Once all the members of Dokken got settled into their rooms, they decided to explore this place. They were all curious about this place. They knew that it was home to something more than "Springwood's best omelet" and a whole bunch of beds and silverware.

Mick had a hunch that something paranormal was lurking in the bed and breakfast's kitchen area. So that's where Mick headed. (It didn't help that he had a ravenous appetite, and would make any excuse to find the kitchen and explore it.)

Jeff listened to a little voice inside his head, which told him to go to the fitness room. So for whatever reason the voice provided, Jeff went down the stairs to the makeshift gym/dance studio.

George and Don both knew that they needed to check out the boiler room…but it wasn't like they told each other of their plans.

All Mick found in the kitchen was a whole bunch of angry chefs and uncooked food. He sighed, and of course the chefs didn't believe Mick's story about a paranormal presence.

"Look, I know how you rock stars are. There is no ghost in this kitchen. So do us a favor, and go to rehab." Needless to say, Mick stole a slice of bread, and went back to his room.

In the fitness area Jeff just stood there confused on the reason why he even came down here in the first place. It wasn't his intention to watch a group of women in their mid-40's doing Pilates. He was asked if he would like to join into the class, but he politely declined and headed back to his room that he shared with Mick.

Don made it to the boiler room first, only to find that the door was locked. George was there literally 5 seconds later.

"What are you doing here?" George asked, raising his eyebrows.

"I should be asking you the same thing."

"Well I need to find someone." George stated coldly.

"Oh? Really?" Don looked up. "Because I do too."

George laughed. "Alright, who do you need to meet?"

"His name is Krueger."

George was quiet, and rubbed his temples.

"Now…this might sound crazy…and I don't even know why I'm going to ask you this… but this Krueger guy… does he wear a brown fedora and a Christmas sweater?"

Don nodded before he answered "yes…yes he does…and he has this…this…glove thing."

"The glove with knives!" George exclaimed, making Don shake his head wildly in agreement.

"You don't think that…" Don looked into George's eyes.

"I think we're looking for the same person." George stated his voice low.

"You know he's only in your dreams, right? As real as it may seem, it's only in your dreams." A blonde teenage girl in a black fedora said, as she casually strolled past them.

"Oh shut up Debbie Gibson." George stated as the girl skipped off. Don laughed for a moment.

"I think that girl is right… the only time I see that guy is when I'm sleeping." George sighed.

"Me too."

"So what do we do? What do we do exactly? Do we go to a therapist? Because right now I'm not sure if we are mentally connected or if this guy is even real. I mean he's posing threats on my life. I don't know about you, but all that shit is happening to me."

"Me too George. I'm just… I'm just confused."

"You know what we'll do?"

"What?" Don asked, hoping George wasn't going to say anything too stupid.

"We'll get to sleep real early tonight, and we let this Krueger guy come at us…let him give us a few scratches. We awake or fight back before any real damage is done. But this way we'll find out if he is real if we wake up with the scars that were inflicted upon in the dream."

"You know what? That sounds totally absurd, but I'll do it. I'll go for it."

Don was just desperate for some answers onto who this dream guy was and why he was doing such things…and the connection he had with both Don and George.

Don and George just wanted some answers. And tonight will be the night they will be getting them.