My life

I lay in the bed by myself. I don't feel like getting up, I'm so lazy. I manage to get myself up and out of bed. I do my regular routine in the morning then walk into my closet. I look for my work outfit. I work at this family bakery that's owned by Cedric Mellark. He has a wife and three sons. Rose Mellark is the bakers wife. She's the one that hired me. She is a sweet, petite lady with blonde hair and hazel eyes. Rye Mellark is the oldest son who is 25 years old. He is the only one of his brothers that is married. Next is Alex Mellark, he is the funniest son of the Mellark family. He's 23 and he's in college so he works part time at the bakery. Then there's Peeta. Peeta can charm anyone with his smile and looks. He's my age (22) and he is my best friend. He helped me get my job.

I quickly get dressed and sit down while eating a breakfast bar. I text Peeta that I'm on my way then I jump in my car. The little town we live in is called Panem. It's in Louisiana near New Orleans. Me and Peeta go to New Orleans a lot.

Speaking of New Orleans, me and Peeta are planning to got there in a month.

I pull up into the parking lot, then walk to the back door. I swipe my card that checks me in and then go look at my schedule for today. Today I'm working the register. Great. I walk to the front. I put on my work hat and flip the closed sign to open. I start counting the money ,making sure everything is set and then I wait.

"Hey beautiful" Peeta says. I turn around to face him.

"Hey there handsome" I say winking

We always do this. We'll flirt with each other but it doesn't mean anything. It just some two best friends doing their thing. Peeta knows why I cant love anyone. Heres the story.

It all start when I was seven, my mom got pregnant but my dad didn't believe it was his child. He suspected that she cheated on him. When Prim was born her features confirmed his suspicions. Prim, my half sister was born with blue eyes and blonde hair. She looked nothing like my dad. Even as she grew she still didn't look like him. So dad divorced mom and moved out. Mom got depressed and she stopped working and cooking. So me and Prim moved in with dad. Dad loved Prim even if she wasnt his child. My dad died a few weeks ago, which hit me hard. He died from a plane crash coming from London back to Panem. I have only had one relationship ever and that did not end well.

Shaking of my thoughts from my dad, I start talking to Peeta.

"I'm drained" I tell him

"I know how you feel, I worked all night last night"

"Sucks for you" I tease him

He smirks and then cleans the counter.

"So, hows Prim?" He asks

"She's fine. She's doing well at that fancy boarding school I sent her too. She has a ton of friends"

"Thats good for her. Next time ya'll talk tell her I say hi"

"Yea, Yea"

Some people call in to order things and other people walk in to get some early lunch. I put in orders, talk to Peeta, and help bake some things. Soon enough its my time to leave. I quickly drive home and start getting ready to go out. Me and Peeta are going out to dinner and then heading out to some new club. I run inside and start getting my cloths out. I pick this red strapless dress and I get some black high heels. Next I take my hair out of its braid and I let it loose. I brush it then move on to my nail polish. I don't like getting dressed up but if its me and Peeta's night out I'm going to look hot. Not that I like like Peeta...

Hey guys, yea I made a new story. You may be thinking why is this girl making a new story if she is super busy. Well I have a reason this story has been on my mind for months and I've been aching to write it so I did. So yea I hope you enjoy this chapter next chapter is going to be soon I promise. See you guys later