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Steve paced the house again before ending up in the kitchen again. Vicki stood at the counter preparing dinner as she had been the last time Steve had entered the kitchen all of ten minutes before. Steve exited yet again, did a circuit of the house, before coming back to the kitchen.

"Oh my gosh will you stop it," said Vicki exasperated.

Steve gave her a confused look.

"Would you prefer I leave and you talk to Catherine alone," asked Vicki with all sincerity.

She trusted Steve completely and knew that if he wanted to talk to Catherine about their relationship all by himself nothing would happen. She had volunteered to make dinner so that she could be there to help Steve relax, but if his pacing was any indication, she wasn't helping him. If anything he looked more tense. Steve gave her a worried glance before pacing within the kitchen.

"Okay thats it. Steve I am leaving and you can tell Catherine all by yourself."

"What? No," yelled Steve grabbing onto Vicki's arm.

"I really don't mind. Besides I don't want it to seem like we are rubbing our relationship in her face," said Vicki.

"Please don't go. I'm just nervous about telling her. I mean aside from Danny she is one of my best friends and although we were never anything serious, I don't want to hurt her." "Neither do I. Which is why I'm wondering if my being here isn't going to do just that," explained Vicki.

"Please stay. I need you here," said Steve looking into Vicki's eyes.

"Okay, I'll stay. But let me know if at any point you want to talk to her alone. I'll understand," said Vicki as she squeezed Steve's hand and returned to making dinner.

"Deal," said Steve as he looped over to the counter and watched Vicki as she cooked.

He absolutely loved when she cooked at his house. It was like playing house except in this case it was real. At the end of the day Vicki stayed here with him, or they went to her house, but they stayed together. Steve was watching Vicki with a dopey grin and was zoned enough that he didn't realize that Catherine had let herself into the house. Vicki was so concentrated on adding the right seasoning to her mother's penne alla vodka that she didn't notice Catherine either.

Catherine looked at the two of them and it wasn't hard to figure out what Steve had wanted to talk to her about. If Catherine had to guess this woman was the reason that Steve and her hadn't been getting together for their 'dates.' It was a bit sad because Catherine had liked the arrangement she had with Steve, but she was delighted for him. As one of his best friends she knew how hard it was for him to trust people and connect with them. She was happy that he seemed to have found someone to be with. Catherine subtly cleared her throat, startling the two people in the kitchen.

Steve turned around and a nervous smile was on his face, but when he saw the affectionate smile that Catherine was directing towards him and Vicki, a genuine smile graced his face. Vicki looked over and tried not to fidget as she meet someone who Steve had known for years and who was very important to him.

"Hi I'm Catherine Rollins," said Catherine as she extended her hand toward Vicki after giving Steve a hug.

"I'm Vicki Williams," said Vicki with a smaller yet calmer smile.

"Any relation to Danny Williams," asked Catherine having met Steve's partner.

"His sister actually," said Vicki with a blush.

"Well, that must be interesting," laughed Catherine.

Vicki joined in the laughter.

"Interesting is one way of putting it. I swear Dan spent so much time saying Steve and I should get together, that I don't think he bothered to stop and think what that would mean," joined in Vicki.

Catherine and Vicki burst out laughing. Steve just grinned at the fact that two of the most important women in his life were getting along so well. The three finally sat down to dinner and they laughed through most of it. The girls found a lot of enjoyment in picking on Steve and calling him out on some of the stuff he said. After dessert Vicki excused herself and headed home to allow Steve and Catherine to have some privacy to talk. Steve promised to meet her later at her house.

"So I am guessing she's the reason I've seen less of you," asked Catherine as she helped Steve clean the dishes.

"Yeah she is," said Steve with an affectionate smile as he thought of Vicki.

"I like her. Gotta say she is perfect for you," said Catherine with a somewhat sad laugh.

"So I've been told. Look Cath I'm sorry to have surprised you with this," started Steve.

"Don't be. We never promised each other anything. We were a casual thing when we were in the same place at the same time."

"You were never casual Cath," said Steve with a sad smile.

"Thanks for saying that," said Catherine as a few tears slid down her cheek.

"I mean it. But we both knew that we weren't meant to be more, right," asked Steve nervous now thinking he had misled her.

"Are you kidding me? We would never have survived if we made an attempt! I'm actually kinda glad one of us found someone because now there's no chance we can screw up our friendship by trying to be more," said Catherine with a laugh.

Steve joined in with her laughter.

"Okay so now that we've established that we are better off as just friends, what do you really think of her," asked Steve.

"I wasn't lying before. She is perfect for you. And I like her a lot. She doesn't take any of your bullshit, but she is protective of you. Its what you need," said Catherine with a fond smile for Steve.

"You have no idea how relived I am to hear you say that," said Steve with an exaggerated sigh.

"I can guess sailor. Now get out of here. There is a girl waiting for you at her house and I am pretty sure there is a frilly drink and a lonely man waiting for me at some bar," joked Catherine.

"You should try the one on the beach that you pass on the way here," said Steve as he walked Catherine and himself to the door.


"Its where I met Vicki," said Steve with a grin.