Ch.7: And the heartache that follows

Kowalski felt fortunate that her disguise was yet to be recognized amongst the other agents. Panting she tried to stop herself from whimpering. With no use the attempt made her feel silly trying to stop her bitter emotions from surfacing. It was him all along that pulled the wool over their eyes. He was the one who must have been responsible for the abduction of the secret thing. There was no denying as far as she knew and Kent was definitely not to be trusted!

It made too much sense now when she mentioned it. Kent was no where inside the base that night. He called off the night those T.H.E.M. agents flooded the base. Was that the one of the signs that Kent was one of them?

Kowalski wildly thrashed her head around thinking it wasn't possible. Denying it did no good now that she was stuck inside T.H.E.M.'s base. The only thing to do now was leave this retched place for good. Never to come back ever again.

Kowalski pulled herself together and promised they'd all find a way out. She was sitting inside the THEM men's public restroom. It seemed more unlikely they'd check for her in the woman's room instead.

Kowalski placed the pink crash helmet on her head declaring. "I'm going in-again."

Ashley was sitting on Doctor Doctor's seat of power when Kent came walking in.

Kent stopped where he was standing when he recognized the girl before him. Ashley couldn't tell it was Kent because he was wearing his helmet. But felt it was him sure enough when he spoke to her. "your that little brat aren't you?"

Ashley jolted out of her chair when she was aware that the THEM agent's voice was familiar. "it's you isn't it?" she asked.

"Is who," Kent replied angrily.

"You sound like someone I know." Ashley got close to him, but only saw half of his face. "why don't you take off that helmet."

"Why should I," Kent said like a child.

"Because I said so." Ashley countered with hostility.

Kent mumbled doing so popped the helmet off. Ashley stepped back when she knew she was right. "you're one of THEM?" she always wanted to use the pun in some sentence one day.

"Cut the theatrics your not here for just anything." Kent hollered accusing her of the same treachery.

"Why not," Ashley mumbled.

"This isn't what you should be doing." Kent laid a hand over his face feeling defeated.

"So then what about you?" Ashley asked softly to her two timing friend.

Kent waved a hand to follow him into a special room. They walked into it, it was filled with security cameras. Kent slumped on the swivel chair where Ashley was flabbergasted by the discovery.

Ray was sitting in a corner by himself in the small cell. Until he was rudely dragged outside by a tHEM agent. The THEM agent was female who had also two other companions close beside her. They were dressed in blue and red THEM outfits.

"C'mon we're getting you out of here." Kowalski was holding him by his arm.

"Cut that out," Ray cried out in pain. He nearly fell on his knees when he was trying to regain his composure.

Kowalski stopped when she realised she hurt him. "what is it," she said in a small timid voice.

Ray clearly knew who he was dealing with now. "Kowalski," he asked. "is that you?"

Kowalski let go of his arm then answered. "yeah, yes, it is." Scott and Todd pulled of their helmets as well. Ray saw that they were all pretending to be THEM agents.

"Great work team-now-" Ray counted them all then stopped. "where's Ashley?"

"I have no idea," it never occured to Kowalski that anything happened to her.

"Well, we'll all find her, but-" Ray caught Kowalski's arm before they moved on.

Scott and Todd were already out of sight before they knew it.

Kowalski fell into Ray's embrace feeling his arms wrap around her. "Ray I-"

Kowalski returned the gesture wrapping her arms around Ray's waist. "I'm glad that your-"she began to stutter happy that he was alive. "your alive-I was so afraid-"

"I'm sure you were." Ray said comforting her.

Kent and Ashley were both witnessing the spectacle. Ashley recoiled away from the television that captured Ray and Kowalski's moment.

"It's not enough that they say it, but now they're..." Ashley slumped on the second swivel chair next to Kent's.

"They're hugging each other." Kent replied.

"Yeah," Ashley said throwing her arms out then letting them fall into her lap.

Kent saw her frown. "what's wrong with you?"

Ashley rolled her eyes. "I'm here for business."

Kent snorted. "about what,"

"Nothing," Ashley muttered. "I'll tell you when Doctor Doctor arrives soon."

"But I'll tell you," Kent slapped a hand over his eyes. "wait till Ray figures out what you've done!"

Ashley's eyes strayed away from the T.V.'s she felt a little ashamed of her actions.

Kent only focused on the television while Ashley dreamily thought of her plans. It bothered her to figure out Kent was also apart of the organization. It felt like it made so much sense now it wasn't funny. Kent had been in disfavor with UZZ and now-she quit thinking she was no better now.

"It shouldn't be too long now," Ashley thought to herself.