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Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya

Nordics x Little!Reader

Finland's Little Girl

"Su-san! Su-san!"

Sweden closed the newspaper and folded it, he carefully set it aside before standing up and making his way towards the front door. As he did, he was watched by three pairs of eyes.

"Huh. I wonder what Finland's yelling about now?" asked Iceland. Norway shrugged and glared at Denmark.

"Hey, I didn't do anything Norgie!" Pleaded Denmark; throwing his hands up in the air. Norway tugged on Denmark's tie.

"Call me that again and I will strangle you." He tugged harder on Denmark's tie to emphasise his point. Denmark only shrugged.

"Come on Norgie! Just chill will you? Don't get your panties in a twi-" He was cut off by Norway strangling him with his tie. Iceland sighed before standing up and exiting the living room.

"You'd think that he would stop wearing ties after being strangled by them so much.." he muttered under his breath. He left the two on their own and headed to where Sweden and Finland were. Iceland saw that they were crowded around the front door which was wide open. The two of them were speaking amongst themselves.

"What should we do Su-san?" asked Finland, "We cannot just leave her here." Sweden stayed silent in thought. Iceland walked up to them.

"What are you two talking about?" He froze when he saw what Finland was carrying; a small child, a girl around two years of age. Her (h/l) (h/c) hair framing her small angelic face, she was asleep and Iceland saw that Sweden was holding a basket that was about her size. "Was she?" Asked Iceland, "Was she left here?" Finland nodded sadly.

"She was. Poor thing, and to think that orphanage she came from couldn't support her anymore." Spoke Finland. Iceland gave Finland a curious glance. Sweden noticed and handed Iceland a letter which he read carefully.

"I see." spoke Iceland, handing the letter back to Sweden. "So the orphanage here is going to close down. That's sad. Especially when this little girl seems to be one of the few left." The three of them stood at the doorway in silence, contemplating what to do with such a small child.

"Hey. You guys have been gone awhile, what are you doing?" Denmark and Norway soon appeared and froze when they saw the child.

"Okay." Spoke Denmark, "Which one of you guys here got busy because for sure that is not my kid." Norway then proceeded to strangle Denmark once more.

"Ignore him." Muttered Norway, he turned to the other three, "What are you going to do with her? It's not like we can take care of her."

"What? We can't just leave her!" cried Finland. Just then, the little girl's eyes opened revealing bright (e/c) coloured orbs that darted in every direction. The little girl pulled herself up so that she was in a sitting position in Finland's arms. She stared up into Finland's face while he stared back into hers.

"Papa!" She cried out happily before snuggling herself into Finland's chest.

"Eh?" Finland blinked a couple of times in shock. Denmark laughed.

"Well, I guess that answers it then. Finland she's all yours!"

"Looks like we're not needed." Speaks Norway, "Come, let's go brother dearest." Norway lightly pushes Iceland through the door.

"A-Ah. Looks like we'll be going now. Uh, bye guys...and don't call me that!" Iceland bids the others goodbye as he gets pushed by Norway. Denmark sees this and he too follows them, running through the doorway.

"Hey! Wait up!"

Finland watches them leave with an unsure smile on his face. He chuckles weakly.

"If I didn't know any better I'd think that they didn't want to take care of her."

"W'nt m' t' h'lp? (Want me to help?)" Asks Sweden. Finland gives a big smile.

"Really Su-san? Thank you!"

"Papa! Papa!" Finland looks to see the little girl cuddling up to him, he laughs.

"Hehe, you're cute little one. Hm, do you have a name?" He asks her. The little girl stares at him blankly. "Eh? You don't?" Finland thinks for a moment. "Su-san, maybe we should ask the others. I don't think she has a name..."

"Sh' h's ' n'm'. (She has a name)" Says Sweden. Finland looks at Sweden.

"She does?" asks Finland. Sweden nods.

"(N'm'). 't w's 'n th' l'tt'r. ((Name). It was on the letter." He says. Finland smiles.

"(Name)...Let's go inside, it's getting drafty here." All of a sudden (Name) points at Sweden, "Oh? What is it (Name)? Is there something on Su-san?" asks Finland gently.



-Year Later-

"And so, the days of Finland's fatherhood with his little girl (Name) begins. (Also, the beginning of Sweden's apparent motherhood.)" says Denmark as he holds onto a three year old female. The little girl squirms in Denmark's hold; making herself comfortable on his lap.

"So that's how Daddy and Mommy found me?" asked the girl. Denmark laughed before taking a swig of beer.

"Yup! That's the story (Name)!" Cries Denmark. (Name) giggled as Norway came up behind him and strangled him with his tie.

"Don't act like your Uncle Denmark...he's a bad influence." says Norway. (Name) nods happily.

"Okay Uncle Norgie!"

"...Uncle Norgie?" inquires Norway, eyeing Denmark suspiciously.

"Yes! Uncle Denmark the awesome told me to call you that!" (Name) giggled and slid herself off Denmark's lap and towards Iceland who was sitting across. Iceland picked up (Name) and sat her on his lap while watching Norway's grip on Denmark's tie tighten.

"Uncle Icey why does Uncle Denmark the awesome keep wearing ties? Uncle Norgie keeps hurting him with it." (Name) looks up at Iceland with a curious look on her face. Iceland stares at her in bewilderment.

"Wow. Denmark this kid is even smarter than you are." He muses to himself. Just then Finland walks into the room with some cookies.

"(Name)! You hungry?" He calls. (Name) bounces off of Iceland's lap and runs towards Finland.

"Daddy!" She cries happily, reaching for the cookies. Finland lifts the cookie tray above his head making (Name) pout. "Daddy! Cookie!" She crosses her arms and stares at Finland who smiled.

"Come on Finny! Just give the girl a cookie will ya?" Cried Denmark laughing at the young girl's pouting. He carefully stroked his neck before removing his tie.

"He finally gets it..." mutters Iceland; shaking his head as Denmark struggles to get the tie off.

Finland chuckles before getting down onto his knees and lowering the tray. "Here you go sweetheart." He says. (Name) squeals in delight before grabbing a cookie and giving Finland a kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks Daddy!"

While (Name) was eating cookies, the front door opened and Sweden walked in. (Name)'s face lit up upon seeing the Swedish man and she ran towards him.

"Mommy's home!" She cried. Reaching her arms out waiting to be picked up. Sweden gives a small smile and picks up (Name) who gave him a kiss on the cheek. The sound of Denmark's laughter ringing through the air.

"Ahahahaha I will never get tired of Sweden being the Mommy! Hahaha!" Denmark doubles over as he laughs once more. Iceland sighs at the sight while Finland frowns. (Name) giggles at her 'funny' Uncle Denmark while Sweden glares at him.

"..." Norway notices that Denmark's tie was hanging on the sofa arm. He glances at the tie before glancing at Denmark. Norway then picks up the tie and wraps it around Denmark's neck before pulling both ends, strangling Denmark.

"Heehee! Uncle Denmark the awesome got pwned by Uncle Norgie again!" giggled (Name), she beamed proudly at herself for her usage of the word 'pwned' which she learnt from Denmark.

Finland chuckles nervously. "What am I going to do with her." He muses.

(Extended Ending)

-(Name) in Kindergarten!-

"Okay (Name)." says the teacher. "Everyone else has already gone, so why don't you tell us about your family?" (Name) smiles before standing up in front of the class.

"My family has my Mommy, my Daddy, my three Uncles, and our pets!" says (Name). The teacher nods, everything seemingly normal about (Name)'s speech.

"My Daddy is Finland, he is very happy and he is a good Daddy. He works as Santa Claus!" Continues (Name).



The teacher stares at (Name) curiously.

"Then my Mommy is Sweden, he works very hard and he is very nice! He may look scary and doesn't talk much but he is a good Mommy!"

"Eh?" The teacher speaks, "Um (Name), aren't mommies usually girls?"

"Not my Mommy! My Mommy is a big, strong, tall man!" cries (Name) happily.

"...okay continue."

"Then there's Uncle Denmark the awesome! He tells me lots of stuff and he drinks a lot. Uncle Norgie keeps strangling him with his tie and always tells me not to be like him!"

The teacher nods, unsure about the speech.

"Uncle Icey is very nice! He gives me licourice and he has this pet Puffin! But Mr. Puffin is pretty Uncle Denmak the awesome when he's all drunk and funny! Um..oh yeah! We also have a dog! Her name is Hanatamago and sometimes during Christmas she can talk! So that's my family!"

The teacher and the rest of the students clap.

"...(Name), I think I'm going to talk to your parents later..." Says the teacher nervously.

"My family is so awesome right?!" Cries (Name) proudly.