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Summary: On one fateful rainy night, more than just one person's blood was spilt.

In a cruel twist of fate, nine year old Ichigo Kurosaki dies alongside her mother that fateful afternoon on June 17th. And instead of being sent to Soul Society, young Ichigo wakes up confused and very alone in the wastelands of Hueco Mundo. How will the story change when the key factor is on a different side?

Warning: Fem!Ichigo fanfic, rated T for safety. No pre-planned pairings as of right now, but we'll see what happens later.

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Prologue: Of Twisted Fates

"Little worm!" a shrill, distorted cry echoed across the barren landscape, seeming to shake the very ground itself as a monstrous beast wearing a bone-white mask stormed across the white sands, kicking up dust and leaving large gouges in its wake as it sped forward clumsily; knocking over several brittle trees in the process of its brutal hunting. Several yards ahead of it, a much smaller, more thin creature darted, just barely skirting around the other's ground-shaking lunges and wide-swept attacks. "Stay still!" the beast ordered, though the boisterous thing seemingly went unheard as the other creature continued darting about and dodging its attacks. As the monster prepared to lash out once again, the small creature suddenly turned on it, short messy hair seeming to bristle in growing agitation as it lunged at the monster's head, sharp claws flashing in what little light there was.

The white sands were suddenly dyed crimson red as a sea of the grotesque color spread out from the now dead corpse, left to rot in the godforsaken wasteland as the small creature walked off into the distance, a long red trail following each slow footstep against the ground. From beneath the brown tattered-cloak that covered the small, thin figure, a blood-stained hand, surprisingly human in shape despite its inhuman claws, appeared; reaching up to cover one glowing yellow eye of its own as the creature seemed to suddenly curl in on itself in pain.




No more…




Make it stop!

The small creature released a sharp cry, all too similar to the cries of a wailing child…

The evening air was chilled as raindrops fell from the sky, further dampening the already wet ground below as the occasional person walked down the lonely sidewalk.

"Mama, I managed to be Tatsuki today!" a little girl chirped happily as she skipped innocently along, her hand being held gently by one of an older woman with wavy, strawberry blonde hair as red, rubber boots splashed water everywhere with each little step taken. The woman smiled gently in return to the small declaration; a sign of slight praise, the woman's other hand too preoccupied with keeping an umbrella over both child and mother's heads at the moment to give the child the pat on the head she probably felt she so rightly deserved.

"That's very good, you didn't gloat too much did you?" The woman asked as she guided the child, careful to keep her within reach and out of the nearby street and possible oncoming traffic.

"No Mama. I was a good sport. Tatsuki didn't take losing too well though." The little girl chimed in, shaking her head and sending short blonde hair flying slightly with the motion.

"Good. And I hope Tatsuki didn't do anything to make herself out as a bad sport." The little girl giggled in response, just about to answer when a truck suddenly came flying by, hitting a dip in the road and sending a hoard of water onto the sidewalk, and in the process soaking the poor child who had been unfortunate enough to be walking nearby. "Oh! Well that was mean of that truck now wasn't it? Come here…" the woman ordered as she guided the child closer to her, bringing out a pure white handkerchief and begin to wipe the child's face dry. "How about I stand on the outside from now on, okay?"

"No!" the child interrupted, expression determined as small hands went to settle on the child's hips, a look of stubbornness clear from her expression. "I have to protect Mama!" The little girl spoke vehemently, making to look bigger and tougher than she actually was.

The woman chuckled, finding the display amusing, but otherwise deciding to entertain it for the remainder of their little trip,

"Of course, you're Mama's little protector right?" the woman asked, her tone joking, though the child didn't sense it, agreeing full heartily with the woman's statement.

"Yeah, I'm Mama's pr-proto-pro."


"Yeah, that word." The woman giggled again at the response, reaching to grab the child's hand when suddenly, it was no longer there for her to grab. "Huh?" She immediately looked up to see her daughter running to riverback on the other side of the street. Eyes widening for a split second, the woman quickly scanned the whole side of the river they were on to find the cause, before something horrifying finally caught her attention. "No…" The woman gasped in horror as she dropped the umbrella, fully intent on shielding her daughter from the unseen danger. As she reached for the little girl, she couldn't help but scream the child's name out, her eyes widening as prayer that would go unanswered ran through her mind.

'Please somebody… Anybody… Save my child…'


As the rain continued to fall from the heavens, like teardrops as if the very skies were mourning an unfortunate event, two limp bodies lay on the ground, dead as the pavement that lay bathed in the blood that once flowed through their veins, eyes devoid of any life that may have been there at one point as sirens resounded in the distance, though far too late to save any lives in that dreary hour…

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