A/N:I'd ship anyone in that movie with anyone, but I did think that Beca and Jesse were cute together. Also he's pretty damn adorable full stop. These one-shots/drabbles are just for fun. The chapter titles refer to elements of Film scoring and music in general.

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She likes surprising him. It's the easiest thing in the world to do. When she slips her hand into his after the finals and drags him into one of the empty hallways, he follows her with a clever quip heavy on his lips. She swallows it when she presses her lips to his, 20 minutes waiting for the last two acts to perform meant that she could do little but watch the back of that auburn head. She's giddy, not just from the adrenaline of the performance, or how fucking amazing they were, but also by the fact that he was receptive to her message. More than a little receptive if the painfully wide grin was indication enough.

He sighs against her mouth, leaning forward so that his hips cradle hers against the wall, and tangles a hand through the ends of her hair. When he draws back, a content tug to his lips, she doesn't hesitate to turn him, pushing him flat against the painted brick.

"Damn," he fumbles, wide eyed as he stares at her. "Prison really d-" she cuts that one off too with a hard press of her lips to his, drawing that thick bottom lip into her mouth. Her small hands are on his stomach, cloying at the fabric of his t-shirt, he himself a bit too stupefied to place his hands anywhere other than on her hips. Her mouth finds the line of his jaw, and then the soft flesh where his neck rises to meet it. When she sucks and his hips give an involuntary jerk into her own, it's her own laugh that covers up his embarrassed mumble.

"Now you're just being mean," he complains, but he brings an arm around her waist to press her closer, and she can feel the smile against the crown of her head when he presses his lips there.

"Does your ego need a bandaid?" she smirks, head resting on his chest as they dissolve into some sort of wall embrace. Whatever.

"Well we might need to invest in a first aid kit or two if this here is going to become a thing Million Dollar Baby-Ow" she snorts when he scrapes his knuckles on the brick while trying to rap them against it.

"That's Hilary Swank to you, nerd."

"Aca-scuse me?" he barely gets out with a straight face, and she elbows him in the side for even trying.