Title: Take on Me (2/?)

Rating: R (overall)

Pairing: Jade/Karkat (eventually)

A/N: WIP, Take on Me/Homestuck fusion, inspired by this video

Summary: Jade's only slightly obsessed with the manga AlterniaBound and the candy red eyed troll that stars in it. Only slightly.

Jade's starting to worry about her dreams. Sure, she's had weird dreams her whole life, but there's a rhyme and rhythm to them. At least to her there is. She's always glad in gold flying and running around a wondrous land with happy creatures.

They aren't normal dreams. She found that out the first time she went to 'normal' school on the mainland and tried to talk to a girl she thought could be her friend about them. Jade learned pretty quickly after that to try and not be too strange. She just can't help it though.

"Jade, where are you today," Rose asks with a sigh, veering Jade away from almost walking into a tree. "You're more flighty that normal."

Jade gives Rose, her best friend, a bright smile. "Just thinking about someone - I mean something. And if I'm flighty what are you?" she shoots back playfully.

Rose is strange, but Jade likes strange. And Rose likes strange, which makes them great friends. Jade never was so happy as when Rose decided to go to college at the same place as Jade.

Rose gets that speculative little smile she gets when she's going to try and play therapist. Jade doesn't mind though. Rose won't tease her for dreaming about fictional characters. Even if that fictional character is a bit of an ass to Jade in her own dreams.

Okay, she'll tease her, but it'll be nicely.

"I knew it!" Rose says. "You like Dave, don't you?"

Jade blinks. Well, she does. Somewhat. She thinks she'd like him more in a few years after he grows up a bit more but - "No, I wasn't thinking about Dave. And you know I think he's sort of cute."

Rose tilts her head from side to side like a cat. "Well who is he or she that has you more distracted that normal?"

"You'll laugh," Jade protests.

Rose rolls her eyes. "I'm supposed to, it part of the best friend contract."

Jade makes a face at her. "Karkat Vantas."

"Karkat...you mean that alien guy from that manga you're alway reading?" Rose asks.

"You read it too," Jade reminds her.

Rose laughs. "Yeah, but I'm like two volumes behind. I've been spending my money on Fruits Basket remember?"

"AlterniaBound is much better," Jade tells her, with a note of teasing in her voice.

"Dream on," Rose snorts. "So you're all distracted because of a fictional alien troll?"

Jade crosses her arms. "I keep dreaming about him."

Rose waggles her eyebrows. "Oh really?"

Flushing crimson, Jade shakes her head. "No! Not like that!" She ducks her head. "He's actually kind of an ass to me."

"Isn't he an ass in the manga?" Rose asks. "Wow, you keep him in character even in your dreams? You really need to start writing fanfic, Jade. I mean you'd be stellar at it."

Jade sticks out her tongue at Rose. "And steal your fans? Never."

Rose laughs. "What fans? I got like maybe ten kudos on my last fic."

"I think that means at least ten people like your stuff, Rose," Jade points out.

Rose shrugs. "We aren't talking about my writing talent. We're talking about your dream alien," she says, her eyes mischievous. "So does he just insult you or does he flirt insult you like he was doing with Terezi?"

"I don't think I'd know the difference," Jade bemoans. "He's been hanging around in my dreams for weeks now and its getting annoying. He just sits in the tower most of the time."

Rose taps a black fingernail against her lips as she thinks. "Kiss him," she finally says.

Jade stares at her opened mouth. "What?!"

"Kiss him!" Rose repeats, a few other people look their way. "You'll know if he's insult flirting or not then. And don't tell me you won't remember too, I know you dream all vivid and stuff."

"I don't know," Jade says hesitantly. "You think it would work?"

"Which one of us has had a boyfriend?" Rose asks.

Jade snickers. "For about a week with John before you realized you liked girls better."

John Egbert is Jade's technical twin brother. While John was raised by their father, Jade was raised by their Grandpa. She didn't even know she had a brother until they met in high school. Sometimes she resents John just a little because for whatever reason their Dad kept him and not her.

"Just trust me," Rose persists. "If nothing else maybe you'll stop dreaming about him?"

Jade sighs and decides Rose has a good point. "Alright, I'll try it."