Ch.1: Trouble all over it

It was another simple morning for Christine Kowalski.

She snuggled beneath her warm covers only trying to squeeze in the last few minutes of rest before her alarm clock would wake her.

Five minutes even before the alarm went off. Kowalski slowly crept a hand out from her safe warm cocoon and slapped the clock's snooze button before it bothered her. Within the expected time frame she slowly rose up still half dazed and tired.

Her eyes were bloodshot from the night before when she reawakened. Her soft blue eyes were resonating with pain when she opened them. Like a hangover she once received from partying the night away with Ray and the rest of her cohorts.

She just felt horrible.

Kowalski was still wrapped in her blanket walking towards her wardrobe to pull out her work clothes. The space heater she usually turns on wasn't on. What also bothered her the most before she shed her blanket letting it slide to the floor.

How on earth did she get back into her own house?

There was that battle between Doctor Doctor and all of those THEM agents. What exactly happened between the two?

"I was knocked out," Kowalski spoke to herself holding her forehead. But how, if she knew anything Ray knew something that she couldn't remember from the night before.

"Of course you were knocked out," Ray her straight laced commander and friend was standing outside her door. He was eavesdropping on her private conversation with herself.

"How," Kowalski seemed distraught before Ray before interjected another moment.

"You haven't been yourself since the moment you were attacked." Ray explained to her. His voice was muffled through the door that he was standing behind.

The young woman suddenly felt her blood turn to ice in her veins.

"What do you mean?" Kowalski hissed. She opened the door exposing Ray himself where the blue haired agent only gave her a stern stare.

"Then that would mean," Kowalski thought about the alarm clock that she thought was set to six O'clock.

"No," Ray said shaking his head.

The clock wasn't set to any specific time. It was only in Kowalski's head that she thought it was.

"What happened, why are you here then?" Kowalski sputtered.

Ray's hand was reaching inside his jacket's pocket.

"What are you doing?" Kowalski asked him.

Ray pulled out a letter. Kowalski only stood where her feet felt glued as if she was sure the letter would tell her the terrible news.

"It's from Changed Daily himself," Ray said opening the letter for the instruction.

"Give me that," Kowalski grabbed the letter from Ray's hands. Upon ripping it open she could hope to feel the situation was worsening.

The letter was dated yesterday.

Kowalski leveled her face to Ray's stature looking him straight in the eyes. "how could you do this to me, what did I do that was so horrible?"

"Who else could have you done?" then Ray's face soon began to vanish into darkness.

Kowalski woke up in a cold sweat.

The harsh words that Ray left her with were still fresh in her mind. She could not go back to sleep even though it was only a dream. Laying her back against the wall she soon realized when her eyes came into focus she was sitting in a dark cell.

She felt an interrogation would soon be in order.

"Oh, Kowalski is finally awake now." Doctor Doctor said walking to the cell.

Kowalski's heart was pounding hoping this was another nightmare. It was her mortal enemy that bound her in this prison.

Doctor Doctor gripped the handle of the jail cell. With a deafening clank it shifted open to reveal a frightened Kowalski who remained inside.

"What's she gonna do to me?" Kowalski thought to herself. Her breathes were icy when she blew them. The sheer terror before Doctor Doctor came up to her and sat down on her bed.

Kowalski tried to remain calm.

Doctor Doctor crept a hand and placed it atop of the young agent's. "I'm very sorry for the accommodations, but as a prisoner of war I only thought it'd befitting."

Kowalski sneered.

Doctor Doctor's face snarled in rage. "my, my and your comrades Victor and Anita," she emphasized by sounding sarcastic continuing her explanation. "they left in the midst of danger, they abandoned you when the going got tough, they-"

Kowalski pushed her away. "no, you're lying they'd never leave their own behind."

Doctor Doctor stood up and grunted. "is that so, then why are you here? Why haven't Victor and Anita joined you in this cell!"

"It was just a mistake, they left me," Kowalski tried to finish her thought then pressed her hands against her temples. "I don't even remember how I got here." she said as her voice became frightfully low.

"Why is that?" she asked Doctor Doctor. "I can't even remember what happened."

Ray was managing the controls in the control room when a bandaged Anita and Victor came staggering through the door. Victor was clinging to Anita for support as he was just as exhausted and worn out as his partner was.

Luckily for the two of them they didn't need to use the stairs.

"Kowalski didn't make it back," Victor said sputtering. He was too caught up in his emotions before Anita took over for him.

"Doctor Doctor while we were escaping from her base-" Anita gulped to wet her throat.
"there was a massive explosion which detonated a knock out gas."

Ray was not pleased when they broke the news. He couldn't ask Kowalski an important question he wanted to ask her tonight then.

Ray walked up to Anita and Victor assisting them. "do you two need an escort to the medi-bay by chance?" he asked kneeling next to Victor checking his wounds.

"That's where we both came from," Victor said as if it the sentence was a punch line to a funny joke.

"So," Ray said urgently. "is there any way we can rescue her?" he was helping Victor re bandage his hand.

"We don't know yet," Anita replied. Biting down on her lower lip hoped to come up with some fool proof plan.

"Well, your espionage skills failed you, but I suppose you could be of use to me," Doctor Doctor said chiding the miserable agent. Leaving Kowalski she walked to the exit to tend to other matters.

Kowalski only looked at her feet.

The mission was a complete and utter failure from the moment it began. Victor, Anita, and herself were the agents assigned specifically for the job. Kowalski especially due to Ray's recommendation to become a spy like Anita or Victor one must have field experience and this was supposed to be her shining moment.

The chance to earn a higher rank within the UZZ hierarchy.

Kowalski began to let out a sob.

U.Z.Z. had just discovered breaking news about THEM. Base had figured out Doctor Doctor made a fake plant of the secret thing. How the original was stolen was still unknown. But it was speculated during the lockdown when a hive of THEM agents scoured UZZ.

It was as if they knew where UZZ's security fault was.

The two main objectives stand: Finding the secret thing and exposing the double agent that handed over the secret thing on a silver platter.

Kowalski began to hug her knees sniffling. "If-if I never came here in the first place" her eyes were soaked and tear stained from crying. "If he'd never mentioned this mission in the first place I'd..."

Kent passing through the jail cells was curious after he heard of Kowalski's capture. But because she was his teammate after all he felt he should give her some comfort. His hands were wrapped around the cold metal bars. Looking into the tiny jail cell that Kowalski was cooped up in.

"Now don't cry, Kowalski, don't cry," Kent said assuring her it'd be okay.

Kowalski shot up in her bed.

She'd recognize that accent anywhere. Wiping her eyes with the cuff of her sleeve she replied. "Kent, how did you get here?" suddenly the feeling of being deserted by her teammates began to fade away.

"Is Victor and Anita here?" Kent stopped Kowalski's questions short when asking.

Kent shushed her. "Doctor Doctor might be on to us," he said jangling the keys in front of Kowalski's eyes.

Changed Daily slammed a fist on his mantelpiece. "this is a terrible breach in security!"

Victor and Anita were filled with guilt as they sat in their respected seats. Victor was rubbing his sore head while talking. "it's like this we were trying to rescue the secret thing, but Doctor Doctor was one step ahead of us."

Anita could only sympathize with him while she dug her fingernails into her arm rests. "but how Kowalski got caught was something we could not control."

"Now before we leave I'm gonna stick this in the jail cell," Kent placed a complicated agent's lock picking kit.

It was no bigger than a clutch that you put makeup inside. "now after lying it there Doctor Doctor won't suspect a thing."

"Now c'mon," he tugged on Kowalski's hand forcing her to run.

They both quickly ran down the hall.

Kent could only imagine the consequence in store for him if Doctor Doctor actually figured out he was the one behind prison break. His only reasoning to move Kowalski out of the base in the first place was to preserve the secret thing from getting snatched back again.

Of course it was only a matter of time.