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Chapter 6: Magic is Coming

Harry stood before the door to his compartment, waiting, there was a great crush of children just outside this door and beyond that there was a magical school full of even more people. It was a nightmare for Harry; he was used to his relatively small world of three people and a puppy. He hadn't really talked to anyone besides his Master and Bell in years... Harry wasn't sure if he even knew how to have a normal conversation with anyone. How was he to behave? What would he say to them? What did children typically talk about? Games? His games involved the wide spread manipulation of a world, not playing with a ball or whatever it was that they did.

This was a nerve racking prospect that was just beginning to set in that he was about to face a whole lot of people and Harry didn't it like it. He had an insane urge to go home to the Dark Castle and hide under his bed until his Master gave up on this idea of him attending this school. However, his contract with his Master ensured that Harry couldn't disobey a direct order from his Master and his Master wanted him to attend school. So Harry hardened his resolve and opened his compartment door moving to join the other children outside the train. Harry had known that he was giving up his free will when he had agreed to his deal with Rumpelstiltskin and Harry knew he would eventually have to do things he would rather not.

Outside there was a crowd of bustling students, the older ones moved with a confidence the younger ones lacked and it all made navigating his way through them to the big man calling out, "F'rst years o'er h'er," rather difficult. Eventually Harry made it to the other nervous looking children congregating around the giant of a man, and stayed just outside the pack of them as they moved toward the dark lake. "No m're th'n four ter a boat," the giant man said directing them to a row of barely passable looking boats. Harry looked at the so called boats in disgust, there was absolutely no way he was going to get into something that looked like it would sink in a stiff wind.

That decided Harry waited until he was sure no one was watching before conjuring himself a nice, secure, sturdy boat that would follow the other boats in the lone at his direction. He stepped into the boat deftly and shortly after the boats launched out onto the dark deep waters of the lake. Harry watched a tentacle lazily wave at him with mild interest, and listened to the small snippets of chatter that he could hear from the other boats. There was a lot of asking what houses one wanted, names exchanged, blood statuses, sometimes an argument over some such sports team, and the like…incredibly dull.

Then there was a collective drawing in of breath and Harry turned his attention to the view of the prettily lit castle in the distance. It was nice, but it was no Dark Castle with ominous towers and dark magic seductively beckoning the foolish inside. Hogwarts was about as big as the Dark Castle, but Hogwarts had a mixture of magic, not dark, not entirely light, making it feel muddled and murky to Harry's senses. A very unpleasant feeling. The giant man lead them up from the lake to a set of large double doors that Harry assumed was the great hall he had read about in Hogwarts: a History. Harry was very interested in the enchanted ceiling and hoped to discover how to replicate its effects in the Dark Castle (he would love the ceiling of his room to be enchanted).


Severus Snape was a cantankerous bitter man, life had never been kind to him and his own foolish mistakes had only compounded on his misfortunes. He had been bullied horribly when he was younger and so now he was quite content to be the bully now that he was in a position to do so. He had made more enemies than friends, and Snape was quite content to keep it that way. Better to be alone, better to be isolated, than to have friends and with the ever present possibility of being betrayed. Snape knew what people thought of him, knew what his ever present Headmaster thought of him and really he could care less.

Dumbledore thought he was still in love with Lily, his first and his last friend, and in some ways he was right. Severus loved Lily; she had been the only thing in his life worth anything once upon a time…before she had betrayed him. Everyone thought that Snape was the one to first betray his dear Lily…calling her a mudblood had been the end to their friendship. In fact it was Lily who had betrayed him first, Lily who had taught that despicable Potter his spell, Lily who had betrayed his trust and who had then refused to forgive him for lashing out. Snape knew that the only one anyone could truly depend on is themselves and people who make friends were foolish idiots.

Severus was in a particularly bad mood tonight because the spawn of Potter would be finally attending Hogwarts. This event had been both dreaded and anticipated for him…he could hardly wait to use his position of power over Potter as the boy's father had once done to him. And he had been told that the boy had his mother's eyes. Snape would give anything to see even a small part of Lily again, even if it was staring out at him from Potter's face. There had been some nervous chatter that there might be a problem getting Harry to come to Hogwarts, Dumbledore had sent out that oaf Hagrid to give him his letter personally, and that had set off a panic in the old coot.

Dumbledore had of course wiped the sensitive information from Hagrid's mind but he had shared his discovery with Snape. Harry Potter had left his guardians some time ago, years in fact, and no one knew where he was living now. Snape had been inclined to believe Potter had perished had it not been for his acceptance letter a few days later. Snape cast his narrowed eyes at the old coot, now, Dumbledore feared for the worst. Dumbledore had him make discreet inquires in all the right channels, none of the Dark supporters knew of the boy, and if they did it was under another name.

Now, both Dumbledore and Snape anticipated Potter's arrival in the hopes to get some answers from the boy about his whereabouts for the last few years. Minerva entered the great hall with the first years following her like a gaggle of lost ducklings, and Snape knew he wasn't the only one scanning the crowd of them looking for a particular boy. When he couldn't find the boy Snape turned his eyes to Minerva knowing that eventually the boy would be called to be sorted. Snape only paid the mildest of attention to the newest crop of brats and only really clapping when his godson was sorted so swiftly into Slytherin.

Then the moment they had all been waiting for, "Potter, Harry" Minerva said voice ringing out at the sudden hush on the crowd. For a moment nothing happened, no one moved out from the line, no one spoke and then a small voice with a queer accent called out, "Well which Harry are you calling? The boy-who-lived or Harry Potter?" A boy stepped out of the crowd, in odd dress he seemed to dance/walk to the front twirling his hands unnecessarily and making a spectacle of himself. "I'm not quite sure what you mean! There is only one Harry Potter!" Minerva said before the boy got close enough they could see his features.

"I was afraid of that," Potter muttered as he moved forward to join Minerva. It was Potter, though he looked nothing like he had expected his hair was as unruly and unsightly as his father's however the similarities ended there. He had his mother's eyes that seemed to take up a great deal of his face, his clothes were odd…obviously foreign but similar enough that it could be overlooked. His skin was pale, he had the queerest accent and had the oddest way of walking that Severus had ever seen…as if the boy was trying to decide if he should skip, walk or dance all while he moved.

Potter twirled his hands raising them up by his chest before he delicately took the sorting hat from Minerva using only his thumb and forefinger as if he wanted to touch it as little as possible. Snape watched him as he shifted from foot to foot keeping the hat pinched between his fingers and watched the resignation flood his features as he barely touched the hat to his head not even bothering to sit on the stool. The hat had just lightly touched his head before it called out, "Slytherin!" The look of relief as Potter practically flung the hat back at Minerva was almost comical as he twirled on one foot to head to his house's table. Snape was too shocked to mask his surprise from his face.


Harry barely kept himself from shuddering as he wiped his hands with a napkin as soon as he sat at the table ignoring the children around him. That had had been disgusting, absolutely disgusting, who knew how many centuries of children had put that thing on and it certainly hadn't looked clean. He was glad his sorting had been so quick that he hadn't had to have that hat on his head more than necessary. Just as Harry was proceeding to fill his plate with the most edible looking things on the table a blond boy with a pinched face cleared his throat loudly to get his attention.

"I'm Draco Malfoy, this is Crabbe and Goyle," Draco said pointing to the two goonish boys sitting next to him. "Daphne Greengrass, Theodore Nott, Blaise Zabini, Millicent Bulstrode, Tracey Davis and Pansy Parkinson," Draco pointed out the various children surrounding them. Harry sighed, "Harry Potter, but you already knew that." Harry said annoyed with having to get the niceties out of the way. "Right," Draco sneered, "You'll soon find out that some wizarding families are much better than others, Potter. You don't want to go making friends with the wrong sort. I can help you there."

Draco extended his hand out to Harry and Harry took a moment to contemplate the snobbish boy's offer. Harry smiled like a shark and took the boy's hand, "Alright then, Draco was it, I'll take you up on your 'offer' and in exchange I won't rip your heart out of your chest for your presumptuousness." Draco got very pale after that and Harry giggled a bit menacingly. After all Harry had learned from the best…never make a deal without setting up your price first.

They ate quietly after that, the other children were too nervous to try talking to Harry again and the older students didn't particularly care much. Harry found that to be quite enjoyable even if the food was very heavy and the Hall overcrowded. Harry was too busy making his plans to put up with having to try to converse with children. Harry was planning his lesson plans in his mind, when he would use the time tuner, how much time he wanted to spend in the library and exploring the castle. He needed to get the layout before classes started to avoid getting lost all the time and magical castle were hard enough to get used to.

When everyone was eating desert Harry cleared a space on the table not very interested in sweets having had his fill on the train. He laid out his Tarot deck instead, playing attention to what the cards were telling him and playing no mind to the children staring at him as he did so. The cards were warning him, it was a good thing he was in the habit of checking them so often, Harry sighed he would have to bring his Master here earlier than he had planned.

That was very inconvenient since his Master was a very curious person and after he saw Hogwarts Harry knew he wouldn't be able to talk his way out of here early. Rumpelstiltskin wouldn't be satisfied until he had learned all he could from this place and that would be years. However, Rumpelstiltskin's own plans would involve about a twenty eight year waiting period when enacted so Harry didn't expect his Master would mind sending him here for years.

Harry followed the flow of the students after that to the Slytherin dorm rooms keen on getting some sleep before he had to wake early to get his Master from his world. The common room was cold and dreary Harry found it amusing that the Slytherins seemed to be so devoted to looking menacing. Harry was of the mind that if you were truly dangerous then you would have no need to put on airs, acting serious, or falling into a typical role. No the truly dangerous people are the ones that don't seem dangerous at all until they have your heart in their hands and a smile on their face.

Shortly after they arrived a shallow looking man stormed in pacing in front of them, he was tall, his hair was dark and greasy, dressed all in black. He sneered out at them; his voice was deep as he said, "Welcome to Slytherin, I expect you to uphold the virtues of your house. Slytherins always present a united front; I don't care what foolishness happens inside Slytherin as long as it is never shown publicly…" Harry toned out the rest of the man's speech as he quickly lost interest in listening to his long litany of rules.

They were dismissed to do to their rooms shortly, however, just as Harry was going to join the other boys he heard, "Potter, a moment," from the same deep voice. Harry sighed, "Yes Professor?" Harry asked the man's name already having slipped his mind. The man sneered at him, "The Headmaster would like to speak with you first thing in the morning, you will come to my office as soon as possible and I will escort you there myself." Harry was starting to be very annoyed with this whole situation quickly, "Alright Professor."

Harry had been distracted all night, being around this many people after so long being mostly alone was overwhelming and disorientating. However, he didn't fail to notice that when he had been sorted into Slytherin the others of his house had failed to clap, he noticed the cold harsh looks and most importantly he had remembered the lessons the Dursleys had taught him. If you are not liked or loved you had better be feared otherwise pain was sure to follow.

So Harry sat on his bed waiting, as his roommates fell asleep and the dorm room got very dark. He waited patiently for them, he knew they would come to hurt him or kill him if they could. A little while after midnight Harry heard the quiet shuffling of four pair of feet as they kept closer to his bed. Harry smiled viciously; he flared a bright flash of light blinding the four older students and causing them to panic. With a thought Harry directed roots to shoot up from the floor and bind them leaving them defenseless.

He giggled, "My my dearies," Harry said as he pranced around them giving no mind to his roommates as they awoke from the noise and light to stare at the scene he was making. Harry stepped in front of the four students, obviously upper years, three boys and one girl…two of which had badges of a prefect. "Now what to do to you," Harry said as he got into the apparent leader's face. The boy was the one struggling the most, the one the others had looked to after they had realized their situation. Harry shot up his hand pointing to the ceiling in an obviously eureka moment, "Oh I know just what to do!"

Then he quickly shoved his hands inside the boy's chest grabbing his heart and ripping it out so that it glowed and beat inside his chest. Then before the other three could panic he did the same to them using his magic to float two of the hearts behind him. He kept the leader's and the girl's hearts in his hands. He giggled menacingly as they squirmed in the pain of having their hearts from their chests, "Now in case you didn't figure it out let me explain your new situations to you." Harry said as he paced in front of the four of them. "I now hold your lives in my hands, so from this moment on you all are my bitches," Harry laughed now at the look on their faces.

"You see if you make a move against me, displease me at all, aid anyone against me, or generally make yourselves not useful to me all I have to do is…squeeze…" Harry said squeezing the hearts in his hands while his magic squeezed the other two. The four of them thrashed around violently, faces pale, mouths open in silent screams. Harry laughed, "You see dearies I am not someone you should have messed with…now it would be best if you content yourselves with being my slaves," he said mockingly.

He released them from his enchantment letting them fall at his feet panting, "Bye bye now dearies…off to bed!" Harry said mockingly giggling as they scrambled out of the room as quickly as they could. When he turned around he noticed his new roommates all staring at him wide eyed and pale. Draco Malfoy was looking particularly green and Harry smiled at them. "Night night dearies! Remember Draco is the only one that is unfortunate enough to have immunity to getting his heart ripped from him!" Harry laughed as they all scrambled to lay down squeezing their eyes shut in mock sleep.

Harry giggled his way to his new bed pulling a shrunken chest from his side pouch that held his new enchanted heart vault, after Petunia Harry had it made in Diagon for him. Though the shop keeper who had crafted and enchanted the chest had no idea the purpose it held, of course. His Master would not had approved had he known but then again what Rumpelstiltskin didn't know wouldn't hurt Harry. Harry giggled some more as he carefully placed each heart in a small box. As the hearts were placed in them each box gained an engraved name at the top: Marcus Flint, Terence Higgs, Adrian Pucey and Abigail Fawley.

Giggles escaped Harry as he realized that he had forgotten to get the names of his newest slaves…not that it mattered much to him either way. The boxes were of his own crafting, they were his way of getting around the weakness that came from using this spell to take hearts from people. Most who use this spell get carried away, forget whose hearts they had taken, and soon that makes the hearts meaningless as anything more than decorations.

This way every heart would be labeled, and Harry would know just what heart to go to should any of them displease him. This spell was addictive…so he had to be careful to hide his using of it from his Master. Harry sealed the boxes into the vault inside the chest and then placed the chest back into his pouch that never left his side. The inside of the chest looked as Harry would imagine a safe deposit box vault would look like, every box had its own especially enchanted cubby and Harry was proud of his design. There were rows and rows of free cubbies awaiting a heart as Harry only had five at the moment.

Harry smiled; he should start a special collection, a wall for courageous hearts, one for cowardly hearts, one for bitter hearts, another for strong hearts and maybe even one for broken hearts. Only time would tell if his collection would grow to be as big as his vault but Harry didn't think he would have a problem filling his vault. Harry was proud of the boxes, they were probably one of his masterpieces of magic and though they appeared plain they were all carefully crafted. Each would identify the heart placed inside, make it so he was the only one who could touch them, and they were connected to his will…so if he so desired all he had to do was think about the heart with the name to get the box to squeeze or destroy the heart within it. He was proud of the boxes.

Harry knew he would have to sleep while he could, figuring that he would remain unmolested the rest of the night and he knew he would have to get up early to speak with his Master. There was so much he had to learn, so much to do, and Harry couldn't wait to begin. He had so many new plans forming inside his mind, so many pieces that had to be moved into place and Harry tapped the time turner happily…he had so much time now. Giggling Harry forced himself to sleep hoping that the meeting with the Headmaster would go smoothly tomorrow.