Hey guys oh man, I can't believe I haven't updated S.A.N since December I am sooooo terribly sorry for my absence School has just been going on lately you know how that is and my mom had not been feeling well over the Holiday season so, I was stressed out about that plus last week, I got my wisdom teeth taken out; yep, been pretty busy indeed. But anyway, enjoy chapter 27 of S.A.N :)

Chapter 27.

T-Bone ran down the large hallway in hopes of finding that electrical maniac once and for all. He checked every door that he laid his paw on as he opened and closed but he was nowhere to be found. Finally, Razor came out just in time seeing his partner. "What took you so long?" "Well, I was trying to catch up but you got away so quick duh." He stated leaving the large member to roll his eyes although they were wearing their masks, Razor could still see his eyes move so he could tell.

More waves of volts came flying as Hard Drive appeared again while smirking. "Had enough you two?" "Hell no we're just getting warmed up!" T-Bone yelled out smirking also. "I see well then, have a taste of this!" Letting out his paw, the masked vigilantes jumped up avoiding it this time with the burly tabby knocking the villan down out cold. "Great job there buddy." The smaller SWAT Kat complimented getting some rope and tying him up real good. Not long after, the Enforcers came late as usual as they heard Commander Feral yelling into the megaphone with Felina and the others coming also.

"Thanks Guys, we'll take care of him from here." Felina said patting each of them on the shoulder getting the still out cold Kat taking him away as Razor looked at his partner but T-Bone scowled turning away as they headed for the TurboKat and left to go back home.

Phew! Here you all go! Sorry it may not be good but I tried my best hope you enjoy :) ;) and Happy Sunday :)