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Epilogue, 3 years later.

3 years have passed since that day when everything changed. After the deal from the court and the queen, the slave and the prince were finally able to set aside the fact of who they were and were now eligible to be married. Several months after that, and Shadow had asked Amy to be his bride which she gladly accepted. Then more months passed and the wedding was perfect for both of them. Shadow had now became the king of Murcian along with Amy as his beautiful queen.

3 years have passed and everything had changed. Even everyone. Sonic and Sally had left to go to Station Square to start a new life. Amy heard that they were now became parents of a baby boy. Cream and Tails stayed in castle town afterwards. Cream opened a little flower shop while Tails opened his own carpenter and repair store. Silver stayed as well to be the captain of the royal guards and Blaze stayed as well with him to help with a few fights and stuff and also opened a nice ballroom dancing class. They also had a son who was only 3 years old. Espio and Alicia left for another kingdom after getting asked to be the captain in the royal guard. The place was wonderful and Espio became the captain along with his wife, who was the helper and taught woman to fight. Just like the others, the two had twins. A boy and a girl, both 2. Mighty and Mina left to Green Hill to live their lives. Turns out they became more pared and became a great couple. They also had a little child coming in their lives. The queen stepped down for her son to take over and left to a small kingdom to rule a bit, and also retire.

As we come back to our royal couple, Amy was in the bedroom in a beautiful blue V-neck dress with light baby blue over skirt and gold sequins on the bottom skirt also with a long transparent flowing cape draped on her shoulders with white flats. On top of her head was a silver tiara with pink and blue encrusted gems. Her sparkling green eyes looked down at the little bundle in her arms resting sweetly in her chest. Amy smiled at her daughter and nuzzled in her bangs. The little bundle was indeed her daughter. Princess Maria the Hedgehog. She was black all over, but her arms and stripes on her quills like her father's, but pink instead and little white tuft of fur on her chest.

Maria opened her beautiful light green eyes to her mother's and smiled cutely cooing happily. Amy smiled back and continued to cradle her lovingly. Soon her ears twitched at the sound of the door being opened and closed. She turned around to see her husband come in with a strapping royal suit and long red cape with gold shoulder plates. His gold crown shown brightly along with hers in the sunlight.

Shadow smiled at the two and walked over to her, wrapping his arm around her slender waist and pecked her lips, "How's our little princess, my queen?" he asked looking down at his creation.

Amy smiled at him, "She's alright. She was asleep before." she told her husband.

"At least she's awake and ready to go. Right?" Shadow pointed out.

It was the reunion of Shadow ending the slave treaty. After he was king, he declared that all slaves are now free and to live out their lives along with the people they care and love. Many have rejoiced and thanked the mobian god that the slavement has finally been done. Now it was time for a celebration and everyone was going to the meadow to celebrate. Amy, Shadow, and Maria, along with their friends were going to spend the entire afternoon together. Amy nodded and looked back at Shadow, "Is the carriage ready?" she asked.

Shadow nodded, "It is. Silver already booked it and Blaze packed up what was needed." he stated.

The pink hedgehog nodded then walked over to the small crib next to the bed and picked up the pink blanket and wrapped it firmly around Maria so she wouldn't get too cold outside. Then she walked back over to Shadow and kissed his cheek, "Can you believe it's been three years since that day?" she asked smiling.

The dark king smiled back and nodded, "I know. It's like it was yesterday that the slaves were free and everyone was happy. All because of you.".

"Not just me. You and I had a big part in this.".

"Ha ha...right. I get it.".

With that, Shadow led Amy out of the room and to the carriage. A few hours have passed and the two along with Silver an Blaze in the carriage behind them had finally came to the clearing. Amy looked up to see the spot upon the hill where the celebratory picnic would be. Up there, she already saw Mina, Mighty, Tails, and Cream getting set up. She could almost taste the yummy food Cream and Mina had prepared and can't wait to dine in it. When the carriages have been parked, Shadow came out first, then helped Amy out, still holding Maria in her arms.

Silver came out with Blaze along with one little boy being carried up on his father's shoulders. Blaze carried the picnic basket she made herself with the good food inside she made herself and Silver had to carry young Onix the Hedgehog, who wanted to be with his father most. He was a light silver hedgehog almost white and had golden purple in his eyes and two strands of quills on his head like his father. Blaze wore a pale purple shirt with black pants to go with and Silver in his silvery blue, captain's armor.

The four came up to the hill and as they did, Cream and Mina saw them and immediately rushed up to greet them with hugs, "Blaze! Silver! Shadow! Amy!" Cream squealed running into Blaze in a big bear hug which she gladly accepted.

Mina hugged Amy who returned the hug, "I'm so glad to see you again!" she said happily.

"Me too! I'm glad to finally see you all again!" Amy smiled.

Shadow came up and wrapped his arm around her shoulders, "Are we going to stand around talking, or go and have fun?" he asked.

Silver chuckled putting his son down, "That's why were here, your highness." he joked.

"Only at the castle you call us that, but when were not there, call us by our names." Amy stated.

With a nod, the four including Mina and Cream walked back up to the picnic and greeted Mighty and Tails. After a long hour wait, they started to eat while Onix played with Maria. Silver kept a good eye on his son so he wouldn't do anything, "Son, be careful with Maria." he told him.

Little eyes looked up at his father while his hands were in Maria's tiny hands, "Papa, I only play!" he said back.

"Just don't be too rough.".

Onix sighed and carried on playing 'patty-cake' with Maria, who continued to giggle and play. Soon the party was then stopped to see two people coming up the hill with two younger figures next to them. Cream noticed instantly and smiled wide knowing who the two were, "Alicia! Espio! Your here!" she shouted happily.

Alicia and Espio were finally there to greet their old friends along with their kids with them. Alicia wore the usual brown shirt with brown gloves and black pants and light brown boots. Her blond hair reached her tails and her wings grew out long and wide. Espio wore his captain's armor which was a bit purple and red on some metal parts.

Alicia saw Cream, running up to her and Amy too, "Guys!" she yelled in glee and flew up to the two, engulfing them in big hugs all around, "It's been forever! How are you?!".

Amy hugged her tightly then quickly parted, "Being queen has it's advantages. How are you with Espio and your jobs?" she asked.

Espio quickly rushed up to his wife with his twins in both arms, "Our jobs are kinda hard, but we try to get by pretty easily." he answered putting his little boy down first.

Blaze came up to the group with Onix and smiled at the four, "Hey you two! I'm glad you could make it! And these must be your twins we were hearing about?" she smiled at the little faces.

"Yep. Our little twins. Both 2 years old." Alicia said happily.

One of them was a small wolf cub with little tiny wings and short light blond hair. Her crystal bluish yellow eyes stared up at Blaze wondering who the lady was. The next was a purple chameleon boy with light blue eyes and a tiny horn like his father's and stared up at Blaze as well. Blaze smiled and giggled at their reaction, "They are so adorable! What are their name's again?" she asked.

"The little baby wolf is Serena and the little boy chameleon is Dameon." Espio answered.

Cream slowly walked over to Espio, holding his daughter firmly, "Hello. I'm Cream. It's nice to meet you." she cooed cutely.

Serena became a little scared of the woman in front of her and immediately hid her face in her father's shoulder whimpering a little. Espio and Cream chuckled while he rubbed her little back and wings trying to calm her down, "It's alright. She'll never hurt you." he cooed softly in her ear.

The little cub looked up at Cream and whimpered a little. Cream didn't mind and kept smiling away at her little cuteness. Onix and Blaze walked over to the three and she knelt down to Damion's level, "Hey, dear." she said softly, "I'm Blaze. And this is Onix.".

Onix smiled a little at Damion, but the little chameleon shivered like his sister, "Ma...mama!" he whined running over to Alicia and hugged her leg, hiding behind her.

"Damion, it's ok. They won't hurt you." Alicia said patting her son's head.

Amy smiled at the couple and kids, "I'm glad you all were able to come. But have you heard anything from Sonic and Sally at all?".

"Espio said that he got a letter from them saying they'll be a little late.".

Cream popped right into the conversation and frowned, "It is late! They need to be here!" she whined.

The pink hedgehog chuckled, "They will. You know Sonic and his enterings." she pointed out, "So now that your here, come up and grab something to eat.".

With a nod, the adults, including the kids, walked back up to the hill and met up with the parents and friends. It grew to be in the afternoon as the sun started to glide through the sky. Soon the others began to worry about their missing friends and started to get a bit panicky about what happened to them.

Amy was on the cloth with her daughter in arms and Shadow sitting next to her, "Its been a long time. They should be here." she said worriedly.

Cream nodded sitting in Tails' lap, "I know...I hope they're ok..." she whispered.

Blaze, next to her husband who was busy playing 'stick fight' with his son, noticed a little figure running up the hill. She squinted her eyes to see that this was a little blue hedgehog like Sonic, only smaller, "Is...that...?" she asked herself, but a little loud for everyone to hear.

All eyes looked over to where the little hedgehog was coming from. Behind him were two figures. Very familiar. One was like the little boy, only taller and muscular and the other was a tall beautiful chipmunk with long flowing red hair. Amy instantly knew who it was and jumped up from her seat, "Sonic! Sally!" she shouted happily.

Indeed it was. Sonic and Sally, along with their son coming up the hill. They were pretty close to their child for the boy wasn't born with super speed like his old man, but he was pretty quick. The boy ran up to the top and smiled wide, "BEAT YOU! HA! HA!" he cheered jumping up and down.

"You didn't give us a head start, Flash!" Sonic chuckled walking side by side with his wife hand to hand.

Silver smiled and waved, "Sonic! Great to finally see ya! And welcome back ms Sally!" he shouted.

Mighty walked over to them and put his hands on his hips, "What took you so damn long?!" he yelled narrowing his voice.

"Mighty! Language!" Mina scolded hearing the swear from his mouth and knowing he shouldn't say that in front of the kids.

Sally and Sonic came up with Flash beside them, "Sorry...we...had a little run in with another carriage." Sally apologized scratching her head.

Shadow stood up and walked over to the two, "And it was...?" he asked.

"Another slave carriage..." the blue blur sighed, "But good news is that no one was in it after the law you maid and they were going to set that bugger a blaze.".

"Good. We will not have any of that.".

Cream, along with Alicia and Mina came over to the three, "Who is this?" she asked looking at Flash.

Flash smiled wide at the woman, "I'm Flash! I'm going to be a knight when I grow up!" he said happily.

"Oh really? That's wonderful." Alicia complimented.

"Our boy saw the knights battle a monster and was just intrigued on how brave and wonderful they are. So he kept bugging us on being one." Sally chuckled.

Mina nodded and looked down at the young hedgehog, "Well if you want to be a knight, you might need a lot of training." she told him.

With a determined head nod, Flash smiled extra wide, "I know! I wanna be a knight! Papa said I can learn easily and save a lady!" he bragged.

Sonic rolled his eyes and chuckled at his son's dreams, "You will, son. You will.".

With that, Everyone had finally came together and shared the entire afternoon with one another. Silver and Espio battled to see who got more stronger in time. Onix, Damion, and Flash watched in awe seeing them go head to head with their swords. Cream and Mina talked on and on about pastries and yummy foods. Blaze and Alicia talked on how their lives are and also talked on having more kids, without telling the husbands. Serena was busy playing with Maria since both were pretty young and the two started to do a little 'patty-cake' together.

Amy was far away watching her friends play, talk, and had fun. She smiled to herself and sighed happily, "Everything turned out alright. I was able to live on with the man of my heart, my friends grew up to fulfill their dreams, I have a beautiful child and in hopes of having more. What more could I ask...?"


Quickly, Amy turned her head to see her husband next to her with his arms sliding around her waist and pulling her close to him, "You don't need anymore of this. We have all we need." he said happily.

"And to think...it all started cause you fell for me." she giggled.

"Well you were a slave, but a very beautiful one at that.".

Amy smiled at him and rested her head on his chest, hearing his soft heart beat, "I'm glad it's over. I'm no longer a slave and neither are the rest." she said.

Shadow nodded and stroked her head, "But...I'm glad you were." he pointed out making her look up at him confused.


Shadow smiled and pecked her nose, "Cause it brought you to me.".

With that, Amy smiled and nodded, "Of course...I love you, Shadow.".

"And I love you...my little maid.".

And that everyone is the very last ending to Love For a Slave. Thank you all so very much for loving this story and keeping up with it. I know it was long and hard, but I finally got through and I am finally going to start the next story that's on my list. The one you voted for and the one you waited for. So after this, please stay tuned for the next upcoming story. BYENEEE!