Chapter Four

Old Friends

Cassandra had been shocked to discover that the Dark Fae Vex lived in the city. He was her best client, always able to make interesting deals and offers. The only interaction they had ever had was through computer webcams, and she had always made a point to conceal her face in someway. She already knew what Vex looked like, and that he was the favorite of the Dark Fae Elders. Her knowledge stopped their however. Her instincts couldn't tell her anything like they could other people, and her other sources knew little about him as well. To say that the Hunter was excited to see the Fae was an understatement. She had been dieing to know about the man for ages. Her excitement was not that of a giggly school girl however, but of a curious predator. As such, her eyes were only glowing brighter and brighter as Bo led her into Carpe Noctem.

The club was dark and gothic in style and music choice. Humans danced and drank under the watchful eye of several Dark Fae. Bo had taken the liberty to inform her of the Succubus's adventures through the club, including an assault on the hidden back rooms. The club was a feeding ground for the Dark, and it was very enticing. Cassandra felt Bo at her arm as they moved through the crowds of dancers. According to the Succubus Vex didn't know that they were coming. He would most likely be caught off guard and retaliate. The thought brought a grin to the Hunter's lips.

"Stay close," Bo warned, her eyes attentive. "Vex enjoys mind games." As if on cue Bo went rigid for a moment before turning and slugging Cassandra. The Hunter was pushed back a step from surprise and checked her lip to make sure it wasn't busted. Meanwhile the Succubus was advancing towards her with and annoyed look. Before Cassandra could react Bo was leaning in to kiss her. The Hunter dropped to a crouch and spun on the ball of her foot with a leg extended. Bo's feet were swept out from under her and she was sent crashing to the ground. The human dancers paused for a moment in confusion before shrugging and going back to their activities.

"Should I be worried?" Cassandra asked coyly. Bo glared up at her and got to her feet. Mad giggles caught both women's attention. Cassandra turned to see the tall and thin Vex walking towards them while clapping enthusiastically.

"Well wasn't that a great bit of fun," he said, grinning. "How's the gang doing? Alright? I can't remember too much of our little get together, bit too much fun with the free drinks." Vex started giggling again before his eyes rested on Cassandra. He gave her a once over and gave her a lewd grin.

"Whose your friend?" he asked Bo, "She wouldn't happen to be another Succubus would she?"

"We need your help," Bo stated. Vex's eyebrows shot up in mock surprise as he laughed more. Cassandra was thoroughly enjoying the show.

"You need my help?" Vex asked, "Last time I checked, the last time I helped you my hand was broken and I nearly died on multiple occasions. I think our relationship was a one and done, if you ask me,"

"Well I wasn't asking you," Bo shot back, and Vex tilted his head to the side. The change in emotion was subtle. Vex's grin became a twisted and dark leer and his eyes narrowed dangerously as they glittered with intelligence.

"Last time I checked sweetheart, this was a Dark Fae only club. I believe we've been over this before, unaligned aren't considered Dark." Vex then threw out his and Bo turned around and started walking back towards the door of the club. Cassandra watched in fascination as realization hit her.

"Vex," she purred, "why didn't you tell me you were a Mesmer?" Vex faltered when he heard her voice, the prominent Irish accent giving her away. He severed his control over Bo and completely forgot about her. He gave Cassandra another once over, but this time slower and more attentive.

"Cassandra Kane?" the Dark Fae asked, unsure.

"The one and only," Cassandra replied with a smug smirk.

"You didn't know what kind of Fae I was?" Vex asked her, and Cassandra expertly avoided the topic.

"You know him?" Bo asked, unknowingly aiding Cassandra in weaseling her way out of telling Vex information. If he knew she couldn't read him, there was no telling what he could do with the information. He was her best contact and client, but he was still a member of the Dark.

"Of course I know old Cassandra!" Vex replied before she could, his original grin back in place. "I've only known her for a few centuries."

"So you could have just asked where he was and been fine without me?" Bo questioned.

"Pretty much," Cassandra said with a shrug. "but it wouldn't have been nearly as fun." Bo looked like she'd just been slapped in the face.

"So what are you doing here, lov?" Vex inquired.

"I heard all kinds of things happen in this place, thought I'd join in on the fun." Cassandra told him.

"You should've told me you were coming," Vex said, "I could have thrown a party with drinks, and music, and humans to toy with!"

"In other words you would have invited me to the club," Cassandra said with a smile. Vex giggled which told the Hunter she had guessed correctly.

"Anyway," Bo asked intervened, "we need your help."

"Did you not get the message, sweetheart?" Vex asked, "I'm not going help you and your little Light Fae groupies." Cassandra moved between the two before a repeat of their earlier incident could occur.

"What she's is trying to say is that I need your help," she said. Vex's attitude immediately changed from hostile to compliant. He slung an arm around her shoulders and brought her in close like they were old friends.

"Of course, lov, anything for you. What do you need? An artifact, need to track someone down?" Vex released her and jumped back excitedly with a murderous grin. "Need me to kill someone?" Bo looked disturbed by his willingness to simply kill whoever the Hunter might point to. Cassandra knew that the man would kill if he was benefited by it.

"Actually, it may be a combination of the last two." Cassandra told him. Vex looked interested by her comment. "Do you mind if we go somewhere with less ears to eavesdrop?" Vex's lewd grin was quickly back on his face when Bo cut into the conversation once more.

"How about the Dal," the Succubus said. Vex gave her an annoyed glare but didn't argue either. Cassandra allowed Bo to take the lead as Vex walked beside the Hunter. They walked out into the alley that led to Vex's club and Cassandra noted that it had grown darker outside. As Vex and Bo threw insults at each other Cassandra felt someone watching them. She glanced back over her shoulder and saw someone slip into another alley. Her eyes narrowed but she continued on with the two bickering Fae.

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