Ch.2: Bleed the heart

Inside the hidden complex was a very unusual man who'd been sitting for an hour in the main office. He was unable to control his disgust with the current objectives.

The papers were set in front of him black and white.

"It sounds very irrational," Peter flipped through the hundred page documents scrutinizing the very notions of the new orders.

"The proof is proven you can tell me it's false," Doctor Doctor calmly stated.

Virgil, Peter's friend and partner stood next to him. He was casually sipping coffee from his thermos. Merely staying with him for emotional support Virgil made no objections to Peter's protest.

After all what are friends for?

Peter was in the hot seat this time. Anyone who was anybody knew not to question 'Doctor Doctor' much less argue. Frightening details of stories about how former dissidents had been treated had people running for the hills.

However this did not persuade Peter.

How adamant this man was, this stupid, but brave man was. It would be his pleasure to notify his next of kin.

"This matter is ridiculous? Do human genetics really have a place here?" Peter said making a sweeping gesture around the room with his arms. All too suddenly before smacking both of his hands flat on the desk. Staring intently into Doctor Doctor's eyes continued to explain. "this place was used to for a better purpose until you usurped the powers behind this facility."

Doctor Doctor's cherubic smile turned into a foul scowl. "you wanna play hard ball, eh?"
Vigil's eyes bulged upon hearing the dictator's threat.

"No, I'm saying that this is all going to play out like a very bad horror movie," Peter warned pointing an accusing finger in her direction.

"No, no, no, no," Doctor Doctor tried to become persuasive. Owning up to the fact in her mind. That only fools rush in where the angels fear to tread. It would be only a matter of time before he becomes submissive.

Softening her features becoming less hostile pretended to sound reasonable. "genetics is very important for a healthy body. With over a million cancerous and inherited disorders. Wouldn't the world benefit from these trials?"

Peter with a firm conviction sat with a nervous disposition. His once arched shoulders began to slacken. He was being picked apart like a wild animal eating it's prey. In his mind it was all too clear what he was really thinking.

"She's going to clean my clock for sure."

Back down to earth again.

Peter was determined to fight for the remainder of the rights that existed. Solely against everything that UZZ had promised to help them defeat. But just as luck would have it no help from them ever seemed to be coming.

Apart from Victor, Anita, and Professor Professor Kent and Kowalski still had to be bossed around. The other secret agents departed shortly into the entrance. Well, one of the many secret entrances. The one they found was formed when the base was still under construction.

The earliest attempts before a real sleek sturdy passageway was ever constructed for the many individuals that would begin work underneath the mountain. As this hole was not sufficient to become the main entrance for the building. They figured afterwards before the exploration tunnel was sealed off.

That no amount of tampering could ever be traced. After all of course this was mother nature they were messing with. Everything eventually returns back to it's original state. Ashes to ashes dust to dust, that kind of deal they must have been thinking about.

"They really thought we wouldn't find it?" Ray concluded talking to his crewmates upon the history of the tunnels formation.

"Will all that be on the test?" Kowalski sarcastically asked. Raising her hand in the manner a child would to her teacher.

"Yeah, Ray can we just get a move on?" Kent had more on his mind than he could cope with. Doctor Doctor personally made him promise to deliver the goods. It was more than clever to plant the microfilm in a place where they couldn't escape.

It was also more treacherous that he was delivering his supposed friends straight into the arms of their adversary.

Peter tried not to sweat bullets as much as he had to dodge them. "nah," saying with a weary smile. "Nuremberg took care of that you see after world war two"

Doctor Doctor had just about enough. With great difficulty in breaking his spirit threw out a fist on the desk. The action speaking louder than her words. Jostled Peter in his chair terrified of Doctor Doctor's brutish tendencies.

"Now," she said in a low growl. "you've worn my patience. Mocked the very ideals that I wish to improve upon. Hold yourself in contempt any longer and I'll see your fortune runs dry."

Virgil laid a heavy hand upon Peter's shoulder. The young man turned his gaze from Doctor Doctor with a solemn expression to his friend. He was losing the battle that was never going to be won.

Peter sensed what Virgil was saying without describing them in words. Looking back to Doctor Doctor apologized with undeserved pleasure.

"I'll abide your rules Doctor Doctor. It was wrong to offend you I take it all back. Please forgive me," Peter said flatly. Placing both hands in his lap acting like the good boy he was trained to become.

Doctor Doctor uncurled her fist. "if you put it that way then I forgive you."

Peter then dismissed himself from her presence standing outside the corridor when Virgil frowned.

"You look a little pale," Virgil observed as Peter slid shakily to his knees.

"I'm fine, really I am," Peter quickly replied.

"Want some water maybe," he offered ready to give him a cup.

"No," Peter raised his hand stopping Virgil.

"You just stared a blood thirsty dictator between the eyes. That took real guts compared to some boot lickers I know," Virgil complimented to a fear stricken Peter. Climbing down on his knees noticed the matter. Speaking in malformed sentences Virgil realized he was beginning to hyperventilate.

"Peter," Virgil urgently said shaking him. "Peter," Doctor Doctor was as terribly intimidating than he gave her credit for throwing Peter straight into a hypoxic fit. He was receiving less oxygen by the minute he continued this panic attack.

Maybe he should take back what he told him a few seconds ago.