A/N: It's Luv2Luv here, and I'm going to be writing a Wolfblood fic! To update you all, I will be continuing my HOA story, but the reason why I didn't update sooner is because my laptop got a virus and it deleted all my documents, so I'm working on replacing them all. So…. Yeah, by the way, I am a HUGE Wolfblood fan! In this chapter, a new girl and her family come into town. (In this story, Shannon and Tom know about Maddy and Rhydian) Here it goes:

Maddy's POV:

It was a pretty much normal Saturday in Stonybridge, well as normal as it can get. Rhydian, Tom, Shannon and I were at the rope swing in the woods, (In episode 10 when Tom saw Ceri) and Rhydian was swinging through the air and laughing his head off, when I saw (and smelled) what looked like a 13 year-old girl standing behind a tree in brown UGG boots, jeans, a red flannel plaid shirt, and a brown jacket that obviously was too big for her. Apparently she saw me, and started running the other way. I chased her. I heard everyone calling after me, but I kept going. The girl was unbelievably fast, and then I lost her. Great. By now Tom, Shannon, and Rhydian had found me, "What was that about?" Shannon asked me, "That girl! Didn't you see her?" I said still panting from running.

"No, Mads you probably imagined it," Tom said, "No I didn't, Tom!" That's when I heard twigs snapping behind me. I turned around but saw nothing. I tried to sniff her out but it was useless. "Come on, Maddy. It's already 3:00 and your Mum is probably going to get worried if we don't get back to the house," Shannon said to me pulling on my jacket. "Oh, fine….. But I did see someone…." I complained.

Danni's POV:

I was wandering around the woods trying to get my mind off everything…. When I heard what sounded like a couple teenagers laughing their heads off at something. I eventually found them and I saw a blonde boy swinging from a tree. I wish I could do that… But Mum says we have to be incommunicado with humans….. Anyway, I was watching them and then I realized one of the girls, was looking back at me. I didn't know what to do. So I ran. The girl started after me! I ran at full speed and then I rounded a corner and somehow ended up in a tree. I looked down at the teens and one tried to sniff me out...? I ducked behind a branch so they couldn't see me. About a minute later they all left. Phew, that was a close one!

A/N: Just an introductory…. What was that girl doing out in the woods? Hmmmm… Read the next chapter!