Moonlight Horizon
A Sailor Moon Love Story: Rini and Elios
By Lady M. Harris

Author's Notes: This is an entirely new realm for me, Sci-Fi/Romance! Hope you like this beginning. This is strictly a romance! Yes, it really is. It's just set in the future. There is definitely a story to this fanfic and I hope a very intriguing and entertaining one. This story as you will notice is centered around Rini and Elios. Please note, this is NOT an alternate universe, although you might think so. It is very confusing, but isn't that the way I always write? I never give away my plots until the middle or end of the story, you guys should know me by now. Okay, there are very, many excellent stories surrounding Serena and Darien and I wanted to focus for once, on the little girl that no one seems to like. Hopefully, I can change your predisposed disliking for the 'little spore'. In the same tradition as Moonlight Midnight Glory, the story will focus on the future Rini and Elios, encompassing Serena and Darien for those of you who also crave a story on our favorite characters.
Lady M. Harris

This Wound

Beneath this darkness, sucked into this madness -
'tis such a bruised and inky sky
The day - not one better -
The moments - not one brighter -
too many times I've cried.
Deep in this corner -
losing myself - 'tis my appertaining rage!
May I baptize you with all my tears?
This world, all nothing but a stage.
This Pain, it aches -
it stabbed me, shaped me -
Pierced me -
like the King, too soon -
My heart, now broken - My words, unspoken -
I can't articulate - how badly 'tis this wound.

Contributed by Chisa Harris

Destined Deity: the Oracles of Rini

Chapter One

3087 The Junketeer Command Ship....

"Lady Serenity, " Ivor said, raising his hand to Rini. He opened his hand and within his palm revealed two, small white pills. In his other hand, he held a glass of water.
"Thank you, Ivor, " Rini replied, reaching over with a trembling hand and plucked the two pills out his hand. She tilted her head back and popped the two aspirins into her mouth. Taking the offered glass from Ivor, she washed the pills down her throat. She could briefly taste the acrid flavor of the aspirins, even after swallowing the fresh, luke-warm water.
"Bad dreams, again?" He asked sitting down next to her on the bed. He watched her silently in the semi-darkness of their cabin.
She nodded her head, wiping away her sweat-drenched, pink hair from her forehead. "They plague my family," she mumbled quietly, staring out of her large window and into the bright, winking stars. The Junketeer was stationed in a large galaxy called Assortama. If she wanted to look down out of her window, she would see the planet Cerus located in a neutral zone of the Assortama's galaxy. The planet was huge with an orangish surface, splotches of blue here and there indicating where the water was located on the planet. Another planet was situated behind Cerus; its size was much larger and denser. It was adequately named Paradise. The name pertaining to the large bodies of clear, blue water, warm climate and lush, tropical surrounding lands.
"Yes, I know," he said quietly and smiled reassuringly at her.
Rini sighed; staring down at her crumpled sheets still tangled around her body. She was in her usual sleeping gear, white tank top and a white tong. Lately however, she had taken a liking to sleeping in the nude. She didn't understand why she had started sleeping in the nude. She just did. The sleeping attire was not recommended on the ship. Considering, they were on a hostile mission, she thought as she recalled the reason why she was stationed on the Junketeer. You had to be ready to spring into action a moment's notice....
Even after being on the command ship for over nine months, she still had to get used to Ivor and the Junketeer. She thought back to when she had been assigned to serve for a year on the Junketeer. She had thought, like countless other officers before her, that the Junketeer was supposed to be a shoddy command ship. That was what the name implied. However, it was quite the opposite. The Junketeer Command Ship had been sorely built for the purpose of transporting high-ranking officials and large corporation's executive officers. It was a command ship built with the most sophisticated, intelligent and advance technology available to mankind. The designers had aerodynamically built her to be fast and sleek-looking. But, its main function was that of a command ship, yet it could also impressively function as starship or warship. There were only two other ships built the same way in their western sector. The other two command ships were still back at home. This one, as well as over fifty warships on a warship carrier, had been sent forward in hopes of neutralizing a hostile situation taking place between two, large ruling nations outside of the Milkyway galaxy. The two feuding planets were neighbors, Cerus and Paradise.
Rini winced as she thought back for the hundredth time, her confrontation with her mother and father. Rini, despite being surrounded by the Sailor Warriors, her very own Sailor Warriors and her mother and father's ruling thumb, felt as if she was being stifled and confined. Oh, she had had the very best tutors, beautiful clothing and luxury items surrounding her day in and day out. She also knew she had a terrible temper and was very spoiled. That much was evident by her lack of friends. However, much of it had to do with how protected and guarded she was during her years at the Crystal Palace. Even though she had finished her Warrior training years ago, she still felt as if she could not compare to her mother's fighting and leadership ability. Sailor Moon was a Legend. And Neo-Queen Serenity and her king, The Lavender King, Endymoin, who was also known as Darien, was another modern Legend. How can you compare to that, Rini thought to herself?
Technology now governed most of Earth's ruling nations. Her mother and father ruled the Oriental nations, along side with the nations leaders of the European countries and the Northern and Southern Americas, which also included many of the other smaller nations. When technology could not overcome obstacles in their path, there was an unspoken truce between the nations to turn to her mother and her father's power. This was a known fact between the nation leaders and all the people who lived on Earth. It wasn't an easy truce, for mankind did not like to leave the fates of human lives up to magic. However, the nation leaders had conceded and acknowledged the awesome powers the Golden and Silver Imperium Crystal could yield.
Rini had left home and everything that was precious to her, a little over a year ago. There were countless arguments between her parents and her. Darien and Serena objected harshly to their only daughter wanting to join the Union Nations Fleet. She was royalty and was needed at home. Besides, it just wasn't done, her mother had protested loudly. Officers training, Rini could remember hearing her mother snorting loudly. What's wrong with the Warrior training you received earlier, Serena had commented? It's not the same mother, Rini had nearly cried out in frustration. Throwing her nose up the air in the matter of an aristocrat, she then promptly decided to ignore her mother's outbursts of frustration. She remembered thinking that she had to go out on her own and make something of her self, without always being overshadowed by her mother.
Rini had known also, that there was trouble in her parents' perfect world. Although, they bickered constantly, it was usually kept behind closed doors. Some of the louder quarrels had leaked through to her chambers. She had listened shamelessly, like an eavesdropper over her father telling Serena to quit being insecure over their relationship. Apparently, her mother believed that her father was spending entirely too much time in the company of Lady Alicia Woodward. She happened to hold a very, large influence over Tokyo's financial commerce, her father had argued back. There are other lovely ladies, I have seen you discreetly gaze at with other than friendliness in your eyes, her mother had quietly commented back. If I had not been the Legendary Sailor Moon, would our precarious paths crossed and entwined as that of true lovers? Would you have loved me then? For who and what I was, not as Sailor Moon, but as an ordinary girl, her mother had criticized.
However, Rini had heard the rumbling rumors circulating around Crystal Tokyo. Those of her father, on the certain arms of a worldly lady of beauty and sensual charms, when her mother was not about in Tokyo. Of the time, in the commerce meetings and social outings where those present often noted her father's dark head, bent closely to that of Lady Alicia's sleek, golden head. Often their seemed to be an air of intimacy between her father and Lady Alicia, as if they shared a certain private joke that only they had privy to. Rini definitely didn't like what she was hearing of Lady Alicia, whom reportedly was a wealthy and beautiful woman, on the look out for a new lover. She had the same feeling that her mother had heard of those rumors as well.
It was Serena, her mother, who finally accepted the fact that no matter how much they argued with Rini, that for once their daughter was standing her ground.
Her Sailor Warriors, the Asteroid Warriors were shocked of course, over Rini's apparent leaving for a military training and serving in the nations star fleet. They had snickered and protested like the dainty ladies they were and made fun of her, but it was all in good nature. Her father, Darien didn't speak to her until the very day she left. It was then, when Serena stood on the docks quietly sobbing away, did her father finally break down and told her to make them proud of her.
It was her father's encouraging words that kept her from quitting when she wanted nothing more than to pack up her things and return home, in the preceding months to follow. Her officer's training had been the hardest, most hellish and yet, most satisfying goal for her to achieve. The days had come and gone, seemingly to blend into weeks and then into months. There were times when the physical training had been almost too much for her to bear. She remembered briefly, where it seemed as if she did not think or feel. She didn't want to remember those times of just trying to sustain her own life. Only the physical aspect of breathing, the mediocre drudgery of placing one foot in front of another, kept her going. She recalled so many countless times of wanting to quit. Home, where her lovely, soft bed, beckoned her with open arms. Home, where her mother and father would have loved nothing better than to tell her that they had been right all along. She knew she not would be able to live with such shame. Her, Small Lady returning home, like a canine with its tail between its legs. There were times, where she was taunted, teased and harassed by her superiors, colleagues and trainees such herself because she was royalty and that she wasn't fit to be among them. She knew that that was part of the training and yet, it had hurt. But it also made her want-no, made her push herself harder than she had ever thought was possible. Oh, she had heard and endured all the names she'd been called during her training-Snow White, the Princess, Queenie, Royalty, Cinderella, The Bunny Rabbit and countless others. In the end, she had proved to them and most importantly had proved to herself that she was made up tougher things than sugar and spice and everything that was nicely associated with fine ladies of royalty. She had won the respect of many of her colleagues and superiors after accomplishing her training and graduating as one of the top officers in their class.
The respect that she had so furiously fought for, almost all came to a screeching halt a month later after training. Two other colleagues were transferred to the same ship as herself. One of the two colleagues, Jason, had snidely remarked to her on his amazement that she was transferred to the Junketeer.
Jason was a tall, but lanky young fellow with brown eyes and sandy brown hair. He was often blunt and straight to point with his comments. He didn't believe in proper etiquette or in conservative words. Those were for 'the birds', as he was often heard quoting. He often put up a front as being worldly, even though he had never even been in space until he went into training.
Rini had blinked innocently at him; her lovely, red eyes puzzled over his sudden contempt. At the time, they were in the small transporter ship, on their way to the Junketeer.
For a moment, Jason was confounded as he stared back at Rini. He had never taken the time to more than glance over at the Rabbit. In her officer's training uniform, Rini was a regally statuesque and almost robustly, voluptuous woman. Her legs, which were incased in the standard officer's uniform, form-fitting, black pants and high, polished black boots; were incredibly long and shapely.
The height, apparently was inherited by her handsome father and her perfect, eight figure from the famous, Neo-Queen Serenity. The Neo-Queen was reportedly a graceful and breath-taking beauty.
Rini's chest, as he remembered from countless times in the gym, was very full and upright. Although, it was hard to tell underneath her light, gray double-breasted, jacket. Her hair was an unusual, gleaming, pale pink color. It was done up in her usual style that faintly resembled the shape of rabbit ears. Hence, her nickname: the Rabbit. The rest of the length was braided and tied back with a matching black bow. He had wondered briefly about her hair and eyes, and if it anything to do with her parents being as powerful as they were. Perhaps, that was why they had produced such an unusual and sensuous-looking daughter. However, unlike the other women in their training division, who arbitrarily cut their long hair so that their hair did not hinder their training. Rini, on the other hand, studiously braided her long hair and pony-tailed the trailing length everyday of training, refusing to have her hair under the shears. Her eyes were also another matter altogether. They were almond and cat-like in their shape. Producing a keen, cunning expression of intelligence, whenever her gaze wandered over you. The color of her eyes was a soft, reddish hue, but they could also be piercing, like shards of gleaming glass.
Rini had stared back at Jason, wondering at the sudden attitude change over him. The other officer, Tyron had chuckled over Jason's apparent glazed look. Tyron decided then to graciously tell her about the Junketeer Command Ship and her newly assigned companion. Whom she was told, was anonymously given to her. She watched him silently, her glance unconsciously skimming over Tyron's appearance and made her wonder once again, if he had a girlfriend sitting at home waiting for him to return to her.
Tyron was broad-shouldered and very tall. His body was trim and superb from their recent training. His hair was midnight black, curling slightly at the base of his neck. His eyes were a deep and friendly, emerald green. His gaze was direct and open, ignited with common sense and an intelligence that she suspected was far superior to hers.
"Your companion-Ivor is how shall I say it?" Tyron had paused, leaning against his chair. "He's what they call an android or a cyborg? An artificial person-or more crudely put, a synthetic," Tyron had said, the laughing humor sparkling in his eyes as he gauged her reaction.
For a moment, Rini thought she would erupt with boiling anger. Her mother! Her mother was behind this, her mind had screamed to her! The transfer to the Junketeer and then the android being assigned to her to attend her every waking need. Androids were assigned to the commanders of the nations' fleet, royalty and to the very rich. Or only those who could afford them. It was true that she was royalty, but she was trying to make a name for herself and earn respect for who she was. She did not want to earn her name for the money or the power of royalty behind her namesake.
"So you say...?" She had replied nonchalantly, shrugging her shoulders at the same time, with her composure back in place. Androids were prominent among the very rich. She had heard of them, but they were not a standard at home. Her mother and father did not care to have their human servants replaced with androids, even if they were more efficient. However, she had heard that it was common practice among the rich in America and in the European countries.
"You're so-cold about it, Rini," Tyron had chuckled again, his fingers playing with the monitor buttons to the left of him.
"Have you had one before?" Jason asked, curiously and crassly. His eyes followed the swing of her shapely leg crossing over her thigh, suddenly wondering what it would feel like to her legs wrapped around his hips. He caught Tyron's discerning eye and cooled his ardor.
"Of course not, you idiot. Is that all you men can think of?" Rini said disdainfully as she frowned fiercely at him and Tyron. Disapproval marred her lovely brow as she continued to gaze at her colleagues.
Tyron laughed softly, while Jason spluttered, his face beat red.

"Well, they say that an cyborg's sexual programming is far more superior than any man," Jason added, if a little sullenly.

"I wouldn't know, since my parents forbid them in the palace," Rini replied, her features suddenly softening at the mention of her parents. She sighed. She missed them enormously.
"Well now, you'll get your chance to know what it's like to have one at your beck and call," Tyron added, suddenly just as curious as Jason. He looked sideways at Rini as she chewed her full lip, still in consternation. She was in his opinion, the epitome of what a woman should look like and be. She was achingly, impossibly lovely to gaze upon. There was many times, where he would stop whatever he was doing, sit leisurely back and gaze her striking beauty. Of course, he'd never tell her that in a million years. She was way too classy for him. Despite what many of his colleagues had said about her in the beginning of training, him and many others in their division had been dually impressed with the princess. She had earned her right to wear that uniform. Not only that, she made it look good; he chortled inwardly to himself, admiring her shapely form.
"Oh, you mean the little princess couldn't have everything she wanted, now?" Jason teased and cajoled to her in a whiney voice. Tyron erupted into guffaws of boisterous laughter.
"Five minutes until boarding! Please return to your seats and fasten your seats belt." The computer announced to them on the monitor in a neutral voice.
"Shut up, you brat!" Rini shouted back to Jason, laughing along and enjoyed the teasing as she swapped Jason hard on the arm....
Ivor turned out to be an unexpected and pleasant surprise. Despite her reservations and anger towards her mother, she secretly enjoyed Ivor's services. To her, he looked like an ordinary human being.
Rini had designated his looks to please her. That had been the fun part. Ivor was well over six feet tall, broad-shouldered and sinew. His hair was inky black and incrediably long, reaching his mid shoulders and silky to the touch. It parted in the middle, reminding her of Earth's ancient Indians. His eyes were smoky gray, matching his sun bronze skin, nicely. A tiny chip was embedded at the base of her neck so that Ivor was aware of her every waking thought and need. She did not particular care for the fact that Ivor had access to her deepest and most, darkest secrets.
Ivor didn't understand her dormant powers. His programming couldn't logically place her powers as a logical process. He understood that it was there, hovering in the background. However, the comprehending her powers was another matter all together.
One evening, Ivor discovered one of her dark secrets. She had returned to their cabin, tired and frustrated over arguing with her superior over the numbers that were appearing on their scanning system. In the course of the day, she had overheard from some of her rich and superior, female officers engaging in outrageous, sexual acts with their male androids. Rini's curiosity finally got the better of her and she momentarily indulged in a what if...scenario situation with her own cyborg.
Ivor however, normally accessing her thoughts, intercepted her musings to eagerly please his assigned companion. Rini had stood paralyzed with sudden heated desire as Ivor wrapped his muscular arms around her waist. He then proceeded to gently touch and mold her breasts to fit into his hands. Whispering to her about what pleasures they could attain together as one and that he had invisible receptors that would attach to her vagina walls, to easily gauge her reactions and for him to better pleasure her. Licking her suddenly parched lips, her imagination firing crazily over what Ivor had so succinctly described. Her heartbeat accelerated rapidly, Rini was sorely tempted to give in as she felt Ivor's member harden against her buttocks. She couldn't remember a time, when a man had touched her like this and yet, a cyborg nearly made her insides explode. Closing her eyes, her full, bow-like mouth parting in tiny heated breaths, she let his hands wander slowly over her breasts, stomach and finally over her curly mound. When his fingers reached in to delve into her womanhood, she finally decided to halt his fingers.
She over rode and disabled his sexual programming. Password protecting it by digitized, synthetic voice recognition and DNA finger imprinting, so that only she could reactivate it. Ivor had chuckled as she worked on disabling that particular programming. She had grinned along, good naturally, but explicitly told him that she wouldn't allow it continue. She had told Ivor that she knew she'd become addicted to what he could offer. How would I come to appreciate a human male, she had told him. He boldly stated to her, that she didn't have to, that he could be everything she needed and wanted. Then he nodded his head and told her that he understood what she wanted as he accessed her thoughts. Besides, she had said giggling as she blushed becomingly; I'm going to break the record on this ship, by being the oldest, living virgin. Ivor had laughed heartily along with her.
"Come here," Ivor said in the darkness of their cabin.
Instantly, Rini came into Ivor's arms. Sitting comfortably on his pajama lap, she laid her weary head on his naked chest, sighing at the same time as Ivor's arms wrapped around her. It was times like this where she wished she had a significant other half to share in her thoughts.
"Is it the same one, again?" He asked, reaching one hand up to push back her sweat drenched hair.
She nodded her head; "It's always the same. I see home, but it's not home. The palace was always so warm and filled with happy people. Yet, it's empty and cold in my nightmare. And my father's face, it's so hard. He's standing in our hallway looking so forlorn as he stares at my mother's and his bedroom. And then, I see the faces of a man. They're two different faces, but they're both the same person. And I've seen him before, but I can't recall where. I know him! I know I do. And then a darkness comes over me. A deep and frightening darkness fills me. It's so huge, it's almost suffocates me with this weight of darkness and this man-he's so handsome! He's somehow connected to this darkness," she mumbled into his chest, shuddering as she recalls the dream.
"This has to do with your powers, Rini," Ivor stated matter factually.
Rini lifted her head and looked up at Ivor, chewing her lip, thoughtfully. "I thought you didn't believe in my heritage or in my powers," she asked looking at him, balefully.
"Something's there and deep inside of you. I'm aware of it, but my programming doesn't comprehend it. Although, I suspect it's somehow that power of yours. And it seems to be increasing. Or something to that affect," Ivor said shrugging his shoulders at the same time.
Rini closed her eyes and let Ivor's hand continue to rub her back as she pondered his words. The combination of his warmth and the strength that flowed from his hands was like a sleeping balm. After a while, she became calm and sleepy again. She sighed once more, snuggled deeply into his embrace and dropped back into a deep and this time, a dreamless sleep.
"First Lieutenant Shields, Lieutenant Colonel Sargento needs your assistance on the main deck," Captain Tang said as he came over to where she sat at her tiny cubicle desk and was busy scribbling away on her reports. He pulled out his digital clipboard that contained a listing of her assignments.
Rini nearly dropped her pen. She jumped up from her sitting position and saluted the high-ranking officer as she listened silently to her assignment. Her fingers shook as she held it up to her forehead, but she quickly steadied her fingers. Her eyes grew wide with excitement. She could tell that Captain Tang was barely able to contain his mirth and a slight admiration towards her, which was evident in his facial expression. He knew how she burned with a certain eager passion to work on the main deck as a navigator. He had told her that it was rare to find ambition like hers in these modern days. The main deck, she thought with near elation! She had only been on the main deck twice, since her arrival on the ship. Her goal was to help navigate the command ship or any other ship, for that matter.
The fact that one of the Lieutenant Colonels had requested her help was incredible. Considering how many other higher-ranking Lieutenant Navigators was on this ship; it was a miracle that she was chosen to assist on the main deck. She nearly flew out of the communications deck, her head somewhere in the clouds.
She arrived on the main deck as was told to report to the main docking deck. When she arrived on the docking deck, she was briefed again by another captain on what her duties entailed.
Rini met another Navigator, this time from another branch of the Union Nations Fleet. Captain Schwartz of the Navy division was a veteran on the Junketeer and a long time Navigator. She was a tall and elegant woman with short blonde hair and sharp, blue eyes. Schwartz smiled a greeting from the navigating seat as Rini stepped into the small, cockpit.
Apparently, Rini had been called in for the important mission, due to one of the Navigators being sick. Some of the more higher rank Navigators were already on important assignments and unavailable. Rini had been called in based on her experience and reputation during training on flying small, transporter ships and transporting material goods.
"So Shields, have you heard about our cargo?" Schwartz began after Rini was strapped in. They began simoutinously checking their instruments and scanning equipment.
Rini shook her head negatively. "No, I was told it was standard operation," Rini frowned, looking over at the older woman.
"They usually do that to newbies," she smiled, winking at the same time. "We'll be transporting human and non-human cargo. Two important ambassadors and delegates from the planet, Paradise are returning back to their planet and two of our ambassadors are returning to their planet to join our other negotiators already there," Schwartz lowered her voice to a whisper as their cargo began loading into the ship.
Rini glanced over her shoulder and behind her, noticing the guards entering into the loading bay.
"They're returning from touring our main deck and some of the other parts of the Junketeer. They don't say much, but my God, they're a sight to behold; " Schwartz continued whispering as Rini leaned in closer to better hear her.
"What do you mean-" Rini asked, her question trailing away as she glanced again over her shoulders as the remaining crew and guests arrived. Her reddish, hue eyes grew as wide as cup saucers as they settled on the two, non-human guests. Her mouth dropped open in astounded astonishment. "Holy shit! Are those real?" She burst out, unladylike as she stared at the first Angian and what was behind him.
The first Angian, a male, was immensely tall and broad-shouldered. His hair was long, the color of warm chestnuts. Rini's eyes however, were glued to his wings, behind him. They were the same color as his hair and nearly twice the size of him! It was amazing, to the least, that he could even fit into the loading bay as his wings trailed on the ground. She had heard about the Angians touring their ship, but she never thought that she would actually get to see one.
Of course, she had seen wings on her mother and her mother's Sailor Warriors, but they were nothing in comparison to these!
"As real as they come. Angians are supposedly like pure angels, with their wings and all. But that one-" Schwartz chortled silently and nodded towards the last ambassador as he entered the main bay.
He stood nearly a head taller the other Angian and reminded Rini of a gloriously, beautiful painting that she once seen at the Le Louvre in Paris, France. The golden mane of his hair was long, reaching to the middle of his back, the shimmering strands reminding her of pure, spun liquid silk. There were wisps of trailing, golden hair surrounding his beautiful face. Atop his head, a small, golden horn graced his head. It was unusual, considering the other Angian didn't have a horn. His face was all angles, ridges and breath-taking beyond belief. From his riveting gaze, Rini could make out his eyes like hard marbles and their color like the turbulent, lapis blue of the ocean and framed by sooty lashes and high, thick but dark, arched eyebrows. Full lips, that seemed to almost sneer at her, were thinned at the moment. The rest of him was as magnificent and as awe-inspiring as his face. Sinew and muscle and soft, leather-like material graced this perfection of a non-human, male specimen. His skin was like the color of burnished, golden bronze. Even his wings were spectacular in color and size. The feathers looked to be of the softest and purest white in their color, that it was almost blinding to gaze at. His wings although they were folded protectively against his body, also trailed on the ground of the loading bay.
Both Angians wore similar clothing that looked like soft leather. Rini had a feeling that it wasn't real leather, as who would tramp around on a humid, hot planet in real leather? The first one was wearing the color of beige and tan and the last one was wearing the color of autumn brown. Form fitting pants and boots clothed the lower half of their bodies. Vests covered their chest, leaving their muscular arms and chest bare.
"The first one is a delegate for Paradise, I can't recall his name off the top of my head. The other one...the last one...he goes by the name of Ambassador Elios," Schwartz continued, watching Rini and Elios as their eyes played tug of war. "He's what they call an 'Archangel', one the most powerful and one of the most beautiful angels on Paradise. Pure, they say. Looks downright wicked, if you ask me." Schwartz cackled as she watched Rini closely, who continued to hold the angel's gaze.
"He's magnificent," she whispered back hoarsely, after she finally broke free of the angel's mesmerizing gaze. She shivered delicately, the goose bumps raising the hairs on the back of her arms. And yeah, his gaze seemed anything but pure. It was downright contemptible.
Once everyone was comfortably seated and secured, they immediately launched off the landing dock. Rini returned her concentration on the coordinates of Paradise and assisting Schwartz with navigating the transporter ship. At first, she was slightly apprehensive working with a very experience navigator, but once they lifted off, Schwartz professionally and smoothly eased any fears Rini might have had flying with her. Instinct and an in-born love of navigating took over Rini's thought processes and they glided easily out of the Junketeers landing dock.
In space, they glided smoothly towards Paradise's atmosphere. The ride would only take approximately twenty minutes in space and a couple minutes to land on the mainland of Paradise. The main city and capital of Paradise, named Elysium consisted of a small population of no more than several hundred inhabitants. They were four, other smaller and similar towns. Three centuries earlier, a group of colonists made up mostly of genetic scientists and bio-atmospherist scientists colonized Paradise. The first century consisted of scientists preparing the atmosphere to be breathable to humans, while the last couple of centuries engineered the 'Angels' as guardians of Paradise and generally populated the planet.
Inexplicably, the first generations of almost all of the genetic engineers died, due to some unknown virus that circulated the planet and nearly killed off entire populations of scientists and the people living on Paradise. Paradise was also known to have Cycles. Certain parts of the planet used an undetectable barrier that allowed no entry or leave way in certain parts of the planet. Life was sustained based on what it already contained in that certain area of habitant. Cycles were known to last a couple of hours to perhaps decades or centuries. They really had no idea what was the longest Cycle. At first, the first generations of colonists had no idea where or when the Cycle or Cycles took place. However, now there were points of observation where the Cycle was known to close off a barrier to outsiders. Of course, the city and towns were built outside of these points now. For some unknown reason, the Cycle was also known to shift in its area of barriers. However, this was not often.
There is still some controversy as to why Angels were created. It was a well-known fact that while some of the second century genetic scientists were isolated by the Cycle, they created the Angels as a way to detect a Cycle and its changes. Why they engineers created the Angels was contributed to a husband and wife genetic engineer team. Dr. Angelica had a preference for Angels and their pure qualities and serving a selfish need for herself, while her husband liked the idea of having a guardian of sorts, that could detect a Cycle and a Cycle change.
Angels are considered by many as perfect, super species of human ancestry. They are also no more than thirty living Angels known to Paradise. They can withstand very cold temperatures, while regulating their own blood as normal. This is especially handy for them, while they're airborne. They prefer living in the high caverns of Paradise, where temperatures are far cooler in the mountains as opposed to Paradise's normal, humid and warm temperatures inland. Their wings are the equivalent of another pair of arms with an unknown amount of strength. They are capable of carrying their own weight as well as carrying another person, without hampering their speed of flight. Angels are known mostly to congregate among themselves as certain clans. They are certainly one of the wealthiest beings on Paradise, their holdings elegantly and expensively furnished. However, sometime during the course of history, their nearly unequal intelligence, grace and eloquent speech and language made them fine ambassadors and delegates for the planet Paradise.
During the middle of the flight, when everything seemed to be running smoothly, Rini stopped relaying information back to the Junketeer to stare silently back at Schwartz. Her body shook with tiny, nervous shudders.
"What is---?" Schwartz asked, alarmed as she glanced over at the girl and was cut off just as a loud boom erupted throughout the ship and suddenly throwing the entire ship haywire on its course. Occupants not securely fastened to their seats were thrown against the walls of the hull with a loud thumping and thudding from their bodies being thrown against the walls. Their faces revealing stunned visage or knocked out by the hard hit. Alarms careened loudly throughout the interior and alerting the occupants of a direct hit to the ship and damage the impact had caused.
Monitors blinked crazily in front of Rini indicating that they had been targeted and attacked by some unknown identity. Her head and body was thrown back against her chair with such a force to clearly knock the wind out of her and barely missed being hit by her emergency breathing equipment that was stored above her head. Forced by instinct to finish relaying information back again to the main ship, she took a quick glance back at Schwartz to make sure that the woman was alright and realized with paralyzed horror that the woman was dead beside her. Her once animated eyes now glassy and unfocused as a stream of bright, red blood trickled down the middle of face.
Nooooo! Her mind screamed silently back to her. The ship now seemed to have accelerated its speed and moving of its accord, but it shuddered deeply throughout its course. Even above the shouts and rumble of the confusion behind her, everyone seemed to be moving in an unnatural, slow motion play-by-play scenario. As Rini turned her face forward her eyes flew open in surprise and panic as she began screaming back to the Junketeer.
"What the fuck is this---?!" She screeched above the noise of the ship and into her headset, as the ship suddenly beginning to careen towards the Paradise's atmosphere.
"Princess!" The deep, resonate of the voice said besides her and feeling large hands grip her stiff shoulders nearly caused her to squawk like a frightened bird. Rini's head snapped sideways and she found her frightened gaze on the Angian called, Elios. His eyes were narrowed and focused hard on her saucer-wide eyes of panic. His mouth was slanted and thinned, his nostrils flaring with hard-won sureness. And in the moment of being close to him, Rini had a split second feeling of having seen his face before now. The moment was gone before she even finished the thought as she stared back at the Angian in numbed silence.
"We're heading into a Cycle. Brace yourself and focus your power with me, or we won't make it!" Elios shouted above the noise of the ship and its screaming occupants. His hard, blue gaze flashed arrogantly at her and daring her not do otherwise....
To be continued in chapter two. Lady M. Harris.