Author's note- The girl's time at college comes to an end. Enjoy

Chapter 7- Disaster and Discovery

The cold harsh Scandinavian slowly gave way to spring, as the girl's first semester of college came to a hectic conclusion, with ever student's worst nightmare, Final exams. Even Claes's perfect memory and total recall of information couldn't help her with a term paper discussing the pros and cons of the transformative nature of open source software in developing countries. Her hands danced frantically across the keyboard as the computer struggled to keep up with the rapid fire typing as the words flashed onto the screen in large chunks.

"Argh," Claes groaned as a loud buzz sounded from her laptop.

"I thought that Mara modified your laptop so that wouldn't happen again," Angelica remarked as Claes once again waited for the computer to catch up with her rapid fire fingers.

"She did but, I'm in a bit of a rush as this paper is due by 5pm and it's currently 2:00pm, and don't start," Claes replied.

"Ok, I was just about to head out for my final anyway," Angelica said leaving Claes with her obstinate computer. "Oh, and Alfred said he had something he wanted to tell me something after dinner tonight."

"Ok, just don't do anything, Triela wouldn't do," Claes called out.

"Well that doesn't leave me with much," Angelica shot back.

"That's the point," Claes muttered as the rapid fire typing resumed. Our first semester of college was a success, but we are no closer to finding out where Nergal's Russian facility is located. All of the public facilities do not appear to have an of the necessary equipment or are not located in a favorable position. If Alfred can't find us anything we are screwed, and I haven't heard from the others lately either. The pinging of her phone pulled Claes away from her thoughts.

Henrietta- I need help. Math class has gotten really hard and if don't figure this out I'm going to fail the test.

Figures… It's the first message I get from them in months, and it's for help on a math test. Claes- What do you need help with?

Henrietta- How do you find the slope of a line? I don't get it and Rico is no help since she can do it in her head.

Of course… anything that might help make her a better shot was drilled into her head. Claes- It's rise over run (Y2 – Y1) / (X2 – X1)

Henrietta- Thanks you're the best and what's the equation for a line

Claes- Y= MX + B and Henrietta have you and Rico found out anything useful

Henrietta- Yes we found tons of stuff. Rico and I found a shipment of anti-cyborg weapons and destroyed them. Nergal USA is focused on making next generation weapons and is helping the US government make an exoskeleton. Oh and Rico says ….. oh crap class is starting

"Fuck," Claes cursed. Well that's just freaking great, but what do they want to do with all the firepower they are accumulating. Even if they have the best weapons and technology available they can't hope to take over the world they would lose just on the number alone, but it's more power than a criminal enterprise could ever need. What is there game? But at least I know they are safe.

Section Break

Across campus a completely different line of reasoning was running through Angelica's mind as she worked through her monster of a final on 20th century politics. Easy, easy, what the hell kind of question is that. Ugh I don't remember this one. Finally! With a little time to spare Angelica made it to the final page of the final and the dreaded essay question- What affect did the policy of Mutually Assured Destruction have on the economic climate of the second half of the 20th century?

Sheesh could they have made it any easier, the military industrial complex made out like bandits creating weapons to keep each side from wiping the other off of the face of the planet. Add to that the companies that marketed doomsday preparedness to the masses fearful of planetary destruction. These guys made out like bandits and only took a hit after the fall of the old Soviet Union, sure they managed to struggle through the 90's and early 2000's with the various Middle East conflicts but it's nothing like it used to be. They are just scrambling for the next big enemy to confront and China seems to be avoiding conflict despite the saber rattling. Sheesh it kinda makes you wonder why we were created as super soldiers since the Padania movement would have crumbled under regular police and military action eventually. It's not like you needed a super weapon….. Angelica bolted upright as the events of the past few weeks came to mind. Blushing Angelica nervously rubbed the back of her head as all eyes turned to her before returning to their own tests.

The EU parliament, Angela Merkels assassination, the riots in Paris, it's just a regional disturbance now, but if it spreads the entire world would destabilize. A new Cold War could erupt and Nergal is primed to provide the next super weapon, combat grade cyborgs. Shit, they would really do that just to earn a few more dollars. Angelica quickly finished her test before rushing out to find Claes.

Section Break

I hate college kids. Stupid teenagers yapping about their stupid little problems and can't see the world for what it really is. The sooner we find them and get out of here the better, but at least it's finally warming up. I swear once tie that bitch up with her own entrails for putting me through all of this, I'm going to make Luppa take to the Greek Islands for a nice long vacation. Gattonero took her usual spot sitting off to the side of the cafeteria scanning the crowd looking for any sign of their targets. If it wasn't for the occasional mission to shutdown the local gangs selling the modified conditioning drugs she would have gone insane by now.

The dinner rush began as the mentally drained student began to stagger into the dining hall in droves. Most were sporting smiles of elation with the completion of another semester, while couples paired off to share one last meal before leaving for the summer break. "Ugh, that's disgusting, relying on a man for happiness is pathetic." Gattonero muttered as a large well built student shared a hug with a good looking blond before entering the building.

"Do you do you know that girl," Lupa asked over the radio.

"I don't think so sir, but the girl does seem familiar," Gattonero replied. "Do you want me to check her out?"

"Yes, it could be one of the cyborgs in disguise or a friend of theirs," Lupa ordered.

"And if it is Angelica or Claes," Gattonero asked as she followed the pair inside.

"Take them out, and don't worry about collateral damage," Lupa ordered.

"Roger," Gattonero replied as a devilish smirk graced her features. If you're Angelica I know who is going down first.

"Yarrow, Gattonero may have spotted one of the cyborgs, have Fleccia get over here and back her up," Lupa ordered.

"No can do, I found a lead on two students that Claes's birthmother helped gain late admittance just before the semester started.

"Names?" Lupa asked.

"Patricia Ricci and Nicole Johanson," Yarrow replied.

"Not exactly the most original," Lupa remarked.

"Didn't have to be with several thousand students on the rolls," Yarrow said. "We'll check out the lead and meet up with you at the dining hall. Just keep Gattonero on a leash until we get there, I'd like to avoid the cluster fuck that was the last attempt."

That's kinda the point, Yarrow, "Roger," Lupa replied moving to support his cyborg.

Section Break

And done. Claes hit the enter key one final time launching her term paper through cyber space as a sigh of relief escaped her lips. "Now on to more important matters," Claes muttered flipping open as notebook full of random notations. Where could you be, if I knew what the base components of the drugs were it would make things a lot easier. I hope Alfred can come through for us.

"Hey Nicole you have visitors," Shelby called out.

"Alright, I'll be there in a second," Claes called back stretching her back out as she stood up.

"So how do you know Nicole," Shelby asked the pair.

"You could say we are old friends of theirs," Yarrow replied while Fleccia gazed around the room with a faraway look in her eyes sweeping the room with her thermal vision.

"Really so do you know Triela," Shelby asked. "Nicole let it slip that she was an old friend she made while rooming with her at summer camp. She doesn't really talk about her much except that Triela has an obsession with her hair."

"So she is calling it camp now," Yarrow said while Fleccia let out a chuckle.

"Can I help you," Claes asked exiting her room.

"Hey Nicole some old friends of yours stopped by for a visit, good thing you got your term paper done." Shelby said as the visitors shared a look.

"Hello Claes, are you going to come quietly or are you going to make things difficult." Yarrow said. "I wouldn't want any of your new friends to get hurt."

"Claes, Nicole, …. What's going on," Shelby asked rapidly looking back and forth.

"Shelby," Claes said removing her glasses as she stepped between her and the newcomers.

"Nicole what is going on," Shelby asked as the red haired girl reached behind her back.

"Run," Claes said shoving Shelby into her room as multiple rounds from a 9mm M9 impacted her chest. Fuck that hurts a lot more than I thought it would.

Pushing aside the pain Claes charged her opponent as more rounds impacted her chest and several pinged of her titanium reinforced skull. Despite failing to fully penetrate her armored skin and musculature the pain threatened to overwhelm her senses as Claes body slammed Fleccia and her handler back into the common area of the dorm.

"Yarrow," Fleccia called out her handler crashed into the flimsy drywall.

"I'm fine, just get her," Yarrow shot back.

"Nicole," Shelby called out from her room.

"Shelby go get out of here, tell Patricia they found us and forget we ever existed." Claes called out as more gunfire shattered the corner Claes was hiding behind.

"I'll be fine just go! This girl doesn't know who she is dealing with," Claes shot back.

The sound of the window slamming open brought relief to Claes as Fleccia paused to reload again. I think that's an M9 she's using and she's already fired 16 rounds, that's one in the chamber plus a full magazine, and she probably has three more. Already injured and lacking a weapon Claes needed to end this quick and find Angelica.

Ripping a piece of shattered wood off the damaged wall Claes hurled it around the corner clipping Fleccia in the arm, before diving back into her own dorm room. Locking the door behind her Claes hurled the dresser against the door for good measure to buy a few more seconds. The mattress soon joined the dresser as Claes pulled their small stash of weapons from beneath Angelica's bed. A loud thud sounded against the dorm as more gunshots shredded the flimsy deadbolt.

Despite the massive amounts of adrenaline coursing through her veins Claes's hands still trembled as she struggled to pick up the five-seven USG she acquired in Belgium. Dam it if I continue to be gentle my sisters will die. Throwing the pistol back into the bag Claes pulled out one of the few claymores Mr. Danglar managed to find for them. This better not be a dud. As Fleccia continued to smash into the door quickly breaking through the minuscule barricade Claes rigged the directional mine to blow.

"Did you really think that would stop me," Fleccia yelled as she forced her way into the room coming face to face with a small metal box sitting in the middle of the room.

"Yarrow," Fleccia screamed throwing her small body over her handler as the mine exploded shredding the door and hallway.

"I'm fine, go, get her," Yarrow screamed his ears ringing from the explosion. Fleccia spun firing off another 15 rounds clipping Claes in the shoulder and arm as she smashed through the window.

Section Break

Alfred and Angelica snagged an empty table as the dining hall continued to fill up having snagged their food before the worst of the dinner rush. "You said you had something to tell me," Angelica asked keeping an eye out for the familiar looking girl she spotted on the way in.

"Yes," Alfred replied. "Patricia, getting to know you and spending time with you this past semester has been like a dream to me. I care about you a great deal, and I'm concerned." Alfred said moving next to his girlfriend.

Angelica leaned closer to him, "I like you a lot to, but what are you worried about," Angelica asked.

"Patricia, where did you get this drug cocktail, I ran the sample through the mass spec, and NMR. There was a mix of at least half a dozen different compounds in that sample, none of which are on any publicly held database of known pharmacologically active compounds." Alfred explained concern in his voice as he looked into Angelica's eyes.

"It's being given to a close friend of mine, someone I call my sister in all but blood," Angelica said her eyes glistening. "Where could the doctor have gotten a hold of something like this?"

"Frankly I have no idea, but it wasn't from a pharmaceutical company. I tested in on several mice to get an idea of its lethal dose and it's on the same level of some of the harder illegal drugs. You need to get your friend away from this doctor as soon as possible." Alfred said.

"Do you have any idea where it might be coming from?" Angelica asked.

"Patricia…" Alfred relented.

"Please this is important to me," Patricia asked again.

Alfred sighed. "If I tell you, will you promise not to do anything crazy?"

"Yes," Angelica replied. Well crazy for me anyway.

"Some of the chemicals have active components similar to several medications for PTSD and other conditions currently being developed by the LOGOS Corporation in Russia. It's a long shot but if I believed in conspiracy theories I would say they are a holdover from KGB and old Soviet Union." Alfred explained.

Gattonero heard enough from her spot at a nearby table. "Lupa it's her, she is discussing the conditioning meds with another student," Gattonero reported.

"Good, you know what to do," Lupa replied.

Yes, and this time it's my victory. Approaching from behind Gattonero prepared to end the fight in one blow pulling a knife from underneath her shirt.

Section Break

"Dam it Patricia pick up your phone," Shelby cursed. "Shit she must be with Alfred."

"Come Evangeline pick up," Shelby cried franticly punching in numbers on her cellphone.

"Shebly what is it," Evangeline asked.

"Evangeline, someone attacked us in the dorm. Nicole's been shot, oh my god," Shelby exclaimed as a blast reverberated from their dorm.

"Shelby, slow down what the hell happened," Evangeline asked.

"These people came to see Nicole claiming to be old friends of theirs, but then they started calling her Claes and…." Shelby said struggling to get the words out.

"And what Shelby," Evangeline asked.

"They shot her, the other girl pulled out a gun and shot Nicole, I'd be dead if it wasn't for her. She got in the way and pushed me into my room, she saved me." Shelby said.

What the hell is going on Shelby isn't one to make a joke like this… "Shelby did Nicole say anything," Evangeline asked.

"Yes," a trembling Shelby replied. "She said to tell Patricia they found us, and to forget that they ever existed."

"Like hell, I'll forget them," Evangeline shot back. "Look I don't know what the hell is going on, but they are our friends."

"And we help our friends," Shelby added her voice still frantic.

"Yes, now wait in the back lot for Heather, she is going to bring my car around. Load up as much of their stuff as you can and pack a bag we are leaving tonight." Evangeline ordered as Heather joined her for dinner.

"What's going on? How are the love birds doing?" Heather asked as Evangeline made another call

"Chiyo it's me. You know how you always threatened to burn my all my cosmetics and such. Good, well I need you to do it. No, I'm not kidding there has been a situation with Patricia and Nicole, now bring what you need to the dorm and I'll do the rest. I wouldn't have asked you if it wasn't important. Look I'll take the blame for everything. Thanks." Evangeline said ending the call.

"Evangeline what the hell is going on, why did you just ask chiyo to help you commit arson," Heather asked.

"It's complicated," Evangeline said looking over at Nicole's and Alfred table.

"Evangeline what happened," Heather demanded.

"No time, here take my keys and bring my car to the lot behind the dorm. Shelby will explain the rest." Evangeline said spotting a girl walking over to Angelica.

"Nicole lookout," Evangeline screamed as a knife descended toward her roommate's neck.

Reacting on instinct the older cyborg reacted, kicking backward slamming the top of her chair into Gattonero's stomach. Grunting in surprise Gattonero ripped the chair out from under Angelica sending the heavy metal chair flying across the dining hall with one hand as the other slashed downward leaving a nasty gash just above the elbow on Angelica's arm. As she hit the ground Angelica's leg shot out sending her opponent to the ground with her.

"Who the hell do you think you are," Alfred yelled moving to help Angelica.

"Get up, that little paper cut I gave you is nothing," Gattonero sneered regaining her footing.

"I don't know who the hell you think you are, but you can be sure I'll be pressing charges for what you did," Alfred said turning to help a shocked Angelica.

Dam that was careless, I shouldn't have ignored her. Crap she got a tendon with that strike, my arm is useless.

"I don't think so," Gattonero said slamming her blade into Alfred's ribs as Angelica looked on in horror.

"Alfred," Angelica screamed as the dining hall descended into chaos.

"I don't know what your crying about you knew he was nothing compared to us," Gattonero sneered. "Now are you going to fight or not."

"I'll be fine Patricia it's just a scratch," Alfred said with labored breaths.

"Why did you do that, I would have been fine," Angelica cried.

"I couldn't let her hurt you," Alfred replied.

"Oh that's rich you never told them what you really are, and what you did," Gattonero sneered grabbing Evangeline as she tried to help. "So how many more of your friends do I have to kill before you submit." Gattonero said holding a knife to Evangeline's throat.

Fear shown in Evangeline's eyes as she struggled to speak, "Patricia what is she talking about."

"I'm sorry my past has come back to hurt you and Alfred. You were like a big sister to Claes and I, but it seems I have to confront the devils of my past again. The girl holding you is a second generation combat cyborg made by the Italian government to eliminate enemies of the state. She was sent out to eliminate the first generation that refused to follow their orders anymore." Angelica said slowly standing up her right arm hanging limp.

"It's alright, I trust you and Nicole to do the right thing." Evangeline replied.

"Thank you," Angelica replied.

"Oh, and I'm no one's hostage, you degenerate waste of genetic material," Evangeline yelled slamming her head back into Gattonero's face while simultaneously slamming her heel into her captures foot, stunning her captor just enough to loosen her grasp.

Taking advantage of the surprise attack Angelica shot forward leaping into the air wrapping her legs around Gattonero's head and with a twist of the hips ripped her away from Evangeline throwing the stunned cyborg the length of the dining hall, with only the salad bar stopping her flight.

"Go get out of here," Angelica yelled as Evangeline struggled to drag Alfred out of harm's way.

"Heather," Evangeline called out as the dining descended into chaos.

"On it," the larger girl replied helping Evangeline pull the large man out of the line of fire.

"I don't think so," Gattonero sneered opening fire with her pistol.

"Argh!" Angelica screamed in pain as multiple high velocity rounds tore into Angelica's cybnetic body the exotic metal cores tearing through multiple layers of carbon fiber reinforced fascia before smashing into her armored skeleton. Fuck… what the hell is she shooting, those aren't normal pistol rounds. Angelica struggled to remain standing, feeling her bones grind against the bullets lodged deep in her body.

"Nice to see these new bullets actually work," Gattonero gloated. "They were designed just for you, but they should work just as well on normal people," Gattonero added taking aim Angelica's retreating friends.

"Nicole," Evangeline cried as Angelica appeared before them arms crossed as the bullets continued to tear into her body.

"Go get him out of here, and tell Claes they found us," Angelica replied as several bullets slammed into her shoulder. "I'll be fine now go!"

"Heh, protecting your friends, as if a cyborg can have friends," Gattonero sneered pausing to reload.

Angelica gazed around the room, as the students scrambled franticly to escape the carnage or hide behind any cover they could find while a growing number lay bleeding out on the floor. She doesn't give a damn about who she cuts down during her mission…. Alfred, I'm sorry….. I really did like you.

"I don't know what you saw in a looser like him," Gattonero sneered as Angelica dove for cover trying to draw her away from the remaining students.

"The only looser around here is you," Angelica shot back dodging the gunfire her anger slowly rising.

"Ha that's rich he was just another sheep in a long line of sheep," Gattonero retorted continuing to wear Angelica down.

"Dam it…." Angelica cursed diving for cover behind the sandwich bar breathing heavy as the blood continued to seep from her body. She already got both of my arms and I can't even get close to her.

"Hiding from a fight what would your sister's think of you now. I thought the generation 1s had no fear of death. You know once I take care of you and your friends, they're next," Gattonero called out.

That's it I've had enough…. Her vision slipping into a rage induced haze Angelica began to step out into the open as a long forgotten line from Marco zipped through her mind.

"Angelica…" Marco said as they watched Triela sulk about the agency.

"Yes, Marco" Angelica replied looking up at the man she considered to be her father.

"Do you know why Triela lost," Marco asked.

Angelica sat quiet struggling to think for a minute before shaking her head no.

"Triela was stronger, and faster than Pinochio yet she let him control the fight. No matter who the enemy is do not let them control the fight or you've already lost. Do you understand Angelica," Marco replied.

"I understand Marco," Angelica whispered as she scanned the dining hall as Gattonero approached her position. Time for round two baby sister.

Pausing to reload Gattonero easily leapt over the sandwich bar rolling toward her at high speed. What…. Her eyes exploded in surprise as Angelica foot connected with the side of her head in mid air sending her spinning to the ground.

Landing in a crouch Angelica called out. "Second generation, second rate I'd say," Before darting into the kitchen.

"You'll pay for that," Gattonero growled giving chase still a little woozy from the blow.

Section Break

"Oh my god, Alfred," Shelby cried out as Evangeline pulled up behind the dorm with Heather struggling to administer first aid in the back seat.

"Shelby focus, is there anyone still inside," Evangeline said placing her hands on Shelby's shoulders.

"No," Shelby stammered. "The explosion set off the fire alarm and everyone who wasn't at dinner cleared out."

"Good," Evangeline replied.

"Evangeline, what is going on," Chiyo called out running up to her roommates struggling to hide several plastic bottles in her coat.

"Chiyo did you bring it," Evangeline asked.

"Yes," Chiyo replied handing over three plastic bottles. "Evangeline what is going on….. Oh my god, Alfred, what happened!" Chiyo screamed running to the car.

"Don't worry Chiyo he will be fine," Heather said pressing an impromptu bandage against his chest.

"Alright, how is anything of this alright. What the hell happened, why haven't you called an ambulance," Chiyo shrieked.

"Geeze Chiyo you could wake the dead with that voice," Alfred coughed struggling to breathe.

"Alfred, what happened," Chiyo asked slowly calming down.

"I stepped into between two women fighting," Alfred replied. "Evangeline, I trust you have matters in hand."

"Yes," Evangeline replied.

"Now Shelby this is important, did the people who came after Nicole leave the building or are they still inside."

Shelby gulped struggling to remain composure. "No, I think I saw them chasing after Nicole.

"Good, stay here and help Heather," Evangeline ordered pulling the car care kit from the trunk. The minutes quickly passed as the sounds of sirens and flashing lights soon approached responding to the unplanned fire alarm. As the wailing sirens grew louder flames began to flicker in the windows of their dorm before one of the windows blew out in a gush of flame.

"Evangeline what the hell happened," Shelby exclaimed as the blond jumped into the driver's seat.

"No time hold on," Evangeline called out as her V12 Aston Martin Rapide roared to life. They peeled out of the parking lot tires squealing as the fire and police departments arrived. Tossing her cell phone to Shelby Evangeline continued to shout out orders. Get a hold of Professor Bustrom, and tell her that her daughter needs help."

"Wait what, her daughter but…. what about Nicole and Patricia" Shelby protested.

"Shelby, just do it," Evangeline replied checking the mirrors to make sure no one was following them.

Section Break

To enraged to be careful Gattonero charged after Angelica entering the cramped university kitchen. What awaited her was a maze of industrial sized appliances and tools meant for creating meals by the hundreds. You can't hide forever….. Following the trail of blood Gattonero strode deeper into the maze of machines.

"You expect me to fall for this old trick," Gattonero exclaimed as the trail of blood led into one of the large pantries.

"No," Angelica called out as her left leg shot out from the beyond the door drilling into her opponent's gun arm sending the high powered pistol flying across the room. Angelica followed up by slamming her knee into Gattonero's chin as she leapt out of the freezer. She kept on the attack slamming her feet into Gattonero's chest driving them apart. Angelica landed lightly on her feet while careened into a prep table the small of her back leaving an indentation in the cheap metal. Pressing the advantage Angelica closed in driving a series of savate round house kicks into Gattonero's head her foot driving with enough force to the liquefy the skull of a normal human.

Gatttonero wilted under the blows, while her skin, muscle, and bones might have been enhanced to take heavy damage the soft organs beyond were left largely untouched. As the blows continued her skull could do little to stop the force of the brutal assault as her brain slowly racked up the damage. Damn it…. The second generation cyborg slowly slumped forward as consciousness left her. Swinging her leg high Angelica brought her heel down on Gattonero's shoulder driving her to the ground ending the fight.

"Gattonero," Fleccia screamed emptying her weapon into Angelica's back as Gattonero lost consciousness.

"Argh!" Angelica screamed out in pain as the 9mm bullets slammed into the back of legs.

"You'll pay for what you did to Gattonero," Fleccia said reloading her pistol. "These might not be armor piercing rounds but at this range it's more than enough to penetrate your eye," Fleccia added slamming drilling her shoe into Angelica's ribs.

"Any last words," Fleccia said kneeling over the injured cyborg her pistol millimeters from her eye. Angelica threw her head to the side as Fleccia writhed in pain the bullet ricocheting off her skull.

"Yeah you talk to dam much," Claes said as her taser sent thousands of volts through Fleccia.

"Took you long enough," Angelica said as Claes sent several more shocks through both cyborgs for good measure.

"Can you walk?" Claes asked.

"Not really," Angelica replied struggling to get up.

"Come on let's get out of here," Claes said placing her head under Angelica's good shoulder the pair made their exit.

"What about their handlers," Angelica asked.

"Don't know, but with any luck the one that was after me is dead or injured," Claes replied. "As for yours everyone was running out of here not in."

"Can you drive," Angelica asked.

"Yes, she was only using a 9mm they hurt like a bitch, but couldn't penetrate beyond the surface layer. Come on the car is outback." Claes said as they made their exit.

"Will you be alright," Claes asked as she helped a barely conscious Angelica into the car.

"Yeah, I'm just a little tired, that fight took more out of me than I thought," Angelica replied as her wounds continued to slowly bleed.

"Don't go to sleep yet, we've got a long drive ahead and I'll need someone to talk to or I'll be swerving all over the road again," Claes added.

"If you do, I'm going to puke on you," Angelica retorted.

Section Break

As they left the bustling city of Stockholm behind the girls began to calm down as they struggled to make sense of the brutal events of the last hour. "Chiyo, what the hell did you give me, I nearly lit myself on fire." Evangeline asked.

"Rocket fuel, we use it as a solvent in my biochem lab earlier this semester. Now why the hell did you burn down the dorm." Chiyo asked.

"Nicole would not have tried to blow up her dorm room without reason. I am just finishing the job she started, and next time, tell me when you give me rocket fuel to start a fire." Evangeline replied.

"What about Patricia, no normal person could have been shot and moved the way she did. Plus there was no way she was hiding body armor under those clothes." Heather added.

"And why aren't you taking Alfred to the hospital," Chiyo cried out.

"Look if what Patricia told me is true she and Nicole are cyborg assassins who escaped from her creators and that other girl was sent to bring them back." Evangeline replied

"That's a stretch even for your Evangeline," Heather added.

"I know, but you saw what happened, plus I've suspected for a long time there was something off about Patricia and Nicole. Cyborg assassin or not someone is after them so we cannot use the normal hospitals. I know a place that doesn't ask questions so were going there, and once Alfred is healed we can figure out what to do next." Evangeline explained.

"Evangeline I have Dr. Bunstrom on the phone," Shelby said.

"Good everyone keep it down," Evangeline said activating the cars Bluetooth.

"Evangeline what the hell happened. The police and fire departments are everywhere. What happened to Patricia and Nicole." Dr. Burnstorm asked.

"Claes, and Angelica's former employers found them," Evangeline explained.

"No…..," Dr. Bunstrom gapsed. "Where are they, is my daughter alright?"

"We don't know, but the last I saw of Patricia, no Claes she was up and running out of dorm after setting off some kind of explosive device." Shelby replied.

"And Angelica was beating the hell out of girl who stabbed Alfred." Heather added.

"Good I hope she pounds that girls face in," Chiyo muttered.

"So you don't think they were captured?" Dr. Burnstrom asked.

"No, the only way those two will be captured is if they want it to happen," Evangeline replied.

"Listen, Evangeline it's best if you take the others forget this ever happened and get the hell out of Europe," Dr. Burnstrom stated.

"Like hell we will," the girls replied in unison.

"I could care less who made them or who is after them, Claes and Angelica are still our friends." Evangeline shot back.

"Why," Dr. Burnstrom gasped.

"Claes helped me once and it's time I truly repaid the favor, besides I wouldn't be able to look at myself in the mirror in the morning if I didn't." Evangeline replied. "There is a small clinic in Naka that doesn't ask too many questions, meet us there in four hours, and be prepared to tell us everything."