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"Mom! Why?" I yelled. I don't want to go with my godfather, Trevor. I mean I like him, but he is not the problem… The problem is Sean Anderson, his nephew. I hate him. He goes to my school, and he is a complete jerk.

"I said you are going and that's my final word! And if you say anything else I'll make you stay more days! " She said and I stormed off to my room. I sat on my bed furiously. Alright time to introduce myself, my name is Alyssa Evans, I'm thirteen years old, I hate Sean Anderson. The truth is we were friends before, until one day that he stopped talking to me and started being a jerk. I don't want to be with him, but I have to since my mother is travelling for her job and she won't allow me to go with her, the thing is I don't know why Sean is coming, heard he is moving to Canada or something.

I sighed as the doorbell rang. I grabbed my suitcase and walked downstairs. When I got down my mom was talking with Elizabeth, Sean's mom. Her and my mom are really good friends, actually because of my mom Elizabeth met Max, as Trevor was my mom best friend and Elizabeth her best friend she made Elizabeth to meet Max and well they married and created the most jerk of this world, Sean.

"Hello Ally!" Said Elizabeth. "Are you excited?"

"Yeah…" I said and rolled my eyes as I got my stuff in the trunk. Sean was in the front seat playing with his PSP, what a surprise. He had the window opened so I smirked and covered the PSP screen with my hand.

"HEY! DON'T DO THAT! YOU MADE ME LOST!" He yelled at me and frowned looking at me with his beautiful hazel eyes... Wait… No He doesn't have beautiful eyes, What's wrong with me? . I smirked with an eye roll.

"Oh Hello Sean I'm fine thanks. How are you?" I said with a smirk. He stuck his tongue at me. I opened the back door and sat then closed the door. I got my iPod out and started to listen to music. This was going to be a long ride.

The trip went as I thought, long. Elizabeth called many times Trevor and he obviously didn't answer. When we finally arrived I stayed there listening to music until Trevor knocked the window. I smiled and got out. "'Sup Trevor" I said, Sean was still focused with his game. "Hey Lys" He said. "Hey Sean, How are you? Looking good huh?" Sean rolled his eyes and kept with his game. I slapped him in his head.

"Ouch" He said.

"Sean say Hi to your uncle" Said Elizabeth.

Sean rolled his eyes and got off the car and said "Hi to your uncle" with an eye roll.

I rolled my eyes. "Idiot". We both, Sean and I got in the house. Trevor and Elizabeth kept talking outside. "Alright, look I hate you, but please be nice to my godfather… Well your uncle okay?" I told him.

"And why should I listen to you?" He said with a smirk. I rolled my eyes and took his beanie off and started running. He was following me yelling things like 'give it back' or 'I'll kill you if don't give it' I kept running but then stop and turned around. He tripped with me and fall on top of me. We both stared at each other eyes for a moment, when Trevor entered, and looked at us with a smirk .He was blushing "Get of me kiddo" I told him. He stood up and offered me a hand, I rolled my eyes and ignored his hand standing up. He cleared his throat and looked away.

"So, hey, dude and girl. This is gonna be fun. A couple of dudes and a girl hanging days, maybe a know, doing dude and girl stuff, what dudes and a girl do. You like baseball? You know what we should do? We should go get in a batting cage." Said Trevor, I shrugged and Sean rolled his eyes and said "Yeah, okay, listen. We don't like this any more than you do, As long as you keep stocked with Mountain Dewand TiVo Family Guy,we'll get along fine." I elbowed him in the ribs. He rolled his eyes and walked to the living room. "Oh, wow. That's an awesome coin collection." He said sarcastically. Trevor said something about it was a project of him but I wasn't really listening to him, he asked if we were hungry while opening a box. "What's that?" I asked. "Well, it's a box of possessions of a really great guy. Sean's dad" Sean looked at him. I knew he lost his father… Well he didn't know where he was. He had that look that made me want to hug me but I resisted. "Mom doesn't talk about him very much" Sean said finally looking down. God why was he so adorable? NO! HE ISNT ADORABLE! I just can't think that about Sean…But he is… No! What's happening to you Alyssa? Great now I'm talking to myself…in my mind. Whatever no one can hear me, Alyssa listen to me… Duh Of course I'm myself… Wow I need to get a doctor. So Trevor said about something of Journey to the Center of the earth… I read it, I liked it. Wait when did Sean get a yo-yo? "LOOK OUT!" yelled Sean and suddenly the yoyo flew and hit this thing Trevor had in the ceiling with a lot of little balls, the little balls hit Trevor's head but he didn't even notice. "Hey guys let's go and check my lab" He said.
"So… It couldn't wait for tomorrow?" Sean said. I was sitting on a chair spinning around. "Your dad used to say Tectonophysics is the science of now,not tomorrow" Trevor answered and kept looking at the computer. "It's about seismic events that occur in an instant." He said pointing to the screen, I looked at it. " Here, look at this. You got Hawaii, Bolivia, Mongolia. And the conditions today are almost exactly what they were in July '97." "What's the big deal about July '97?" I asked curiously. Trevor looked down and Sean raised a brow. "That was the year when Sean dad's went missing" He finally said. Sean looked away but then pushed my chair to the other side of the room. I came back and stuck my tongue out hitting him on the shoulder. He smirked. Trevor kept saying things that I wasn't listening I just kept looking at the other computer screen. "What do these little blips mean?" I asked pointing at the screen. "Don't touch anything those little blips are my life's work." Trevor said I snorted and Sean chuckled lightly. "These four little blips are your life's work?" I said . Sean rolled his eyes giggling. "Three, three little bleeps" Answered Trevor. I raised a brow. "One, two, three…. Four" Said Sean counting them. "Congratulations you know how to count" I said with a smirk patting him on the shoulder. He glared at me. "Iceland" Said Trevor.
"This makes sense!" Said Trevor when we arrived at his house. "Max saw the readings 10 years ago,and he took off to investigate. Now, if the readings are the same today as they were the…this may be my only chance to find out what happened." Sean and I raised a brow. "Im gonna need your passports" Trevor said. "For what?" I asked annoyed. "I'm sorry, I have to get you to Canada a little earlier than we planned. And Ally you'll need to find someone else to take care of you" He answered. Sean scowled and said "What are you talking about?" "I'm talking about this. A Journey to the Center of the Earth." He said throwing the book to Sean. "It's all set in Iceland,which is where he must've gone." "These are all my dad's notes?" Sean asked, I stepped closer to him and looked at the book. "Look... Max and I…Your dad and I were talking about the possibility of volcanic tubes existing...that went down past the mantle, towards the center of the Earth. And that's what I think he went looking for." Trevor said and grabbed the phone."Sorry, I gotta put you on a flight to Ottawa in the morning, Ally, you'll go with Sean. - And I'm calling Icelandair." Sean unplugged the phone cable. "Hey" Protested Trevor. "We just got here, okay? You're not gonna go and ditch us. And perhaps I was the person who found your life's work fourth little blip thingy in the first place." I cleared my throat. "Alright Lys…Alyssa was the the person who found your life's work fourth little blip thingy" "This is my brother we're talking about." Trevor protested AGAIN. "And his father" I said pointing at Sean with my finger. "Now, we don't have to be in Ottawa for 10 days. We're going with you." Sean said. I crossed my arms with a smirk. "Know how much to book a last-minute flight to Reykjavík" Trevor said. "Something tells me you got it covered." Answered Sean with a smirk looking at the coins.