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Vicki had said it was a Christmas surprise for the whole Five-0 team. Danny and Steve were hesitant because the last time Vicki had a surprise she had announced she was opening a second veterinary practice in Hawaii. It meant that she was working more hours and barely had time to make cookies for the team. But Vicki had insisted that it was nothing like that.

Steve also had to admit that he was excited. This was their first Christmas as a couple. She was planning on staying at his house Christmas eve and then they would do Christmas morning with Danny, Kono, Kamekona, Chin, and Malia. It would only be more perfect if Grace was there. However, the chance of Rachel letting Grace spend Christmas morning with her father was slim to none. But, it was going to be enjoyable anyway. Even if Steve had to get Danny drunk to help him forget that Grace was spending Christmas with step Stan, Rachel, and Charlie in a mansion.

It was Christmas eve and Danny and Steve were pulling up to the Williams' house when they realized something was off. Kono and Chin were right behind them and noticed when Steve and Danny slow down as they approached the house. The two cars pulled into the driveway and were surprised to find everything covered in white. Danny, Steve, Kono, and Chin got out of their cars and put their hands out to catch the falling snow flacks. Out of the cars they could hear the faint noises of what they guessed was a snow machine coming from the side of the house.

Vicki stood at the front door as the 5-0s arrived. They looked at her and watched as a happy grin spread across her face as she moved aside and Grace and Malia came out of the house. Danny fell to his knees in the snow as his daughter ran up to him and gave him a hug.

"Mommy says I can spend Christmas eve and Christmas morning with you. Her and step Stan are gonna pick me up tomorrow afternoon," said Grace, all the while smiling.

Danny couldn't stop the happy tears that fell down his cheeks. He looked to his sister and knew that she had something to do with his daughter being able to spend Christmas eve with him. He mouthed a 'Thank you' to her and she mouthed 'Your welcome' to him. Steve wandered over to Vicki as the snow continued to fall and Chin and Kono looked on with wonder at the white stuff.

"Some Christmas surprise," said Steve as he stood in front of Vicki.

"Thank you," said Vicki with a grin as she wrapped her arms around Steve.

"This is amazing. I don't think Kono and Chin have ever seen it snow. I don't think Kono has ever seen snow," said Steve with a laugh.

"Yeah I don't think so either," said Vicki with a laugh as she watched Chin throw a snow ball at his cousin.

Danny wandered over just then and pulled his sister away from Steve so he could give her a hug.

"You are amazing and I don't want to know what you had to do to convince Rachel to let me have Grace, but thank you," was all Danny could say.

"Your welcome," was all Vicki said.

Just then Danny got hit in the back with a snowball. He turned around to face a grinning Grace and Kono.

"Oh you didn't Kalakaua," said Danny.

Kono simply grinned and pointed to Grace.

"My own flesh and blood," bemoaned Danny even as he rolled his own snowball and threw it at Kono.

Grace then threw another snowball at her father. He ducked and it smack Vicki right in the chest.

"Oh you didn't," said Vicki as she looked down at the growing wet spot on her shirt.

Steve snorted with laughter and Vicki slowly turned to face him. Steve tried to stop laughing as he shook his head no as Vicki collected snow for her own snowball. Soon a snowball fight erupted among the ohana and much fun was had by all.

I know its not Christmas time and Turkey Day hasn't passed for those of us who celebrate it, but I have this OCD where I can't post one-shots out of order of how I wrote them. So although I dislike the decorating of and posting of holiday stories when those holidays aren't happening I figure there is enough people who don't celebrate Turkey Day and who don't celebrate Christmas to help me get over it