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Episode 3: The New Fracción

"Starrk." The primera espada looked up at his name being called, for once awake instead of sleeping in his room like he normally would, though he was still lazing about all the same. Before him stood the lord of Hueco Mundo, looking ever as impressive as ever with a surprisingly pleased expression. The man was oozing an aura of victory, however small it might have been; something good must have happened within the last day or so.

"Lord Aizen." He greeted lazily, though still with a tone of respect in his voice. The Arrancar attempted to sit up at least somewhat straight as he fully turned to face the man. "To what do I owe this meeting?" he asked, looking at the man curiously. Aizen merely chuckled slightly as he nodded his head in return,

"I have a small favor of sorts to ask of you." The man explained simply, eying the other to see how he would react. As usual, there was no real emotion to be detected from the man. If he was surprised at all by what he had said, he wasn't showing it.

"It's about that Hollow you sent the others and I to find, isn't it?" the man asked, looking at the man with same bored expression on his face, though the tone of his voice belied his curiosity.

"Yes. I would like you to take her under your wing. As one of your fracción if you don't mind. I understand that you only have one, but still." The man said, though despite how the man worded it. Starrk had a feeling that he really didn't have too much of an option in this.

"Can I at least ask why?"

"Let's just say she's a bit different from the other Arrancar that I've created so far." Aizen chuckled slightly again when he noticed Starrk raise an eyebrow inquisitively, his expression for once at least giving away some small fraction of the amount of confusion the man truly felt. "You'll see when she arrives." As if by magic, they both heard a knock on the door; light and slightly softer than what was normally expected from most of those that dwelled within the walls of Las Noches. Releasing a pleased smile, Aizen called out for their guest to enter, the door opening in response to reveal something that almost had Starrk choking on his own spit if he had been any other man. A small child, no older than 12 at most if he were to guess based on her physical body and appearance; she was thin and would only come up to about his thigh if he were to stand up right this very instant, walked in, skin so white she made the cuatro espada look tan by comparison. Her hair was longer than what might be deemed safe in battle, falling down to the heels of her bare feet and as white as her skin if not even more so. Her eyes were a pale blue, though he had a feeling that that had not been the original color when she was alive, and she stared at him with the eyes of an innocent who had yet to experience true battle. Even with her eyes and appearance however, he could still feel the large droves of reiatsu that poured uncontrolled and unhindered from that small body.

"Starrk, this is your new fracción, Ichi. I expect you to teach her everything she needs to know for the upcoming war." Aizen introduced suddenly, pushing the little girl, Ichi apparently, towards the lazing man with a gentle hand. "Ichi, this is Starrk, he is the primera espada and your new boss. You will do everything he says, do you understand?" the man asked, bending down to the girl's eye level. Ichi simply nodded her head remaining quiet, though she seemed to have a slight frown on her face as she eyed the other warily. "Good. He has another fracción besides you, so make sure to get along with her as well. I must be going now, have a pleasant day." Aizen replied finally, before standing up and leaving. Just as the man reached the door, Starrk called out for him to wait, grunting as he stood up and walked over to the man.

"Lord Aizen, pardon me if this seems a little defiant on my part. But that girl is nothing but a child. You actually expect me to train her for war?" at the question, Aizen merely chuckled yet again. He wouldn't admit it openly, but Starrk was starting to find that a little annoying.

"Her being a child is exactly why I'm placing her under your authority. It's a better idea than some of the others I could've stuck her with. Besides, I highly doubt you missed the amount of reiatsu leaking off of her. She's got no control over it after all. The others wouldn't be able to handle it or her." The man simply explained motioning to the little girl who had decided to plop herself down on Starrk's vacated seat. "Well now, if that is all. Again, I shall be going now." and with that final farewell, Aizen left the room disappearing down the hall and leaving Starrk to tend to the twelve year old child now in his room.

With a seemingly anguished sigh, Starrk turned to face his new fracción, eying the girl with a measuring gaze as he slowly allowed himself to take in the fact he was now responsible for her. In the back of his mind somewhere, he couldn't help but laugh at how well Lilynette was going to take this new addition, which wasn't very. She'd probably throw a fit at first, but Starrk didn't feel like dealing with that at the moment. Luckily she was out doing Aizen knew what at the moment and probably wouldn't be back for some time.

"I don't like him." Starrk looked towards Ichi, who was still sitting on his bed, though it was more of a giant, very comfortable cushion really. She was looking at him almost expectantly. 'She's waiting for a reaction.'


"I said I don't like him." She repeated, looking completely unbothered, though her eyes told him that she was expecting to be punished for her words. With a shrug, Starrk joined her on his bed, making her bounce slightly as his added weight almost threw her off.

"And can I ask why?"

"You already did."

"Well yes I suppose so." Starrk almost laughed, she was witty and quick, he'd give her that. And she definitely wasn't shy about stating her own opinion about things.

"He's fake." Starrk quirked an eye at the explanation. As if he had urged her to go on without her having looked at him, she continued, "His smiles, his expressions, his whole demeanor. They're all fake, so he is fake." Finally she turned to him, "I don't like fake things." At that, she finally laid back, immediately going to sleep, obviously tired from the day. Starrk, instead of doing the same, carefully got up from his bed, looking down at the admittedly strange child. He sighed as he spoke to himself aloud,

"I need to find another bed for her; this is going to be a drag." His words however, belied what he was really thinking about. Ichi, his new fracción, has said that Lord Aizen, their leader, was fake. It couldn't help but make him think, was it true what she said, but even if so, did it even really matter?

Aizen walked in to find Gin already standing there and waiting for him, sitting at the foot of his throne with an expectant grin on his face.

"You knew didn't you, that she was a bit different from the others." Aizen questioned, though it was more like a statement. Gin's smile grew even wider as he answered the man,

"I figured something was off when I threw her back 'n the room. She was far too small beneath that tattered cloak. My hand from the tip of my middle finger to the base of my palm was bigger than her stomach was wide." Gin seemed to gloat, though there was something Aizen couldn't quite identify underneath his tone. The man snorted under his breath as he went to sit on his throne, propping his head up in the palm of his hand.

"Well whatever, she more than makes up for size with her level of power." Gin said nothing to the statement, instead choosing to just grin knowingly. Aizen couldn't help but think, the white haired man was really like a snake.

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