Dear Alaska,

Everyday, I still think about you and what we could have had. Why did you go out and crash straight into the police car? I feel like it's the question of my life right now. Why?

I don't think the Colonel, Takumi, or I for that matter were ever right after you died. I feel like I was just getting to know who you actually were. I feel like I was just getting to have a chance to be with you. I feel like you were just getting to know me, to know the real me. We never had that chance.

Why, Alaska? I know you wanted to get out of the labyrinth – straight and fast. But what if that wasn't the only way? What if that wasn't the only option? How am I ever going to find my path out of my own labyrinth, something that I feel is deeper than it ever was before?

My life is a question right now. But I'm still looking for the answer. I'm still looking for you, Alaska.