Here's chapter 26. ;) :)

Chapter 26.

When Jake had reached back upstairs, Chance was fat asleep. Guilt struck into the cinnamon Tom-Kat's stomach remembering how Nick had kissed him, and caressed him so much, he indeed forgot about his and the tabby Kat's fun. He laid on his back on his bed looking at Chance who's back was turned to his; he sighed and then closed his eyes. On the other hand, Chance had been playing sleep he had just finished throwing up and was now just lying awake. "I had no idea." He thought. Soon, a tear slowly crept down his chubby cheek.

Things hadn't gone so well the next morning. At work, Chance barely spoke to his partner; Jake got confused why he wasn't talking; usually, Chance would not stop talking about the all new Scardey Kat episode that was going to come on, or what villain they were going to take on next if Callie called. Jake saw how the muscular Kat was just minding his own business; he was really giving him the cold shoulder. "Hey Jake, can you pass me the wrench?" Chance asked nonchalantly and sternly. Jake looked at his friend his eyes blinking twice not wanting to keep him waiting and getting angry, he handed him the tool who took it not even thanking him.

"You know you could at least say thank you." Only getting rolled eyes, the tabby returned to his work wanting to finish leaving the skinny Tom speechless. "Chance? What's the matter?" The tabby scoffed. "Like you care don't give me that crap." Jake cocked his eyebrow.

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