Hey guys, sorry that I have not continued the story; things just have been coming up and yesterday, 27 people, but mostly children, were shot at the Elementary school in Conneticut. R.I.P lovely little ones :'(

Chapter 26. Part 2.

"Chance, what in the world has gotten into you today? Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed?" Jake asked trying to get his friend to open up but it wasn't working at all; instead, the large blonde tabby went to start on another car but the beeping of the emergency alarm got their attention as Chance ran to answer it.

"T-Bone here, what's happening Miss Briggs?" He said now in his SWAT Kat voice.

"It's Hard Drive, he's at Pumadyne stealing all of the top secret files from the super computer."

"We're on our way!" After hanging up, they both got in their G-suits and headed off. While flying over to "Physco Central" What Chance (T-Bone) had called it, Razor kept staring at his partner who hadn't said a word since he got the call from Callie. He was now starting to wonder and worry if he had seen both him and Nick from late last night; he really had a lot of explaining to do but had to find the right words to put them all together.

"Hahahaha... Yes, all of this precious information is so juicy I can feel it; and it's all mine for the taking." The sinister voice of Hard Drive said using his electric powers getting all the files from the computer as possible. "Looks like you good day is ending early Hard Drive." Turning around, and growing, he saw the two heroes With their paws on their hips. "SWAT kats, I should have known You both would be here." "Hah! Don't count on it. Now, are we going to stand here and talk? Or are we going to kick your tail?" "Don't count on it." And with a smirk, he let out his paw sending waves of electricity through out the room. The Kats covered themselves just so as not to get shocked and he was gone.

T-Bone ran after him leaving Razor alone to go through the electric waves himself and finally, he got out following his partner with a scowl and shake of the head.