintenance out here." Amy sunk deeper into her seat, rubbing her forehead absently.

"Whatever you say, Sonic." Sonic beamed at her.

"Great! It looks like we turn here!" He turned down a dusty dirt road, surrounded on either side by expansive fields. Tails and Cream looked out either side windows and shuddered.

"Sonic…" Tails murmured.

"There's nothing out here… it's scaring me." Cream hugged Cheese closer.

"Nothing to worry about, guys! Everything will be fine!" Sonic seemed to increase the van's speed.

"We'll see about that…." Rouge muttered under her breath.

Eventually, they came to a circular driveway that surrounded a very rustic, cabin-like general store with 'gasoline' written on the window with an old window-marker. Amy pointed at it with disdain.

"It's manual? Please, Sonic, can we just find somewhere else?" She shook his shoulder desperately.

"C'mon, Ames!" Sonic said as he parked, "We're already here, aren't we? Let's just take a look around." He opened the door and hopped out, slamming it shut after him. Amy turned around and peered at the rest of the passengers.

"Okay, you guys…I guess this is our first pit stop…." She grimaced slightly and slid out of the car, shortly followed by the main door opening and everyone but Silver and Blaze piling out. Tails leaned back in and looked at Silver.

"Hey…you coming?" Silver shook his head.

"Nah; she's sound asleep and I'm pretty comfortable myself. Let me know if there's anything cool in there though." He smiled optimistically. Tails tried to smile back, but gave up and slid the door shut, trailing after the others into the cabin.

It was as suspicious inside as it was out. Bare light bulbs hung intermittently from the ceiling by strings, swaying in an unfelt breeze. Stains covered the grayish ceiling and there was a dripping sound coming from somewhere in the back. The pair of freezers that held beverages and fishing bait flickered ominously, humming like a sleeping beast. The group of friends huddled together in the entry way, pushing Sonic out towards the front. He chuckled nervously.

"Do you all wanna split up to find stuff?"

"Screw that!" Amy hissed, "We're staying together." Suddenly, something crashed down the hallway behind the cash register. An enormous green cat…thing waddled forward, adjusting a thick belt and vest. It settled itself behind the cash register before turning to the group with a crazed look in its eye.

"Eh…gonna by somethin'?" His growl seemed to rumble the entire shop. Sonic gulped, trembling, and nodded. He slinked forward into the store, followed by Amy, who had linked hands with everyone in a line. Sonic opened the beverage freezer and gingerly took out a mysterious purple bottle before turning to the cash register and setting it on the counter cautiously. The cat-beast eyed him from its great height before saying simply, "Two-fifty."

Sonic placed the money on the counter and smiled creakily, taking the unidentifiable drink and turning to leave. The cat turned around and picked up a phone, muttering quickly with only a few coherent words.

"They're tryna leave. Maybe five of 'em? Somethin' like that." Tails felt a chill run down his spine, his fur standing on end. He tugged Sonic's arm.

"We need to go…now." Sonic nodded at him.

"I couldn't agree more." He motioned towards the others before Knuckles bellowed.

"RUN!" They made a mad dash for the van right as two more cat-beasts emerged from the back, followed by the green one from the register. They huffed and grunted loudly, like strange monsters. The van seemed miles away, glinting in the parking lot.

"How'd it get so far away?" Rouge had tried breaking in to flight, but something stilled her wings. Knuckles grabbed her hand and pulled her.

"It doesn't matter! Just run!" They puffed away, pumping their legs. Amy had swept Cream up into her arms, both shrieking.

"Don't let 'em get away! We haven't had fresh meat for days!" One of the cat-beasts roared.

Silver dozed peacefully in the van, resting his head on Blaze's.

Sonic zipped around to the driver's side, throwing the door open and scrambling to start the car. Amy slammed the side door open and ushered everyone inside. Silver blinked blearily, starting to wake up in confusion.

"Why's everyone freaking out?"

"Aaaaaaaah!" Knuckles reached out and pulled Amy in as Rouge shut the door, just moments before the cat-monsters swiped for Amy. Sonic launched the gear into drive and floored the gas pedal, a cloud of dust cascading after them, echoing with the enraged shouts of the hill-billy cat beasts.

Once the commotion had settled and the van was safely on a main road once more, the collective breathed a sigh of relief. Tails eventually dropped off to sleep, slouching sideways and letting his gaming system fall off the seat. Cream got on her knees and poked his cheek experimentally. His nose twitched, but he remained asleep. Cream giggled and looked over the back of the seat.

"Rouge, do you have any make-up with you that you don't use very often?" Rouge tapped her chin and reached into her travel bag, pulling out a colorful eyes-and-lips palette.

"I was going to experiment with this, but I can always buy another." She smiled kindly and handed it to Cream, who leaned over Tails' prone form with a glint in her eye. Cheese floated nearby, rubbing his hands (Do Chaos have hands…?) together. Cream found a bright green eye shadow and started working her childlike magic on the oblivious face of Tails.

After ten minutes, Sonic glanced in the rearview mirror at his passengers.

"You all have gotten pretty quiet…."

"You would be too if you saw this," Knuckles muttered wincingly, peering over the seat at Tails, the beautiful kitsune girl.

Tails appeared to be a veritable Mobian sleeping beauty, his large eyes shimmering with mermaid-green and aqua eye shadow, his pearly-pink lips pushed out in a sweet pout as he continued his slumber. A light blush covered his cheeks, lending an out-of-place vitality to his usually peaceful face. Cream looked up at Rouge and Knuckles, grinning widely.

"Doesn't he look pretty?" She beamed in her delicate voice as Cheese squeaked, pleased. Rouge chuckled heartily and started snapping pictures with her cell phone.

"These might come in handy when the kid gets older." She immediately plugged her phone into her laptop to upload the photos for safekeeping. Knuckles leaned back in his seat, rubbing his temples and trying to imagine them all safely in Big City.

Tails eventually yawned and started to rub the sleep from his eyes. Cream's hand shot forward and pulled his away from his face.

"No! You'll ruin it!" She shouted. Tails raised an eyebrow.

"I'll ruin what, my face?" Cream shook her head and held the palette's mirror up to him.

"Don't you think you look pretty, Tails?"

Tails' blush surpassed any color the make-up could ever add. Rouge laughed and Knuckles ruffled Tails' fur sympathetically.

"Look! The city!" Amy suddenly squealed. As the van sped up over the hill they had been climbing, Big City came into view, the first of the lights blinking on as the city was outlined by the blazing sunset.

Somehow, the carload of friends knew that this would be a trip to remember.

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